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This is some of the work that I have done in my visual media classes
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  Portfolio Caitlyn McKell   Portfolio  Ca i t l yn  Mc Ke l l  Contact Infor mation  Caitlyn McKell (661).965.0608cmckell1023@gmail.com48 West 2nd South Apt. 14Rexburg, ID 83440  T able of  C ontents  WebpageLetterheadBusiness CardBrochureLogosMontagePhoto DesignFundraiser EventFlyer   We b page Description: A webpage featuring a logo that I have designed for an Advertising AgencyProcess (Programs, Tools, Skills): The idea of the logo and color choices is described in my web page above. I rst made the web page by using TextWrangler. Using this to create the HTML and the CSS was tough, I never have done it before. I also wanted to validated my HTML, to help check for any errors. Once I was able to make the web page with the colors I wanted, I place my paper texture in the body page. I used this texture to show that the letters and the body was written on paper. I had to do some editing to the paper, making it a bit darker and turning it 180 degrees. I thank took a screenshot of my web page and place it on a photoshop document, with 1/2 inch margins, and then printed it. I used TextWrangler and Photoshop for this project.Details: Text Wrangler. COMM130 with Esplin. March 2014Objective: Size and optimize an srcinal logo as a .png for a web page, write content to describe the process of creating the logo and how it appeals to a target audience, use HTML to display the logo with content, use CSS to style the web page, and use hex colors in the webpage.  Loo k ing  H ig her Agenc y


Jul 23, 2017
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