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   The Endless Love By: Daniella Mae A. Tan Year 4010 all of the technologies were high techs and there are a lot of things that already been discovered. . . One day there was an old lady who happens to alone living in a barn .She happens to be alone because her husband has already passed away a couple of years ago. And her children were far away from her home. Every Night she always prayed that her children would visit her in her upcoming birthday. It was her ONLY wish for her birthday. December 16 passed so easily and it was her birthday already. She was so excited because she was expecting her children together with her granddaughters and grandsons. She waited almost 5 hours. While waited she cried and cried when she realized that there will no visitors that will knock and come to her door. It was almost 2:00am in the morning still she was upset about what happen to her. She was so heartbroken because she feels so alone. Finally after crying and thinking too much she already fell asleep. While sleeping she dreamed about her husband and her children when they were still young. They were so happy that she almost didn‟t  imagine that it will come to an end. Monday morning, she wakes up she still felt that she was alone. Surprisingly someone knocks on her door. She was so happy because she thought that it was her children . . . But it‟s not. It was just a deli very man who happens to deliver something. She signed the papers and then opens the big box that has a robot in it. She asks herself of what she will do about it. The questions in her mind were been answered when she reads the note. Oww! It was from her children. The note said “Hi  Mama!!! Happy Birthday!!   Were sorry that we didn ‟ t make it to your birthday. Were quite busy here working for our family and of course for you also. But we promise to visit you once we are free from our responsibilities here in our work. We love you Mama always take care of yourself. By the way we sent you a special gift it‟s a robot. You can teach it how to clean, cook and do anything for you. Hopefully you‟ll feel happy about it. See you soon!”  The old lady cried in tears but she controls herself instead she reads the manual and operate the robot. From that day on her emptiness in heart were almost been healed. She was so happy that the robot helped her in almost everything. One day the robot just stop she was so worried about it .So she rushed into her room and read the manual again. She realized that the robot was just low bat. So she went to the store and buys a battery. When she got home she immediately run into the robot and puts the battery in it. At last the robot awakes again and does what it always does. The Old Lady and the robot spent almost 3months together. Until One day the robot went to its master and gives a drink to her. But the Old Lady didn ‟ t response. The robot still wakes her master but yet there still no response. Unexpectedly the robot ran into the house and gets a battery the puts it in the old lady‟s pocket like she used to put it into the robot. The robot waited but still the old lady is still not responding. Until after 6 hours of waiting the robot was already low bat. So it slowly closes its eyes. Until he saw his master putting a battery on him. He was so happy to be finally with her. At last the robot and the old lady both lived happily ever after. And the Old Lady never felt that she was alone again.  By: Daniella Cutie ^^ What is Love?  According to Merriam- Webster Dictionary „Love -is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person.‟ But without the d ictionary, for you what is love? For me it‟s a lifetime co mmitment because it‟s not a game to be play with or a joke that can be laugh at anytime. It‟s commitment because once you feel this thing called love you don‟t have a choice but accept it. You cannot choose who to fall in love with it is the God who chooses for you. True love is accepting him/her whole-heartedly not because she/he is beautiful/handsome, not because he/she is rich nor came from a well-known family, not because she/he is smart, not because he/she has a fit body etc. When you‟re in love because of that reason? Well it‟s not love it is called LUST bec ause true love is not looking to an appearance of a person or the background of her/his family. You love the person for whom and what he/she is and not for what you hope he/she will be. Love looks not with the eyes but with mind together with heart. Love can change you in so many ways. It can change you for the better or for the worse but it is still up to you on what side will you choose. Because some people say that Love is our weakest but at the same time our strongest point- Why? For our strongest point because even the things that we already know that we couldn‟t do,  we can do it in the name of love, like other people say that “Kayang kong gawin ang lahat para sa taong minamahal ko. ” We can do so much impossible things if we are in love. But at the same time it is our weakest point because once we left by our love ones we can also do anything like suicide, taking drugs and because of that we are not aware on what we are doing in ourselves. You are not aware that you are making your life miserable. I could only advice that if you love someone, yes you should give you very best to your relationship but also leave some for yourself. For the people who is being loved by a person:  As much as they are there beside you, show them how you appreciate their efforts. Tell them how grateful you are because they are there to love you or to guide you because once they feel that you‟re  not appreciating their efforts they will left you in just a snap.  And that‟s where you realize what treasure you waste. Regret is always at the end so before you regret something get your head straight and decide wisely.
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