Walk Healthy Presentation Nov 11 Final

1. Protocol Driven Innovation<br />Improving Patient Outcomes And Practice Profitability<br /> 2. The Walk Healthy Point of Difference:<br />Walk…
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  • 1. Protocol Driven Innovation<br />Improving Patient Outcomes And Practice Profitability<br />
  • 2. The Walk Healthy Point of Difference:<br />Walk Healthy has achieved a new standard in the field of Podiatry that provides improved patient outcomes, reduced recurrence and intrinsic financial benefit for practicing podiatrists. <br />The Walk Healthy approach to patient care has been adopted as the teaching protocol for the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine. <br />This treatment protocol is managed exclusively through the Podiatric Physician channel to ensure its efficacy and compliance standards.<br />
  • 3. The Walk Healthy Protocol<br />Superior conservative foot care is achieved by a combination of active and preventative condition management in 3 critical steps (A-HA!):<br />Solutions are designed to stabilize the acid mantle of the skin<br />Normal footwear and all current insole products do not address required hygienic environmental control in combination with proper stability and impact shock<br />Anti-microbial orthotics which deliver biomechanical alignment and impact shock<br />
  • 4. Bugs You Can See!<br />6<br />
  • 5. Bugs You Can’t See!<br />Opportunistic Flora<br />Mold, Yeast & Viruses<br />Bacteria<br />Fungus<br />Invasive Pathogens<br />
  • 6. The Science Behind Proper Foot Hygiene<br />The primary thing we are taught about skin care is:<br />“when skin is wet, dry it” and “when the skin is dry, wet it”.<br />The skin is covered by an acid mantle, a very fine, slightly acidic film on the skin’s surface formed by the secretion of sebum and sweat which act as a barrier to bacteria, viruses and other potential contaminants.<br />The acid mantle disappears when the skin’s pH balance falls outside the pH range of 4.5 and 6.0. <br />Pathogens are at the highest concentration on the bottom of the foot. A regimen of hygienic care, which requires proper pH balance, is needed to deliver improved patient outcomes.<br />
  • 7. pH Assessment and Walk Healthy Treatment Protocols<br />Too Acidic<br />Too Alkaline<br />Normal pH Level for Human Skin Ave. 5.5<br />14.0<br />1.0<br />Opportunistic Flora<br />Aerobic/Anaerobic Bact.<br />Fungal<br />Yeast<br />Mold<br />Opportunistic Flora<br />Aerobic/Anaerobic Bact. <br />Fungal<br />Yeast <br />Mold<br />7.0<br />4.5<br />6.0<br /> Acid Mantle<br />Normal pH Level<br />Treatment for Wet Feet<br /> Walk Healthy Drying Agent<br /> Walk Healthy Foot Powder<br /> Walk Healthy Nail Formula<br />Treatment for Dry Feet<br />Walk Healthy Moisturizer<br />Walk Healthy Exfolliant<br />Walk Healthy Nail Formula<br />4.5<br />6.0<br />14.0<br />1.0<br />Treatment for All Feet<br /> Walk Healthy Anti-Microbial Orthotic Insole<br /> Walk Healthy Hygienic Spray<br /> Walk Healthy Bath and Shower Cleansing Spray <br />
  • 8. Normal Opportunistic Flora <br />Of The Lower Extremities<br />Distribution Of Pathogens In Acquired Infections:<br />Escherichia coli 20.2%<br />Staphylococcus aureus 16.1%<br />Klebsiella 11.0% <br />Enterococcus 5.3%<br />Pseudomonas 8.9%<br />Staphylococcus epidermidis 3.6% <br />Streptococcus 3.1%<br />Proteus 0.9%<br />Serratia 0.9%<br />Candida, diptheroids, bacteriods, anerobiccocci, 15.1%<br />baccilli, cell-wall deficient variants, viruses and fungi<br />
  • 9. Why It Matters More To Us Than Any Other Medical Field:<br />Body Part Contamination:<br />The feet are the most contaminated part of the body.<br />250,000 sweat pores on each foot contribute to rapid increase in the # of potential pathogens and increase the acidity of the skin, breaking the acid mantle.<br />Geometric mean count of normal flora per square centimeter of skin surface (endogenous aerobic flora)<br />Site:<br /> Thigh upper front 325<br /> Thigh lower front 350<br /> Shin 190<br /> Calf 173<br /> Dorsum of foot 80<br /> Plantar Surface of foot 22,750<br />Strict Hygiene is essential to prevent “Normal Opportunistic Flora” from becoming potential Pathogens.<br />
  • 10. The Hygienic Protocol Efficacy<br />Superior foot care cannot be achieved In the presence of active contaminants without proactive condition management of the foot environment:<br />HYGENIC REFRESHSER SPRAY + ANITIMICROBIAL ORTHOTIC INSOLE<br />12<br />
  • 11. Proper Hygiene Influences Outcomes<br />+<br />=<br />Pathogens In All Insoles, Braces & Shoes in <br />Active Use<br />Apply Walk Healthy Hygienic Spray Daily<br />The Walk Healthy <br />Foot Environment<br />Protocol<br />Walk Healthy Anti-Microbial Orthotic Insole <br />in Active Use<br />
  • 12. Treating The Most Common Conditions<br />The 35 Walk Healthy Products improve care for 135 different medical applications. <br />They are now organized by the 8 most common conditions we treat every day to provide simplicity and practical application<br />Diseased Nails (35% of cases seen every week)<br />Plantar Fasciitis “Heel Pain” (27% of cases seen every week)<br />Integument Hyperkeratosis<br />Integument/ Infections/ Perspiration<br />Surgery<br />Diabetic Foot Care<br />Trauma<br />Shoe Modifications<br />
  • 13. Treating Patient with Diseased Nails<br />
  • 14. Diseased Nails<br />
  • 15. Diseased Nails <br />Treatment Protocol Step One (1)<br />Before<br />
  • 16. Contaminated Insoles Prevent Healing And <br />Drive Recurrence<br />
  • 17. Hygiene Determines The Quality Of Diseased Nail Outcomes<br />+<br />=<br />All Insoles & Foot Braces in <br />Active Use<br />Apply Walk Healthy Hygienic Spray Daily<br />The Walk Healthy <br />Protocol Removes Contaminants<br />Walk Healthy Anti-Microbial Orthotic Insole <br />in Active Use<br />
  • 18. Insert Walk Healthy<br />Antimicrobial Orthotic Insoles<br />Step 2: Create a controlled, clean environment for the foot <br />
  • 19. Walk Healthy Shoe & Insole <br />Hygienic Refresher Spray: Apply Daily<br />Step 3: Spray Insoles daily to maintain contaminant free environment for the foot <br />
  • 20. Wash As Directed By Your Physician<br />Step 4: Use wash bag to clean insoles every 2 Weeks to control environment for the foot <br />
  • 21. Diseased Nails <br />Before and After Treatment:<br />After<br />Before<br />
  • 22. Total Patient Cost $78.00<br />Practice Profit Per Patient $39.00<br />Products For Treating Diseased Nails<br />
  • 23. 23<br />New Practice Income From Diseased Nails <br />2008 Median Income for Podiatrists = $115,000<br />Improved patient care for diseased nails by using the A-HA protocol will deliver a 22.8% increase in bottom line profit to the practice each year<br />
  • 24. Nail Surgery<br />Incurvated Hallux Nails<br />
  • 25. Pre Operative Scrub<br />
  • 26. Chemical Matrixectomy<br />
  • 27. Post Operative Scrub<br />
  • 28.
  • 29. For General Surgery: American College <br />Of Podiatric Surgeons Recommendation:<br />“The American College of Podiatric Surgeons recommends that a Pre Operative Scrub be utilized 3 days prior to surgery and the morning of surgery for all patients.”<br />
  • 30. Pre Operative Scrub – 3 Days Prior<br />
  • 31. General Surgery<br />
  • 32. Hygienic Refresher Spray<br />Apply Daily To All DME’s Post Surgery<br />
  • 33. Spray Daily<br />
  • 34. Spray Daily & Balance Hips<br />Add ¼” heel lift to opposite extremity to balance the hips<br />
  • 35. Arnica Ice 2 Weeks Post Surgery <br />For Pain, Bruising & Swelling<br />
  • 36. Scar Reduction<br />6 Weeks Post Op<br />
  • 37. Moisturizing Creme<br />
  • 38. Application Of Moisturizing Creme<br />
  • 39. Cross Fiber Massage<br />
  • 40. Cross Fiber Massage<br />
  • 41. Pre-Op<br />Post-Op<br />Shoe Mgmt<br />Total Patient Cost $108.00<br />Practice Profit Per Patient $54.00<br />Products For Improved Surgical Care<br />41<br />
  • 42. 42<br />New Practice Profit From Better Pre & Post Surgical Care<br />2008 Median Income for Podiatrists = $115,000<br />Incremental Practice Income From Improved Patient Care By Using A-HA Protocols:<br />Diseased nails - $26,206 increase in practice profit<br />Surgeries - $14,256 increase in practice profit<br />Heel pain - $16,236 increase in practice profit (Then add Heel Pain Protocol)<br />Total Profit - $ 56,698 in increased profit by providing better care for just 3 of the most common condition we treat everyday<br />
  • 43. 43<br />Simple Accounting For Just The Top 3 Protocols<br />The best part is our system does all the accounting for you… More on that in a minute…<br />
  • 44. Fully executing all 8 protocols can deliver over $90K to the bottom line for the average practice.<br />44<br />
  • 45. 45<br />The Key Is To Make It Simple and Seamless To Your Daily Practice Operations<br />So we’ve automated just about Everything:<br /><ul><li>Patient Transactions Are A Simple Point And Click
  • 46. Automated Inventory Management Does The Work For You
  • 47. And Full Accounting Is Provided Weekly</li></li></ul><li>Patient Transactions As Simple As A “Click” In Our HIPAA Compliant Website<br />Simply Click To Add Each Physician Recommended Product To The Shopping Cart<br />
  • 48. Patient Transactions Are Managed In Seconds From The Extremely Simple Shopping Cart<br />Taxes and Totals Are Applied And Calculated Instantaneously<br />
  • 49. Simply Select From Your “Drop Down” To Auto-populate All Fields <br />Select The Patient’s Method Of Payment And Click “Place Order” You’re Done<br />
  • 50. A Real Look At A Patient Receipt From Dr. Borreggine’s Practice Which They May Submit On Their Own To Insurance As Applicable<br />
  • 51. The System Captures Each Transaction In Real-Time And Creates <br />Turn-Key Financial Reporting For Your Practice Weekly Like This:<br />
  • 52. You Set The Re-Order Trigger Levels And The System Will Manage The Rest Ensuring You Never Have Too Much Inventory… And Only What You Need When You Need It.<br />
  • 53. 52<br />Conclusion:<br /><ul><li>Improved Patient Outcomes
  • 54. Superior Product Solutions
  • 55. Turn Key, Automated Dispensing System
  • 56. A $56,000 Increase In Practice Profit Annually Per Doctor, Delivered From Just Three Of The Most Common Patient Conditions Seen Everyday.
  • 57. Greater Than A $90,000 Incremental Profit Opportunity Per Doctor, When Executing The Entire Walk Healthy Protocol Across The 8 Conditions.</li></li></ul><li>53<br />A Special Program That We Tested Last Month Is Now In Place For All IPMA Members Who Are Here Today…<br />
  • 58. 54<br />Start Today With Zero Financial Risk:<br />For Those That Commit To Becoming Walk Healthy Dispensing Practice Today You Will Receive The Following:<br /><ul><li>A Full Introductory Order At ZERO Cost and ZERO Liability Until You Dispense It. If You Never Dispense It We’ll Take It Back.
  • 59. Free 26 Inch Flat Screen TV For Your Waiting Area To Drive Patient Education For Each Office Location You Set Up On The Program
  • 60. On-Site Training For You & Your Office Staff Over Lunch Or When Most Convenient For Your Team</li></li></ul><li>55<br />Start Today With Zero Financial Risk:<br />For Those That Commit To Becoming Walk Healthy Dispensing Practice Today You Will Receive The Following:<br /><ul><li>Weekly Financial Reporting That Does All Your Accounting Associated With Your New Dispensing Income
  • 61. Automated Inventory Management; You Set The Triggers And Our System Does All The Work So You Can Focus On Providing Better Care
  • 62. Immediate Incremental Practice Profit</li></li></ul><li>What You Need To Do…<br />Simply Complete The Introductory Order Form And Turn In To One Of Our Team Members Who Will Be Coming Around To Each Table To Pick Them Up…<br />The Set Up Inventory Will Be Sent To Your Office(s) With Your Flat Screen(s) and You Will Be Contacted For a Set Up Date…<br />That’s It!<br />
  • 63. The Result…<br />Better Outcomes… And A More Profitable Practice...<br />
  • 64. APPENDIX<br />
  • 65.
  • 66. Nail Surgery Checklist <br />Conservative Care Condition Essentials:<br />Hygiene Care Pre & Post Surgery<br />Pre / Post Op Scrub<br />Post Op<br />Hygienic Refresher Spray<br />Anti-microbial Orthotic Insole<br />Environment Control In Shoe<br />Pad<br />Protection<br />Diabetic Care Checklist <br />Conservative Care Condition Essentials:<br />Moisturizer<br />Skin Hydration<br />Anti-microbial Orthotic Insole<br />Environment Control<br />Hygienic Refresher Spray<br />Hygiene Restoration<br />Exfoliant <br />Skin Restoration At Night<br />Arnica Gel Plus<br />For Neuropathy<br />Nail Formula<br />Ailment Prevention<br />
  • 67. When Hyperhydrosis Is Present…<br />Moisture In Shoes Wet Socks<br />
  • 68. …Apply Walk Healthy Drying Protocol <br />To Improve Treatment Outcomes<br />Spray closes the 200,000<br />pores with potassium alum<br />Powder seals pores<br />and absorbs<br />moisture<br />62<br />
  • 69. Hygienic Refresher Spray<br />Apply Daily To Diabetic Insoles & Dispensed Orthotics<br />Diabetic Shoes<br />Orthotics Platazote <br />63<br />
  • 70. Walk Healthy pH Levels In Target Range:<br />Exfoliating Lotion 4.5 - 5.5<br />Deodorizing Drying Spray 4.5 - 5.0<br />Hygienic Refresher Spray 5.0 - 6.0<br />Moisturizing Creme 5.5 - 6.5<br />Arnica Gel Plus 6.5 - 7.0<br />Arnica Ice 6.5 - 7.0<br />Pre & Post Op Scrub 6.5 - 7.5<br />
  • 71. Diseased Nails<br />
  • 72. Deodorizing Drying Spray &<br />Foot & Shoe Powder<br />Warts<br />Tinea Pedis<br />66<br />
  • 73. Diseased Nails<br />
  • 74. Surgery<br />
  • 75. Plantar Fasciitis (“itis”)<br />
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