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  100:00:03,210 --> 00:00:04,210Take this, this is your part, Yui-chan.200:00:05,344 --> 00:00:06,344y-yes300:00:06,594 --> 00:00:08,127This one is Kei-chan's.400:00:10,328 --> 00:00:11,328Let us begin.500:00:12,392 --> 00:00:17,192Lately, my breasts have gotten bigger and they've getting uncomfortable.600:00:19,164 --> 00:00:22,564She's had the same breast size since middle school.700:00:23,838 --> 00:00:27,305Hey sis, am I gonna have boobs as big as Yui-chan's?800:00:33,155 --> 00:00:37,155Kii-chan, there's nothing great about having boobs that big.900:00:38,185 --> 00:00:41,483They stand out way too much during P.E. and their massive size puts a massive burden on my shoulders.1000:00:43,489 --> 00:00:44,937Are you insulting me?1100:00:47,090 --> 00:00:48,090How boring.1200:00:48,540 --> 00:00:53,673But if we we want a larger audience, we shall keep doing these boring things.1300:00:54,488 --> 00:00:55,954I've finally realized.1400:00:56,477 --> 00:01:00,211In order to be popular, you gotta keep feeding the pigs.1500:01:02,207 --> 00:01:05,274From here on out, we shall behave differently.  1600:01:05,973 --> 00:01:07,573I'll be a bitter person.1700:01:09,229 --> 00:01:09,378Yui-chan, you come off as a clueless girl, but in reality, you're quite evil.1800:01:12,641 --> 00:01:13,641Clueless?1900:01:14,172 --> 00:01:19,505Kii-chab, you shall be an elite student who comes off as just your typical loli.2000:01:23,924 --> 00:01:25,191And just in case...2100:01:25,359 --> 00:01:30,959kii-chan and yui-chan engage in a romantic relationship with me. This is important.2200:01:31,904 --> 00:01:32,904Yuri?2300:01:32,821 --> 00:01:33,8212400:01:33,279 --> 00:01:39,679Anyway, when I talk to other girls, they should grow jealous in the harshest manner imaginable.2500:01:41,177 --> 00:01:43,911Yes.. i didn't understand too well, but..2600:01:44,187 --> 00:01:45,187It's alright.2700:01:45,392 --> 00:01:51,259Oh, and of course we'll be separating you from your lover before second semester starts.2800:01:52,113 --> 00:01:52,927It's in poor taste to have any sort of relationship in an anime.2900:01:54,473 --> 00:01:57,740This would affect us negatively, in the long run.  3000:01:57,373 --> 00:01:58,373b-but...3100:01:59,578 --> 00:02:02,845If you don't do it, you don't get to participate.3200:02:03,568 --> 00:02:09,701And by the way, you're not allowed to talk to other guys. Although, this won't help us much.3300:02:09,045 --> 00:02:10,845We'll do whatever it takes.3400:02:12,122 --> 00:02:15,589Ah, I should create another character, what a chore.3500:02:17,878 --> 00:02:19,545I'm done with everything.3600:02:20,567 --> 00:02:21,833I'm done onee-chan.3700:02:23,167 --> 00:02:24,167W-what's done?3800:02:25,290 --> 00:02:29,623You can stop talking about other things, i'm really concentrated.3900:02:32,292 --> 00:02:33,292Get a grip.4000:02:34,243 --> 00:02:38,177Playtime is over. You need to come to grips with your life.4100:02:39,201 --> 00:02:40,268GODDAMN IT!!!!!!4200:04:14,712 --> 00:04:16,645Looks like it's cold outside.4300:04:16,018 --> 00:04:17,085How unfortunate.4400:04:16,221 --> 00:04:17,221  4500:04:17,982 --> 00:04:21,316This is going to hit the sports clubs the hardest.4600:04:19,662 --> 00:04:23,728Hurry up, or the upperclassmen are going to be cross with us.4700:04:22,689 --> 00:04:25,756Lately, I feel like everyone else is an idiot.4800:04:29,874 --> 00:04:32,674It's like I'm not even from this planet...4900:04:32,999 --> 00:04:35,599Or at least, that's what it seems like.5000:04:36,318 --> 00:04:40,185I thought my life would change somewhat when I entered high school.5100:04:40,172 --> 00:04:42,039Y'know, not just my uniform.5200:04:42,001 --> 00:04:46,734But nobody seems to realize that I'm pondering these profound thoughts.5300:04:50,969 --> 00:04:53,236That's because they're all idiots.5400:04:57,153 --> 00:05:00,020A cute chick coming soon to try to kill me.5500:05:01,640 --> 00:05:06,973Someone informing me that I'm really the devil and they're here to save my soul.5600:05:07,290 --> 00:05:11,623Although, in reality, i can't expect these things to ever happen.5700:05:11,499 --> 00:05:12,499But...5800:05:18,331 --> 00:05:20,665I think my world's about to change.5900:05:28,089 --> 00:05:30,022There should be a key here...
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