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  WatchWorld high-end brands, models, technology and design An uplifting new tourbillon from Hermès ã New models from Hublot, Longines, Chopard, Arnold & Son and many more ã What’s the most popular young watch brand? ã A book about a Breitling: chapter 1 Volume 9 – issue 30, 2014 – £6,99     0    0    2    4   ã   A    u d  e m a r s  P   i  g u e t   ã    J   a e  g e r - L  e C  o u l  t r e   ã   A    . L  a n  g e  &  S  ö  h n e  ã   B  a u m e  &  M    e r c i e r  ã   M o n t   b   l   a n c ã   C a r t   i   e r ã   P a r m i    g i   a n i   F l   e u r i   e r ã   I W C ã   G r e u b   e l   F o r s  e  y ã   R a l    p  h  L a u r e n ã   P a n e r a i           ã                                                   M                    o                   n                          t                                    b                                    l                   a                   n                   c          ã                                                    C                     a                   r                          t                           i                   e                   r          ã                                                P                   a                   r                   m                           i                   g                                                  i                   a                   n                           i                                                 F                                    l                   e                   u                   r                           i                   e                   r          ã                                             I                                               W                                                     C            ã                                                     G                                 r                   e                   u                                    b                   e                                    l                                                 F                   o                   r                         s                   e                   y                                 ã                                                R                      a                                    l                            p                                                       h                                                 L                        a                   u                   r                   e                   n          ã                                                P                   a                   n                   e                   r                   a                           i     ã         P  i   a   g  e  t     ã         R  i  c   h   a   r    d         M  i   l   l  e     ã         R   o   g  e   r        D   u   b   u  i  s     ã          V   a   n      C   l  e  e   f        &         A   r  p  e   l  s     ã           V   a  c   h  e   r   o   n      C   o   n  s  t   a   n  t  i   n  A            A  A ud emar s P i  g uet     A C E  t he pl a y s  T he  ne w  R o  y a l  O a k  O  f   f  s ho r e  C hr o no  g r a  ph 4  2 mm i s  o u r   f  u t u r e  i c o n  AP ’  s  O c t a v i o G a r c i a –  pa  g e  3 1 – 0 1771567 671002  00/24  HORLOGES 2 RUBRIEK  0024 4 CONTENT  MOMENT IN TIME 10  1/1,000th of a second makes the difference between gold or silver  SMALL SECONDS 12  Novak Djokovic with Seiko on centre court, four times the Chinese Year of the Horse, two typical British watches plus more news, facts & figures and key players from the world of haute horlogerie  ARTIST’S IMPRESSION 16  The time in black and white, thanks to the Domino Clock  WHAT’S GOING ON(LINE) 18  0024 on the world wide web: what can you expect from us?  RETROSPECTIVE 20  With Shakespeare’s “Full fathom five thy father lies” in mind Blancpain dove to the depths of the sea  0024 MARKET SCAN 22  The resurrection of the haute horlogerie after the turbulent eighties analysed with figures  SIHH 2014 25  The house of cards built by the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie was sturdy and solidly: all 16 brands of the Richemont Group surprised the audience with exciting trump cards and haute horlogerie novelties 54  One of the highlights of the SIHH: planetary poetry above Paris and the Dutch village Nijehaske, with Van Cleef & Arpels  PHOTOSHOOT  58  Time goes round: 11 watches with a round case  INTERVIEW  66  Since the launch of the Arceau Lift, Hermès writes Haute Horlogerie with a capital H, according to Luc Perramond  ESSAY  70  First chapter of the book “Once Upon a Timepiece”, a novel made of 12 short stories starring a Breitling Chronomat from 1946  PRE-BASELWORLD 2014 74  A whirlwind of new models is on its way, so to be save we’ve already picked 21 interesting BaselWorld novelties  COLUMN80  Simon says: follow us online! 82  Karel Hubert wants to ask you one tiny favour: give a watch to your beloved ones  SERVICE35  Contact/subscription WATCHWORLD 22 7      5   7      1     0   7         7   7         7 25127466        K K
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