Water Supply Components

Water Supply Components
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  Monroe L. Weber-Shirk S chool of Civil and  Environmental Engineering    Gravity Water Supply Design  Population Projection  Example from Agua Para el Pueblo (Honduras)  Count the houses  Assume 6 people per house  Assume linear growth for design period   N = design period  K = growth rate Población futura ( Pf ) = Pa(1+N*K/100)  K = Tasa de crecimiento ( 3.5% )  N = Período de diseño ( 22 años )  ( ) 1  future present   P P NK  = +  Water Demand  Assume a per capita demand (this might be  based on a governmental regulation)  Multiply per capita demand by the future  population to get design average demand  Multiply average demand by scaling factors to get maximum day demand and maximum hour demand  Distribution Storage Tank Size  Based on 8 hours of storage at average demand  These systems aren’t designed for fire  protection

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Jul 23, 2017
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