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  Wave nature of lightMC (20 marks) 1. Which of the following graphs correctly shows the variation of speed v againstfrequency f of the electromagnetic waves in vacuum? A.B.C.D.E... !iven that the wavelengths of visi le light range from # $ 1% &'  m to ' $ 1% &'  m(which of the following com inations of wavelengths for infrared( red and violetlights is possi le ? )nfrared*ed light +iolet A.1 $ 1% &#  m' $ 1% &'  m # $ 1% &'  mB.1 $ 1% &'  m' $ 1% &'  m # $ 1% &'  mC.1 $ 1% &#  m# $ 1% &'  m ' $ 1% &'  mD.1 $ 1% &'  m# $ 1% &'  m ' $ 1% &'  mE.1 $ 1% &1%  m # $ 1% &'  m ' $ 1% &'  m,. A radio station roadcasts at a frequency of -# /0. !iven that the speed of radiowaves is , $ 1%   m s &1 ( find the wavelength of the radio waves.A.%.,1m B.,.1- m C. ,1.-1mD.,1-1m E.. $ 1% 12  m #. Which of the following statements is3are true ? 4156ight is a transverse wave. 456ight does not undergo diffraction. 4,56ight transmits energy. A.45 only B.4,5 only C. 415 and 45 only D.415 and 4,5 only E.415( 45 and 4,5 1  7. Which of the following statements concerning infra&red radiation is correct ? A.)nfra&red is red in colour. B.)nfra&red can e detected y a !eiger&uller counter. C.)nfra&red can e used to sterili0e drin8ing water. D.)nfra&red is a longitudinal wave. E.Warm o 9ects emit infra&red. 2.:art of the electromagnetic spectrum is shown a ove. Which of the following statements is3are correct? 415: is ultra&violet and ; is infra&red. 45<he wavelength of : is shorter than that of ;. 4,5<he speed of : in vacuum is higher than that of ;. A.415 only B. 4,5 only C. 415 and 45 only D.45 and 4,5 only E. 415( 45 and 4,5 '. Which of the following is not an application of the corresponding electromagnetic wave? Electromagnetic wave Application A.=ltra&violetCamera autofocusingB.)nfra&redDetecting survivors uried in landslidesC.icrowaves>atellite communicationD.&raysDetecting weapons hidden in suitcasesE.*adio waves<+ roadcasting. A short pulse of microwaves travelling at , $ 1%   m3s was used to detect the  position of a stationary weather alloon. )t was found that the microwaves reflected from the alloon were pic8ed up  $ 1% &#  s after the pulse had een emitted from the station. <he distance of the alloon from the station wasA. 17 8mB. ,% 8mC. 2% 8mD. 1.7 $ 1%1 mE. ,.% $ 1%1 m-. )n a dou le slit e$periment( light of wavelength 2%% nm gave a fringe separation of %.#mm on a suita ly placed screen. )f another source of light is used( while other setups 8ept unchanged( there will e 1% fringes across a distance of ,., mm found on the screen. <he wavelength of the second screen is@ A. #-7 nm B. 77% nmC. 22% nm D. '' nm E. ',%% nm1%. A monochromatic light of wavelength 2%% nm is incident on a grating. <he grating has 7 1%, ×  lines per metre. /ow many right fringes will e seen? A. #B. 7 C. 1%D. 11E. % Structure-tpe !uestion (2 marks)   14a5 4i5)nterference can occur when waves emerge from two sources. >tate two conditions necessary for optical interference to e o served. 4 mar8s54ii5 With the aid of a la elled diagram showing the necessary apparatus( descri ehow the wavelength of monochromatic light can e measured y interference method. E$plain carefully how the result is o tained from the measurements. 42 mar8s54 5 A parallel eam of light( the spectrum of which contains two prominent lines atwavelengths of #7% nm and 2'7 nm( is incident normally on a ruled grating which has ,%% lines per millimetre.4i5 ind the highest order that the light of wavelength #7% nm that can e o served through the grating. What is the colour of this light wave?4 mar8s54ii5 Certain orders of diffraction of the #7% nm light coincide with certain other orders of the 2'7 nm light. Determine the lowest non&0ero order for each wavelength for which this coincidence occurs.4 mar8s5. 4/CEE --&1%5:eter lives in a house  A  on one side of a hill. A transmitting station T  1  is located at site  P   on the other side of the hill. 4>ee igure 115 <he station transmits radio waves of frequency 2%% 8/0 and <+ waves of frequency 7%% /0.4ote @ 1 /0  1% 2  /0.54a5!iven that the speed of electromagnetic waves is ,$1%   ms &1 ( find the wavelengths of the radio waves and <+ waves. 4, mar8s54 5 4i5ame the wave phenomenon which ena les the waves transmitted y T  1  to reach :eters house. 41 mar854ii5:eter finds that the radio reception is etter than the <+ reception. E$plain this phenomenon. 4 mar8s5 ,  4c5:eter is watching <+ in his house. /e finds that the reception is affected when an aeroplane flies overhead. E$plain this phenomenon. 4 mar8s54d5 Another transmitting station will e uild at site Q . 4>ee igure 11.5 ary lives in a house  B  such that  BP  ,.-7 8m and  BQ  ,.% 8m.4i5ind the path difference at  B  from  P   and Q . 41 mar85F4ii5ary listens to the radio in her house. /ow will the reception e affected if oth stations transmit identical radio waves at 2%%8/0? E$plain your answer. 4eglect the reflection of waves from the hill.5 4# mar8s54e5 <he following ta le shows the roadcasting frequencies of *</ *adio 1 45 in different districts@Districtrequency3/0/ong ong north-.2/ong ong south-,.2owloon east-#.#owloon west-.->hatin( a Gn >han-,.7<ai :o( anling-,.<uen un (Huen 6ong-,.#>tate one advantage of roadcasting at different frequencies in different districts. 4 mar8s5 #
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