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  Think about the following ã What is social research? ã Why do we need social research? ã Is there a right or a wrong way to conduct social research?  What is research? ã Systematic investigation of a subject aimed at  –  uncovering new information  –Interpreting the relationship between subject’s parts   ã Way of finding an answer to the basic questions Who, what, when, where, why. [Paul Vogt, 1993] ã Provides reliable and verifiable knowledge of the world (Sarantakos, 1998)…which can be used to improve the social conditions of humanity  What are some of the aims of research? 1. ã   Explore social reality ã To explain social life- providing well documented information ã To evaluate the status of social issues and their effects on society ã To develop and test theories- make predictions 2 ã  To understand behaviour and human action ã  to offer a basis for a critique of social reality ã To suggest solutions to social problems ã To liberate individuals  Type of research ã Basic research  –   creation of knowledge for development or refining of theory. ã Applied research: can demonstrate how theories and research can help to improve the lives of individuals (policy on treating  persons with HIV)  –  Evaluation  –  Development  –  Action
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