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Website and Integrated Database Management System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

Website and Integrated Database Management System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL February 10, 2016 RFP Issue Date: Feb. 10, 2016 RFP Questions & Enquires Closing Date: Feb. 26, 2016 RFP CLOSING DATE & TIME: 4:00pm
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Website and Integrated Database Management System REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL February 10, 2016 RFP Issue Date: Feb. 10, 2016 RFP Questions & Enquires Closing Date: Feb. 26, 2016 RFP CLOSING DATE & TIME: 4:00pm Friday Mar 11, 2016 CONTACT: Dan Rogers, General Manager Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce Suite 102, nd Street, Vernon, BC. V1T 5M2 TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION...3 PROJECT OVERVIEW AND GOALS... 3 CHAMBER ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND... 4 PROJECT SCOPE...4 FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS... 4 PROPOSAL COMPONENTS...5 GENERAL INFORMATION... 5 PROPOSED SOLUTION... 5 METHODOLOGY... 5 BUDGET AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION... 5 PROPOSAL EVALUATION...6 PROPOSED SOLUTION (WEIGHTING 25%):... 7 METHODOLOGY (WEIGHTING 15%):... 7 BUDGET (WEIGHTING 25%):... 7 EXPERIENCE (WEIGHTING 20%):... 7 ABILITY TO MEET TIMELINES (WEIGHTING 10%)... 8 CHAMBER MEMBERSHIP (WEIGHTING 5%)... 8 PROPOSAL TIMEFRAME...8 PROPOSED EVALUATION TIMEFRAME...9 ADDITIONAL TERMS...9 EXPENSES... 9 SUB-CONTRACTING... 9 ACCEPTANCE OF PROPOSALS LIABILITY FOR ERRORS CONFIDENTIALITY OF THE PROJECT SUBMISSIONS SUBMISSION DEADLINE ADDTIONAL INFORMATION ELIGIBILITY CONTACT & ENQUIRIES INTRODUCTION Project Overview and Goals The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) is seeking a solution that would result in an efficient and integrated database management system that incorporates all or some of the following systems: Website ( Content management site (Joomla) that features a public membership directory as a primary feature on the website. Sales database (current, prospects, etc.) (CRM) - Currently using Microsoft Access on internal shared drive. Financial Management (invoicing, accounting, financial reporting) Currently utilizing SimplyAccounting (Sage50) with virtual terminal for member dues and event attendances transactions (Chase Paymentech). Membership & External Communications - Constant Contact is used for our electronic communications to members, stakeholders and interested parties. A change to the status of a member currently requires a number of manual steps to be completed by several staff members. This process is managed with a document that contains a task check list that is moved through the office in order to reach the individuals responsible for each independent database. This process is time consuming and can result in errors if the proposed changes are not handled correctly by anyone involved in the process. The deliverables of this project will enable the Chamber to increase our online presence, better manage our member recruitment and retention and also offer better value to our members through ease of access, use and connectivity with the Chamber of Commerce s services, events, and initiatives. The specific goals of the Chamber in pursing this project include: 1. Invest in a complete solution to our web presence, member database, and financial management needs. 2. Establish an affordable and efficient solution that integrates the Chamber s membership based website, e-commerce (financial transactions), communication software, and CRM needs in order to meet the Chamber s operational and reporting requirements. 3. Ensure easy accessibility and navigational user experience, encouraging members to return to the website. 4. Ensure there is a content management system in place for the Chamber s website that improves the timeliness of publishing / posting content to the website. 5. Expand the services the Chamber offers to our members. 6. Expand the non-dues revenue opportunities for the Chamber. 7. Implement a proven system specific to the needs of the Chamber (or similar member based organization). 3 Chamber Organizational Background The Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce (The Chamber) is a federally incorporated not for profit organization governed under the Canadian Board of Trade Act. The Chamber provides advocacy, benefits and networking opportunities for its more than 530 members primarily representing businesses in the Greater Vernon area. The Greater Vernon Chamber has been in existence since The Chamber s members are also members of the BC Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce through a levy that is applied to each annual membership fee. The Chamber has a General Manager and two staff members with an operating budget of approximately $350,000. Revenue is derived primary through annual membership dues and special events that the Chamber puts on throughout the year. The Chamber currently has a thirteen member volunteer Board of Directors and a staff of three who carry out the day-to-day activities of the Chamber. They are supplemented when necessary by contractors and volunteers. PROJECT SCOPE The overall scope of this project is to incorporate an integrated database and financial management system that includes a completely redesigned Chamber website (or integrates the existing site). Chamber staff will create content for the website. Functional Requirements The Chamber is seeking an integrated system that would include but not be limited to the following: An appealing and unique looking or template for transition of our current website content into a content management system that is mobile friendly (GSM). Configure and set-up the integration between the member/event management and the financial system including reporting with integration capabilities to Simply Accounting (Sage50) (or other software such as Quick Books). Complete membership database system with robust reporting abilities linked with a website database (membership directory). Event management system including the ability to take electronic payments. Robust reporting on event attendance and revenue by member/event. Ability to target/manage communications (e-newsletters) including preferred integration of Constant Contact and the Chamber s social media (Facebook & Twitter). Opportunity for non-dues revenue through a custom and self managed web advertising program. Website referral, tracking, and reporting. 4 Member/prospect relationship management software (CRM). Secure login for members to self-manage their directory listing. Training of Chamber staff to manage system. Provision of ongoing support. PROPOSAL COMPONENTS General Information A summary of the firm (name, contact information, etc.) and the proposed project team and their responsibilities. A portfolio of past relevant work including at least three relevant references. Complete proposal signed by authorized person to bind the proponent to the submission, and received by the specified RFP closing date and time. Executive Summary containing a brief description of the proposed solution. Proposed Solution Detailed information as to the proposed system, its integration and ability to meet the multiple needs of the Chamber of Commerce as outlined. Methodology The planned approach, methodology and work plan (timeline) to be used for all aspects of the proposed work. Budget and Financial Information A breakdown of all fees and associated expenses according to the functional requirements. Any potential approaches not detailed in this RFP and estimated costs. Any specific terms and conditions the Chamber should be aware of. Fees & Payment Terms Proposals should include a breakdown of the vendor s fees and disbursements in completing the services. The Chamber of Commerce will enter into a service agreement with the successful respondent that among other things will include a payment schedule that would see monthly invoices provided to the Chamber of Commerce based on completion of the services as described in the final service agreement. 5 Proposals should clearly identify all expected costs including but not limited to the following: All software licensing/acquisition (initial licensing fee for the software). Implementation Fees (such as project management, design, configuration, installation and set-up). Annual support fees. Any other fees that should be anticipated by the Chamber. Firm Pricing Prices will be firm for the entire contract period unless this Request for Proposal specifically states otherwise. Currency and Taxes All costing included in proposals should be in Canadian funds and include any and all additional charges that would apply whether optional or not. The Chamber of Commerce agrees to pay all applicable taxes. PROPOSAL EVALUATION Although price will be a primary consideration in evaluating the proposals it will not be the only factor. Experience working with similar organizations, proposed methodology and the experience of the project team and lead will also be considered. The evaluation committee will review all submissions and recommend a proponent to the Board of Directors. Evaluation of proposals will be by the Chamber of Commerce Website and Integrated Database Management Review Committee (Review Committee). In order to expedite decision making and to ensure there is clarity by the vendors as to the specific needs of the Chamber, proponents who are shortlisted by the Chamber may be asked to demo their solution as part of the RFP process so that we are able to provide some initial feedback on the features and functionality. The Review Committee will check proposals against the functional requirements. Proposals not addressing all requirements will be rejected without further consideration. Proposals that do address all the deliverables will then be assessed and scored against the established criteria. 6 The intent of the Chamber is to enter into a contract with the proponent who has the highest overall ranking according to a pre-determined scoring system as follows: Proposed Solution (weighting 25%): An integrated system that meets the majority if not all of the Chambers needs as outlined. Demonstrated ability to understand the Chamber s multiple programs and funding streams including membership fee structure, events, fundraising, and advertising. Knowledge of information and financial management systems used by the Chamber or other similar member based organizations. Methodology (weighting 15%): Proposed methodology and work plan, including the scope and the number of expected hours anticipated for the services suggested based on initial start-up (system creation) and on an annual basis (annual maintenance and support). A detailed work plan that includes a proposed process for working with Chamber staff in developing and implementing the proposed solution. A demonstration of full understanding of project objectives and overall scope of work to be performed. An approach used to gain an understanding of the Chamber s structure, services and operations. Budget (weighting 25%): Proponent s proposed fees, in Canadian Dollars and exclusive of taxes based on a two phased approach: 1. Development of integrated system - Including costs associated with transition of current data to new system and any training required to ensure the new solution is operational and able to be managed by Chamber staff. 2. On-going maintenance and support - Including any costs associated with expected software upgrades, professional fees for support staff based on person hours on an annual basis. Estimated disbursements and administrative fees. Details on any expected billing practices (extras). Value added services and associated service fees. Experience (weighting 20%): Proponent s experience in providing similar services to similar organizations / non-profit societies, including familiarity of the proponent s team with likely functional requirements of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce. 7 Proponent s team qualifications and role they will play in the project Clear indication of availability to carry out the proposed work and meet the Chamber s deadlines. Availability of additional specialized services that may be useful in the course of the Chamber s operations. Demonstrated ability to understand the nature of the services and operational needs of the Chamber. Ability to meet timelines (weighting 10%) Clarity and certainty that proponent is able to meet timelines for completion of work. Details as to expected milestones and proposed progress reporting. Evidence of successful time management on past projects. Chamber Membership (weighting 5%) Information as to the proponent s current status as a member of the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce or its willingness to become a member if successful in procuring the contract. PROPONENT Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce Website & Integrated Database Management System - RFP Scoring SAMPLE WORKSHEET PROPOSED SYSTEM & INTEGRATION METHODOLOGY & WORKPLAN (Planned approach) PROJECT BUDGET EXPERIENCE (PORTFOLIO OF PAST WORK) ABILITY TO MEET TIMELINES MEMBER OF CHAMBER MEMBER TOTAL PROPOSAL TIMEFRAME RFP Issue Date: Feb. 8, 2016 RFP Questions & Enquires Closing Date: Feb. 26, 2016 RFP CLOSING DATE & TIME: 4:00pm Friday Mar 11, PROPOSED EVALUATION TIMEFRAME The following is provided for the information of respondents but is subject to change depending on a number of variables not the least of which is the availability of participants (both the Review Committee and the short listed proponents) in scheduling a demonstration and interview. 1. Shortlisted respondents present to evaluation group (two weeks) March 21-April 1, Notice of pending award End of April Contract Award & Project Initiation Mid May Solution Implementation May-July Launch of new solution (system) Fall 2016 ADDITIONAL TERMS Expenses Proponents are solely responsible for their own expenses in preparing a proposal and for subsequent negotiations with the Chamber, if any. If the Chamber of Commerce elects to reject all proposals, the Chamber will not be liable to any proponent for any claims, whether for costs or damages incurred by the proponent in preparing the proposal, loss of anticipated profit in connection with any final contract, or any other matter whatsoever. Sub-Contracting Using a sub-contractor (who should be clearly identified in the proposal) is acceptable. This includes a joint submission by two (or more) proponents having no formal corporate links. However, in this case, one of these proponents must be prepared to take overall responsibility for successful performance of the contract and this should be clearly defined in the proposal. Sub-contracting to any firm or individual whose current or past corporate or other interests may, in the opinion of the Chamber give rise to a conflict of interest in connection with this project will not be permitted. Where applicable, the names of approved sub-contractors listed in the proposal will be included in the contract accompanied with a CV. No additional subcontractors will be added nor other changes made, to this list in the contract without the written consent of the Chamber. 9 Acceptance of Proposals This Request for Proposal should not be construed as an agreement to purchase goods or services. The Chamber is not bound to enter into a contract with the proponent who submits the lowest priced proposal or with any proponent. Proposals will be assessed in light of the evaluation criteria. The Chamber will be under no obligation to receive further information, whether written or oral, from any proponent. Neither acceptance of a proposal nor execution of a contract will constitute approval of any activity or development contemplated in any proposal that requires any approval, permit or license pursuant to any federal, provincial, regional district or municipal statute, regulation or by-law. Liability for Errors While the Chamber has used considerable efforts to ensure an accurate representation of information in this Request for Proposal, the information contained in this Request for Proposal is supplied solely as a guideline for proponents. The information is not guaranteed or warranted to be accurate by the Chamber, nor is it necessarily comprehensive or exhaustive. Nothing in this Request for Proposal is intended to relieve proponents from forming their own opinions and conclusions with respect to the matters addressed in this Request for Proposal. Confidentiality of the project The Chamber requires that the successful proponent sign and maintain a confidentiality agreement of the project. The Chamber alone will disclose when the website and integrated database may be released under any circumstances. SUBMISSIONS Submission Deadline Proposals must be submitted by the RFP closing date: 4:00pm PST Friday Mar. 11, 2016 Proposals can be sent either in paper or electronic format to: Dan Rogers, General Manager - Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce Suite 102, nd Street, Vernon, BC. V1T 5M2 Late Proposals Late proposals will not be accepted and will be returned to the proponent. 10 ADDTIONAL INFORMATION Eligibility 1. Proposals will not be evaluated if the proponent s current, past corporate or other interests may, in the opinion of the Chamber, give rise to a conflict of interest in connection with this project. 2. It is desirable though not mandatory that proponents be members in good standing with the Greater Vernon Chamber of Commerce. 3. Proposals from not-for-profit agencies will be evaluated against the same criteria as those received from any other proponents. Contact & Enquiries Enquiries and responses will be recorded and may be distributed to all proponents at the option of the Chamber. Questions will be answered as (and if) time permits based on the timeline provided. 1. Any follow-up questions can be directed to Dan Rogers, General Manager at 2. The Chamber reserves the right to award this work under different terms or withdraw this RFP at anytime. 3. The Chamber s current website is: 4. In appreciation of the value of your time we have tried to make this RFP as concise as possible and also appreciate you doing the same in your response. (end) 11
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