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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 4, JUNE 2014   l hoodooadventures.ca250 490 6084 IN THIS ISSUE: Get Well Paul DraganBicycle Dating$131 Million for Cycling!Seaside Greenway PartyBC SuperweekHelmetsTouring and more...  - 2 - Pa u l  D ra ga n  ha s a  kee n  u nde r s ta nd i n g o f   t he  need s o f   be g i n n i n g c yc l i s t s  t ha t  i s c r i t ica l  to e nco u ra ge  t he m  to  u s i n g c yc l i n g  f o r  t ra n s po r ta t io n.  H i s  w i l l i n g ne s s  f o r d i sc u s s io n s, e n t h u s ia s m, a nd e ne r g y  f o r  ge t t i n g  t h i n g s do ne  i s a l wa y s e v ide n t a nd  m uc h a p p rec ia ted.  We  ho pe  t ha t Pa u l a nd  h i s  f a m i l y ca n  mo ve  f o r wa rd q u ic k l y  f  ro m  t h i s e ve n t a nd  re t u r n  to  t he  s t y le o f   f a m i l y  l i f e  t ha t  t he y e n jo y.  -  Jac k  Bec ke r,  T i rd  Wa ve C yc l i n g G ro u p  I nc. I f  ar e  y ou a c  y c l i c st  i n V anc ouver  ,  y ou ma y  not  k now i t  but   y ou owe some of  t he c omf or t  and  saf et  y   y ou f eel  t o P aul  Dr a g an. P aul  has been ad voc at i n g  f or  c  y c l i st s’  r i  g ht s and   pl ac e on t he c i t  y ’ s st r eet s f or  l on g er  t han most  of  use have been r i d i n g  , and  hi s fin g er  pr i nt s and  i nfl uenc e on V anc ouver ’ s c  y c l i n g  i nf r ast r uc t ur e and  c ul t ur e ar e ever  y wher e  y ou l ook . Te st aff  and  vol unt eer s at  H  AS  e wi sh P aul  a f ul l  and  s peed  y  r ec over  y .”   We  w i s h  yo u a  s peed y  reco ve r y, Pa u l, a nd  loo k  f o r wa rd  to  see i n g  yo u  bac k o n  t wo  w hee l s  i n  no  t i me!   – C la re  &   re vo r, C le ve r s  Med ia   P a ul  D r a  g a n  p l a c e d  R e c k l e s s   B i k e s  a s  our  fi r s t  a d v e r t i s e r  i n W e  C  y c l e . I t  he l  p e d  boos t  our  c onfi d e nc e  i n c r e a t i n g  a  c ommuni t  y  ba s e d  ne w s  p a  p e r   f  or  c  y c l i s t s . P a ul  ,  y ou a r e  a n i ns  p i r a t i on t o t he  c ommuni t  y !  Ta nk   y ou! !  –  B  y r on S he a r d ow n , P ubl i s he r  W e C  y c l e   M a  g a  z i ne   P a u l,  y o u  a r e  a n  i n s p i r a t i o n  t o  a l l  o f  u s !  Y o u r  a m a z i n g  s p i r i t  h a s  n o t  o n l y  t o u c h e d  m y  l i f e  b u t  s o  m a n y  p e o p l e  i n  t h i s  c o m m u n i t y.  G e t  w e l l  s o o n !  –  M e l o d y  C h a n,  e P r o d i g y  B i k e s   It’s due to the leadersh i p and su p port of   peo ple l ike Paul that the b ike commun it y has  gro wn so qu ickl y,  introduc in g more  peo ple than e ver to the  jo y of  r id in g a b ike  in  V ancou ver. HU B C ycl in g members,  Board and sta ff   w ish h im a f ast and com plete reco ver y. GET WELLS NPAUL!   GET WELLS NPAUL!  M r . Dr a g an has mad e si g nificant  cont r ibut ions t o t he c yclin g  communit  y in Br itish C olumbia and  we sincerel  y ho pe that he r e g ains his heal t h soon. – C  ycl in g  BC  T e  o u t   p o u r  i  n  g   o  f    s u  p  p o r  t   w e ’  v e  s e e n   f   o r   P  a u l   i  s  a  c  l  e a r   d  e m o n s t  r  a t  i  o n  o  f    t  h e  t  r  e m e n d  o u s  r  e s  p e c  t   a n d   a d  m i  r  a t  i  o n  h e  h a s  e a r  n e d   i  n  o u r   c  o m m u n i  t   y .  A l  l   o  f    u s  a t   t  h e  C  i  t   y  a r  e  w i  s h i  n  g   h i  m  a   f   a s t   ,  f   u l  l   , a n d   c  o m  p l  e t  e  r  e c  o v e r   y !   -   M  a  y o r   G  r  e  g  o r   R  o b e r  t  s o n  P a u l  ha s  a l w a  y s  b e e n a t  t he  e  p i c e nt e r  o  f   e v e r  y t hi n g   g o o d  i n t he   B r i t i s h C o l u mb i a  c  y c l i n g  c o mmu ni t  y -  w e   f  e e l  hi s  a b s e nc e  a nd  w e  a l l  w i s h  f  o r  a  s  p e e d  y  r e c o v e r  y ” . –  D a v i d  H a  y  , P a r t ne r  , R i c ha r d s   B u e l l  S u t t o n Join us for Paul Dragan’s Ride for Recovery Ride For Recovery Sunday June 29,2014. Starting at Reckless Bikes on Davie street 12 noon. Come show your support!  - 3 - WE CYCLE “The publication for passionate pedallers” WeCycle is a newspaper magazine dedicated to the cycling commuter, their families and organizations. We believe this demographic is made of people who care about their environment, their food and local economy.8 times per year, 6000 printed copies are distributed along bike routes, in community centres and libraries with dozens of street drops and racks.Editorial comes from the wonderful writers at the BC Cycling Coalition, HUB and free lance journalists. Editor/Publisher: Mailing Address: 1-1455 Brigantine Drive Coquitlam, BC V3K 7C2Policy Editor: Richard CampbellCopy Editor: Adam PaluckPage Layout: IWE PrepressCover Photo: Jennifer Strang Mark the date and come celebrate the comple-tion of one of Vancou-ver’s best public realm treasures. The Seaside Greenway that connects downtown’s Seawall and False Creek with Jericho Beach is ready to be biked, walked, or rolled - and may the best costume win!There will be music, food, kids’ crafts, and more along the route between the Burrard Bridge and Jericho Beach and especially closer to Jericho Beach. Bring your decorated bikes, kids and picnic baskets! Picnic in the park and park your bike at BEST’s bike valet and then continue west to take in the Brock House Summer Fair , plus the Jericho Sailing Centre’s 40th Anniversary Cel-ebration and the MEC Paddlefest - both on Jericho Beach.This celebration for everyone is supported by many, including the Vancouver Public Space Network, HUB Cycling, the UBC Bike Co-op, BEST, MEC Paddlefest, the Jericho Sailing Cen-tre, area neighbours and others. Check us out at: http://vancouverpub- side-greenway-party/  SEASIDE GREENWAY PARTY   Saturday July 5th,11am-3pm   Celebrate the completion of this Vancouver Treasure! newspapersinserts yers booksbrochuresannual reportspresentation folders stationery packages International Web Express 1-1455 Brigantine DriveCoquitlam, BC V3K 7C2 604-526-8557 International Web Express is a full service print company offering quality products and services. Need something printed?  Give us a call! 604-526-8557  - 4 - Spring time means bike dates. Meet-ing your beloved for dinner and an eve-ning stroll is passé. Meeting on a bike path and cycling into the sunset for a picnic or patio dining is IN. The oppor-tunity to engage each other in romantic conversation while pedalling can add an aphrodisiac nature far better than road- raging your car through trafc and curs -ing the guy out who just stole your spot. Meandering through a park or wood-ed trail offers your senses a chance to freshen up. Your sight and hearing will have a chance to shift out of the work-day grind and the fresh air and steady breathing will allow your palette to open for ne wine and foods. Let’s not forget dressing up. An ab-solute must on a bike date. I remember dressing up in a suit and tie for a bike date with my wife last summer. I even donned a top hat to add a little panache and satisfy my extroverted ego a bit. As  we rode I got the looks and comments I wanted and also the appropriate eye-rolling from my wife. It’s important not to break a sweat (at least on the way to dinner) so we made the reservations late and kept our pace leisurely. Bike paths are by far the best choice of route for safety and serenity so plan your destination and route with (almost) effortless pedalling the goal. If your date is dressed fancier than you an easy route will be much appreciated and hopefully equalled in future reward. Keep in mind the route home may be after nightfall and that DUI rules apply to cyclists. More destination choices are available if you ride one of the many electric or electric-assist bikes available these days! No sweat! Planning a picnic along the sea wall, Stanley Park or the many secret loca-tions only cyclists know about can re- kindle a ame or start an inferno. Don’t  wait. Plan one for tonight and surprise your lover! Happy cycling! Bicycle Dating Mayors Announce Regional Transportation Plan $131 MILLION FOR CYCLING On June 12, the Mayors Council will release their report entitled Regional  Transportation Investments, A Vision for Metro Vancouver which includes a 30 year vision and a 10-year invest-ment program. The 10-year pro- gram includes signicant investment in transit, cycling, walking and roads throughout the region. The Vision calls for funding for a 2,700km network high quality bike-  ways including 300km of trafc-sep -arated routes to help make cycling a real transportation option for people of all ages and abilities. The proposed investment in the cycling network and secure bicycle parking total $131 mil-lion over ten years, reaching $16.5 mil-lion per annum by Year 6. The $131 million consists of $96.7 million for regional cycling routes that are not  TransLink-owned and $34.4 million for TransLink-owned routes and parking at TransLink facilities.In addition, the proposed new four lane Pattullo Bridge will include high quality cycling and walking facilities and funding from the Capital for Mi-nor Major Road Network (MRN) Up-grades program ($200 million over 10 years) can also be used for cycling and pedestrian projects. The investment program would provide funding for the completion of the region’s bikeway network envi-sioned in the Regional Cycling Strat- egy in around 20 years. In the rst 10 years, this program would add to the existing bikeway network up to 300 km of trafc-protected bikeways on major streets in Urban Centres, such as on-street cycle tracks with physical separation from trafc or off-street paths; and 2,400 km of designated bikeways, such as marked bike lanes or neighbourhood street bikeways with bicycle-permeable trafc calming.  The Major Bikeway Network will consist of high quality regionally sig- nicant routes separated from trafc that parallel and connect to the rapid transit system and regional gateways. Examples of possible projects to help build the Network, include upgrading the BC Parkway and completing the Central Valley Greenway, North Shore Spirit Trail, Evergreen Bikeway, and routes South of Fraser to parallel fu-ture rapid transit lines.If we do nothing, walking, cycling and transit will only account for 27% of trips by 2045, far short of the target of 50%. The Vision will get us to 36%. It is denitely a great start, but much more will need to be done though to meet regional targets. Lets get this plan moving forward then work on meeting the 2045 targets.In addition to being essential for the economy and the environment of the region, the Vision will reduce fatali- ties. It states, “With less trafc, fewer serious collisions and more opportu-nities for active travel, this Vision will save about 200 lives and prevent about 4000 serious injuries every year.” The Mayors preferred choice, was for the Province to help fund the im-provements through a portion of the existing Carbon Tax collected in the region then shifting to mobility pric-ing at some point in the future. This  would increase the effectiveness of the Carbon Tax by providing more people  with more sustainable transportation options. Now, the Carbon Tax revenue  was used to cut taxes so essentially this funding would have come out of gen-eral revenue. The Province is project-ing surpluses of hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years. There is a strong case to use some of this to help improve transit, cycling and walk-ing. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne,  who just scored a dramatic election  win, is doing exactly that by investing $15 billion in transit around the the  Toronto area in the next ten years.Unfortunately, the Province quickly reject using the revenue from the exist-ing Carbon Tax but left the door open to an additional Carbon Tax which, according to Premier Clark’s election platform, would have to be approved by the public in a referendum. Mobilty Pricing is also an option at some point in the future.Please contact Premier Clark,, encouraging the Province to provide more funding for transit, cycling and walking in Met-ro Vancouver. A good idea to copy Hon. Todd Stone,, Claire.Trevena.MLA@leg.bc. ca, your MLA, and the Mayors Council,  More on the plan and contact info at:
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