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  ELECTRONIC BUSINESS    Abdus Salam 2 Lecture-3 & 4  Internet  History of Internet  Intranet vs Extranet  Internet Service Provider  Internet Address  World Wide Web  Web Browser  URL  Domain Name System  Protocols  Server  Bandwidth and  Modem  Abdus Salam 3 Internet  A network of networks in which user of any computer can get information from other computer, if they have permission.  An internet (note the lowercase letter i) is two or more networks that can communicate with each other.  It is a generic term used to mean an interconnection of networks.  The second is the name of a specific world wide network.  The most notable internet is called Internet (uppercase letter I), in which connect more than hundreds of thousands interconnected networks.  Abdus Salam 4 History of Internet  The extraordinary communication system “Internet” came into being in 1969.  In mid-1960, mainframe computers in research organization were stand-alone devices. Computers from different manufacturers were unable to communicate with one another.  The ARPA in the DoD was interesting in in finding a way to connect computers, so    In 1967, at an Advance or Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) meeting, ARPA presented its ideas for ARPANET, a small network connected computes.  The basic purpose to create a network that allows the researchers of one university to able, to talk or share their research to Researchers computers.  The network was designed to work without centralized control.  This means if one portion of network fails or destroy in disaster or in military attack, the remaining portion will be able to route packets from sender to receiver through alternate path.
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