Week4 Models

Progression ScreenShots of Model creation.
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  To determine best results of the shapes, I thought it would be better to create the model by combining polygonal shapes. I started of by making three shapes and couunted number of sides for less issues when maniplating meshes of objects. I started off with ther bottom part of the model and noticed it has six sides. I thought it would be best to replicate this part of the spaceship by using the Cylinder tool. In the channel box editor panel the subdivision Axis was changed to the value of 8 resulting of 8 sides being appllied to the polygon The Polygonal model was then manipulated into the correct shape by altering the position of the edges using the move tool. At first move the move axis setting was set to world by defuault which causes the edges to move towards the perpective which was undeired since I noticed the edges axis  was not set to straight. Fortunetly I discovered changing the move axis to object resulted in straight movement. I reduced the scale value of faces which are smaller in size. To prevent distorrtion only oppsoite face where selected faces before rescaling the faces. The same techniique was applied to the rest of the polygons. Within object mode I ensured all the polygons shared the same scale value for height in the the attribute editor. I double checked the height was the same for all polygons by viewing the side camera viewport.  Using the Union tool within Boolean option was useful since combined the polygon shapes together without cutting or pushing any of the faces. By switching the wireframe mode in shading options displayed a visual of the polygonal objects faces being connected. The pyramid object was created by manipulating faces and edges to the correct position.   Adding subdivisions allowed me to extrude the selected faces. Multiple extrusions where applied to first decrease the scale value then another to push out the faces using the move tool. The same extrusion techniques where applied to the rest of the shapes.
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