Week5 Models

Progression ScreenShots of Model creation.
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  On this object I applied smooth tool to give a rounder look. At first the outcome of the smooth tool was not what I expected since it turned out slightly distorted. By adding more subdivisions and moving the edge lines towards the edges of the polygon gave a rounder look closest to the edge lines. Since the shape below is not flat, I the aligned the shape above to it by selecting the vertices individually and altered the axis to match the floor using the move tool.  For this shape extrusion was applied to the top faces. The end face was then rescaled.   I encountered a problem with the faces of the first polygon shape since Maya detected another face has been added inside the polygonal object. I solved this by simply deleting the object and reproducing ensuring I rescale and extrude correctly. This time I ensured the objects where connected together accurately using the snap together tool. This tool made sure the second object connects exactly in centre.   The same smoothing technique was applied to this model. Edge Loop tool was applied to this part of the pyramid to allow moving of the edge without affecting the shapes which act as the supporting stands.
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