Welcome from Ike Kelly, Butler County Airport Authority Chairman. Civil Air Patrol Squadron 712 Butler Update and Awards

BTP News Butler County Airport Authority 475 Airport Rd., Butler, PA Winter 2012 Summer 2011 Volume 3, Volume 3,Issue Issue1 3 Welcome from Ike Kelly, Butler County Airport Authority
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BTP News Butler County Airport Authority 475 Airport Rd., Butler, PA Winter 2012 Summer 2011 Volume 3, Volume 3,Issue Issue1 3 Welcome from Ike Kelly, Butler County Airport Authority Chairman I would like to welcome our new tenant, Mr. David Buser. David s office is in the administration building adjacent to the vacated Nation Air office. Actually, while I m thinking of it, if anyone knows of a potential tenant for the larger Nation Air workplace please give Ivan a call. I would like to also thank Life Flight for all they have done to assist and participate in our educational tours of the airport. It is greatly appreciated. A brief and sincere reminder: please understand that the airport authority sincerely welcomes all of you to feel free to attend our meetings. For any specifics please call Ivan s office. Hope to see you there. Civil Air Patrol Squadron 712 Butler Update and Awards Butler County Airport Authority Richard Ike Kelly Chairman Jim Opalka Secretary Edward Rawlings Vice Chairman W. Gregg Kerr Thomas Roe Eleanor Cress Harry W. Boben Members Michael Pawk Tom J. May Solicitor A. Dale Pinkerton, Butler County Commissioner Advisory Member Ivan Longdon Airport Manager We are proud to announce that members of ter: Eileen Albert Squadron 712 were recently involved in sorties Administration C/2Lt. Ceara Berry flown in support of the Hurricane Sandy relief and C/2/Lt. Andrew damage assessment efforts. The CAP G1000 Brissette equipped Cessna 182 aircraft based at KBTP was used for these important missions. C/2/Lt. Curtis Scheboth The squadron received several awards at the Our congratulations go out to the cadets and ofcap PA Wing banquet held in State College: ficers of Squadron 712. * Ground Team of the Year Award * Aerospace Education Officer of the year Award to Maj. Kevin Berry *Character Development Officer of the Year Award to Maj. Eric Schuelke * Maj. Howell Balsem National Award for Public Affairs Excellence to Maj. Kevin Berry Significant Promotions: The following cadets received their Billy Mitchell Awards since publication of the last KBTP newslet-1 Slippery Rock University Institute of Learning in Retirement Visits Butler County Airport HVAC at Butler County Airport HVAC is of course an acronym for (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). To push the acronym thing we can accurately say that at KBTP, GAI has subcontracted LSA to subcontract the HVAC update and modernization at BTP. electrical engineering firm. Lee Simpson, being a GAI owned company, therefore makes planning, engineering, and communication from inception to completion a seamless process. As with the maintenance building project we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our tenants. To be clear, the Butler County Airport is using GAI Consultants, Inc. (an engineering and environmental consult Currently the ing firm) to redesign project will go to bid some heating and air in early January with conditioning systems construction earat the airport. They marked for spring. have subcontracted In addition to the job to Lee Simpson Associates of vast HVAC improvedubois, Pa., a civil, ments in both first and environmental, and second floors of the airport administration building and restaurant, a new roof will be added to the mix. As our population matures we find a wealth of programs offered to retired individuals. Slippery Rock University offers Institute for Learning in Retirement (ILR) classes. The courses, workshops, trips, and other experiences are provided to those mature adults who share a love of learning. Butler County Airport is fortunate to have had the opportunity to offer SRUs ILR group a tour, PowerPoint, and informal presentation of airport history by Ivan Longdon, Butler County s airport manager. Mature and Senior are relative terms and have to be kept in context. For example John Glenn, Combat Pilot; Senator; and Astronaut, at the mature age of 77 flew aboard Discovery (STS-95). This is not an easy task even for a much younger individual. Point being - these folks have fun and a lot of great life experiences on their many outings. Butler County Airport is pleased to have been part of their experiences. Slippery Rock s program is part of the Elderhostel Institute Network. For information contact SRU at: Welcome to New Tenant at Butler County Male or female, one could easily become instantly jealous of Butler County Airport s new tenant. David Buser s office, located in a section of the once Nation Air office, to the eyes of many is the ultimate location for a male sanctuary otherwise known as a Man Cave. What makes it even more perfect is that David is a pilot. Imagine - a pilot with an office / Man Cave at the airport. Doesn t get much better. And there is beer upstairs at the Runway. In his mantuary (someone coined this word) David deals with the fast paced changes in web technologies including infrastructure, visual design, software development and more. Welcome David Buser to your new Man Cave, Ready Room, Dispatcher Office and whatever else you want it to be. Life Flight Fleet Addition Prep The first written record of an air ambulance service was in 1866 in a Jules Verne science fiction novel. In the non-fiction genre the first recorded civilian use of a medical helicopter was in Etna, California in Candice Myrgo, Life Flight RN The precursor of civilian medevacs in the US was a businessman in California who started a chopper service to ferry patients to a particular small town physician. The only pharmacist in town used the helicopter to deliver drugs in emergency situations. Life Flight Crew (L to R): John Bayley (Mechanic), Rod Boyer, Debbie Schweppe (Nurse), Peggy Havaran Currently we find the medevacs in great numbers for both military and civilian capacities. At Butler County Airport we are pleased to have Life Flight as one of our tenants. The airport authority wishes to thank them for their kind and attentive Cece Peterson, cooperation at helping the airport staff Allegheny General Life Flight RN and volunteers in conducting our tours and programs for schools and community organizations. More Life Flight prep for new fleet addition Maintenance Shop and Restroom Makeover - Temporary Inconvenience - Permanent Improvement Porta - Potties (or whatever they are called) rental services advertising on the web offer charts to tell you how many you need per hour per event. We have one for use on the GA side of the field during construction which covers the web estimates for need per number of tenants per average per day. you will need an estimated 151 units. The Butler County Airport Authority sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience during our construction at the helicopter maintenance building. The improvements include: considerably larger restrooms, ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) compliance, insulated and newly covered exterior with metal that matches our newer hangars. Also in the area of airport maintenance we will be sealing cracks and completing new markings on the runway in the spring. There is no question that there will be unexpected repairs We don t even want to required as the look at Oshkosh numbers, new year proespecially their upscale gresses. They models behind the media will be met in a tent. Suffice it to say that timely manner on if you have 100,000 attend- a priority needees over a one hour period to-repair basis. Dave Parker, Regional Engineer for the Pa. Bureau of Aviation, has been a breath of fresh air and much appreciated help from PENDOT BOA in Region 1. The Region 1 designation encompasses 15 counties and services both general aviation and commercial service airports. Traditionally, National Aviation Day is held on August 19th. The date coincides with the birth of Orville Wright, pilot of the Wright Flyer. Of course his 12 second; 120 feet flight on December 17, 1903 made an earthshaking stir in the race to flight. H o w - ever, this year the 19th falls on a Sunday, necessitating its move to Monday, August 20th. Although the day is considered a federal observance it is not a public holiday. If you are lucky enough to Dave Parker - Pa. Bureau of Aviation (BOA) - a Catalyst of Improvement at BTP The Bureau of Aviation administers the FAA Block Grant monies, State Aviation Development Program, and the Transportation Assistance Program in addition to the Capital Budget Program. All of the programs utilize grant money that enables the leveraging of matching funds. Since Super Bowl XXIV in 2000 when the St. Louis Rams defeated the Tennessee Titans, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, over $14.3 million dollars has been invested in Butler County Airport. We truly appreciate the enormous help and cooperation of Dave Parker. QB. be a scout or student on an Aviation Day field trip, you get the day off. Attendees include grade school students, youth program participants, and Boy and Girl Scout groups. Scouts in particular are interested in participating in all of the events since the program qualifies them for an Aviation Merit Badge. MVP in 2000 was Kurt Warner, St. Louis, National Aviation Day at BTP - A Success and Lots of Fun At Butler s event there were speakers and participants including venders, tenants, aviation mechanics, Life Flight, corporate and private pilots, PA Air Guard representatives, FBO speakers, and Butler County s Airport Manager, Ivan Longdon. There were also wonderful hot dogs created by Chef Eileen; (see insert). Other activities included presentations explaining mechanics of flight, hands-on aircraft pre-flight inspections, and aeronautical chart familiarization including actual charting of a flight. Scouts received a Life Flight tour and briefing Unexpected Visitors Literally Drop in to our Connecting2Tomorrow Tour and Program Recently a group of students and young adults from a local not-for-profit corporation (Connecting2Tomorrow) visited Butler County Airport as part of their ongoing workshops. Local resident, Mike Liebler, is Founder and Executive Director of the organization which serves individuals from 14 to 24 years of age. Programs for the 14 to 18 year age group are included in their Teen Life Coaching Skills for Success workshops. The 17 to 24 year olds take part in the Moving Forward program. Students and group leaders along with airport volunteers (hot dog makers and others) were surprised to see a chopper land with a hungry crew of three. Please see the Haverfield helicopter piece in this newsletter. Haverfield Aerial Saw Helicopter Drops in to BTP for a Hot Dog Stop Unfortunately for the Haverfield helicopter crew of 3 who dropped in to Butler County for lunch, the Runway Restaurant was not open. On the other hand Eileen and some Butler County Airport volunteers were serving up hot dogs and other goodies for the Connecting2Tomorrow tour group. airport guests watched outside the large windows on the first floor of the administration building as the Haverfield MD500 chopper landed effortlessly. On this stop, the Haverfield helicopter was not dangling ten saws from its belly used to trim trees around power lines. day, we explained. Closed, but you can have some free hot dogs and other good health food that we re making. The 3 crew members ate, especially the pilot, Nathan. One of them didn t like hot dogs and must have consumed ten bags of Doritos. Maybe a slight exag The crew was surveying geration. The collective group of and recording GPS coordinates One thing is for certain, tour givers, hot dog cookers, and on their laptops for future crews Haverfield hires hard workers and to come back and do the exhaust- nice people. Nathan gave a realing and fun job of trimming trees ly great presentation to the Conwith 10 saw blades hanging from nect2tomorrow group. Ever hear the belly of the Hughes MD500. of Nathan s Hot Dogs. Honestly. The 10 saws are powered by a It is on NASDAQ. separate power source. Empty weight of the 500 is only 1,088 lbs. Imagine that. Three men, 2 in civilian clothes and one in a flight suit stepped out and headed toward us. No Runway Restaurant, to- Butler County Airport History Progress Butler County, one of 869 public and private use airports in Pennsylvania, has a history totally unlike, yet at the same time somewhat similar to all of the others. The unique parts are found in the hearts of those who remember, for lack of a better term, the old days. In many cases the information, the flying stories, and facts have been handed down from generation to generation. The Butler County Airport Authority has begun to string together a chronicle of our past. We are fortunate to have some persons willing to share their valuable memories and in rare cases their prized photos. One such individual is Mr. John Graham III, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA). We met John in the administration building conference room on October 5th. John is part of our history and therefore an important ingredient in our stringing of the historic aviation beads. John is the son of the late John Jack Graham II, who purchased along with John s grandfather, William James Graham, the now Butler County Airport in September 28 / 29 were the start dates. The airport authority is grateful for John sharing his valuable time to fly in and share his beloved stories and photos. His mother found some great old black and whites to share with us. In her words she explained to her son, Here John, I have some photos for you of airplanes in trees and airplanes at airports. The personal touch of John s mother is an example of the personal touch we are looking for in our search for Butler s colorful past. It is that kind of passion that keeps history alive at airports across the nation like ours. If you have photos, information, stories, or names of people we can contact who are willing to share their knowledge please contact Ike Kelly or Jim Opalka through Ivan s office at
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