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  The Origin Series from Loopmasters are mixed mode CD roms for Mac and PC which feature100% copyright free inspirational loops, multisamples and single sounds for new wave musicians,DJs and producers worldwide. All the titles have been made using the best technologies and the samples are highly flexible and can be used inmany different contexts. Variations, single hits and multis are presented alongside excellently produced stereo loops with light use of FX and EQ to ensure you have the most usable sounds for your work with maximum inspiration and impact. The CDs can be used with most music software programs(Logic/VST/Reason/Recycle/Acid), and the inclusion of Rex2 files for most loops and patterns mean that youhave total flexibility over pitch and tempo. The Origin series comprise 12 titles released in batches of 4, with all titles available by late 2004. Representingexcellent value for money, professional quality and total inspiration, check out the new breed of sounds which set  the standards others can only follow! Our brand new website located at features 100s of free downloads in multiple formats,reviews, news and secure shopping facilities. Visit soon to register your purchase and to get access to ourexclusive members only download centre, where you can get the latest loops and downloads, previews, specialsample kits, reason patches and rex2 loops! Using the CD The Origin Series CDs have been created with the user experience as our central focus. All the titles in the serieswork excellently together or on their own - simply copy the contents of the CDs to your computer hard drive, openup your sampler, sequencer or music software program of choice and start experimenting!All the sounds in this collection have been created especially for this project, and there are no additional licencesor royalties to pay when you create the next big club anthem, tv edit or remix!  Wav file users: Simply browse the CD for the folder that you require and load up or audition any of the sounds that you require. Rex2 users: Within each main folder for any loop based or phrase instruments (drum loops etc) you will alsofind another folder contained within this directory with the stereo rex2 files present for you tostart using. Reason users:  You will also find NNXT patches for any mutlisampled instruments contained within the samefolder as the wav files – you must always keep these files with the files for the patch to be able toload properly. LOOPMASTERS Thank you for your purchase! UsingtheCD Currenttitles WebsiteCopyright Distributors Productregistration < Back   Producer Essentials A 'must have' collection of sounds, loops, riffs, and multisamples that every serious producershould have in their sample collection. Featuring drum machines, guitar riffs and multis(acoustic and electric), basslines (real and synth), keyboard multis and an exhaustive collectionof awesome live played drum loops recorded in crisp stereo make this the definitive all roundSample collection for the producer in situ or on the move - have essentials - will travel! Tech Specs: 1,061 Stereo Wav files/210 Rex2 Loops/50+ NNXT Patches/Midi-FilesString and Wind multis, Essential Keys (Hammond/Moog/JP/Rhodes), Guitars (loops,strumsand multis), Awesome Scratch Samples, Consumate live played drums and percussion, live bass parts, sequencedbass loops, essential drum kits and much more! Lounge/Chillout The perfect collection of single sounds, ambiences, pads, bass, fx, percussion, soft keys andlive grooves to create the next generation of lounge and chilled out tracks. Sublimely playeddrums and percussion, variations and single hits allow total flexibility whilst the instrument loopsinspire and encourage experimentation. If the music of Morcheeba, Zero-7 and Aim are your thing alongside rougher edged kruder and dorfmeister type smoking tracks then you have come to the right place! Tech Specs: 612 Stereo Wav files/ 284 Rex2 loops/20+ NNXT patches Live played drum loops superbly recorded with pan and light eq/fx, percussion samples and hits from real instruments,ethereal and lush pads and multis, instrument parts, real bass loops, variations, percussive loops, fx versions, basic dubs. Jazz/World Superbly recorded, engineered and played, Jazz/World is a consumate production from HarveySummers at Swine Studios. Sublime playing by some of the best session musicians and Africanmaster drummers has led to a truly srcinal concept sample Cd that will blend seamlessly into your productions. The CD includes live played saxophones, flute, double bass licks and multis,keys, synths and a superb range of drum kits, hits, multis and exhaustive percussion loops andhits. Never since 'On the Jazz tip' has there been such an influential collection of jazz and worldinfluenced sample inspiration to merge into your productions and to breathe new life into your tracks. All samples were recorded using a combination of vintage valve equipment alongsidecutting edge digital technology to give you the best feel and quality. If you enjoy the sounds of Buena Vista social Club, thebroken beat scene andthe likes of Giles Peterson or even a more pure form of Jazz/World music, then you should check  this CD out today!Tech Specs: 526 Stereo Wav files/ 359 Rex 2 loops/ 5 NNXt patchesReal instrument loops, saxophone , sections, flute, piano, guitars, double bass multi and loops. Real drum kits, burstingwith flavour to hit your speakers. Drum & Bass Producer A Killa collection of the freshest beats, basslines, synths, fx, pads and sound bytes from one of the hottest production teams of the current crop maintaining Drum and Bass as a music that'shere to stay! A superb collection of all the elements that you will need to take your drum and bass, jungle andbreakbeat tracks to the next level. A huge collection of new breaks which allow you to ditch your tired Amen breaks and sample the future! Pure grooves to inspire and destroy alongside a hugecollection of hits and kits, basslines, synth, FX, keys and pads. Sample the future of drum and bass with the Drum and Bass Producer collection! Tech Specs: 650+Mb content!/680 Stereo Wav files/318 Rex 2 loops/ 21 Subtractor Patches/ 20 Malstromprograms/18 NNXt patchesOver 240 Crisp drum loops, 31 drum kits, 50 bass sounds, 42 instrument loops, 60 SFX sounds, 34 pads and muchmore make this a must have collection for any serious breakbeat producer looking for fresh inspiration and rock solidgroove control.< Back < Back  continued> >>>>  Downbeat & Leftfield Downbeat & Leftfield is the type of CD that you open at dusk and don’t put down until dawn.ThisCD is packed with inspiration for all of those producers looking to mix hip hop and Drum andBass, Jazz with Chillout, Lounge with Acid and House and generally mash up the influences of theDance Music Era of the last 15 years in a totally new way!From fresh Hip Hop beats (live and programmed), Industrial Drum Fx, Side Sticked grooves andDistorted Percussion to live played Saxes, Tabla, Percussion and Guitar, Downbeat and Leftfield takes you on a journey of inspiration between the mellow lounged out after club vibe, throughatmospheric Rhodes, piano and B3 grooves to the darker side of sonic experimentation with303 esque basses, vocoded loops and rich pads, scratches and cone blowing subs. If you move from Zero-7, K&D,Röyksopp, Lemon Jelly and Fila Brazilla over to Leftfield, Good Looking, Ninja Cuts and Grand Central in a single sitting then this is the CD for you!Featuring over 1,000 samples, 275 Rex2 Loops, 700 Wav files, 21 Drum Kits, NNXt patches, Drumloops, Saxes,Flute, Pads, Keys, Guitar and Sound Fx in Wav/Rex2 and Reason formats, for both Macintosh and PC computers…check it out today! Percussionism Percussionism is a dream for musicians looking to inject some reality into their productionswith an awesome collection of looped and single hit percussion sounds from all over the world.Whether you need a funky shaker groove, Latin Rhythms, some African drums, or some technoize to skim over the top of your tracks - Percussionism has the right flavour for yourproductions.There are full mixes, fx mixes and individual loops of all drums included in the full mixes for tempos ranging from 60Bpm to 160 Bpm. Many styles are covered including Latin, African,Egyptian, Progressive, Jazz, Funk and Indian grooves along with more unusual and completely srcinal loops andatmospheric percussion fx!Perucssionism is the definitive percussion sample library and comes in Wav/Rex2/Reason formats and iscompatible with PC and Mac computers. No matter what style of music you are making, Percussionism won’t wont be far from your Sampler, check it out today!Tech Specs: Featuring over 2,500 superbly recorded and played samples including over 550 Rex2 loops, 1,300(!)single hit sounds and 650 Wav files, and instruments such as Tambourine, Shakers, Gongs, Talking Drums, Congas,Bongos, Wind chimes, Spring Drums, Bells, Bass Drums, Berimbau, Djembe, Bougaraboo, Bendir, Bodrahn,Cymbals, Tabla, Blocks, Triangle, Sudo, Snares, and many more! Funky House Producer Funky House Producer brings you the sounds from the clubs of Ibiza, London, Paris andNew York directly to your mix. Featuring the latest filtered funk loops, inspirational discoguitars, huge pumping beats, funky bass lines, dreamy Fx and killer keys all waiting toinspire your productions in true Loopmaster style. Whether you are looking to capture theblissed out production of Naked and Wave Records, or perhaps something deeper – you’llfind that Funky House Producer delivers on every level with top quality pro house samplescreated exclusively for this limited edition release.Every sample has been painstakingly played, programmed and produced from scratch to give you what is probably the most srcinal copyright free house sample collection available today. Combining live played guitar and bass,lush keys and real percussion samples, along with some of the smoothest pads and tripped out fx, brand newbeats and sublime single hit sounds. No matter what computer platform or music software you utilise, if you need the authentic sounds packing the world’s best dance floor’s right now then check out this CD!If you produce House and Dance music and need a pure set of pro samples to take your tracks to the next level, then employ Funky House Producer as your personal assistant!Featuring over 1,500 copyright free samples, 450 Rex2 Loops, 1,000 Wav files, 7 Drum Kits, 47 NNXt patches,340 Drumloops, Keys, Funky Guitars, Filtered Loops, Live Bass, Synth Bass, Fx and much more in Wav/Rex2 andReason formats, for both Macintosh and PC computers.< Back < Back  >>>  Raw Power Raw Power delivers a six barrelled assault of blistering power and vitriol, from hard edgedbeats to the squelchiest analogue synths, the nastiest guitars and fuzziest basses to thegrowl of the Hammond B3, Raw Power delivers a sonic avalanche of sound!The Rocking sounds of London ’77 meet the grimey east coast sounds of ‘78 to the Britpopexplosion of ’94 and through to the alternative and Nu-metal of the 21st Century, witheverything sampled exquisitely through the most authentic equipment available. Featuringover 1500 copyright free samples of Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synths, Vocals and FX in a host ofstyles and tempos, categorised in folders such as New York Underground, Alternative USA,England’s Dreaming, Artskool, and New Wave – Raw Power is a sample collection like no other currently available.Whether your aim is to create straight up rock tracks, Indie, Metal, Blues, Goth, Hip Hop or more contemporarymusic with plenty of added grunge and realism, this unique library from Loopmasters will not disappoint. If youneed chugging feedback, anthemic riffs, killer drums, amp blowing chords, dirty funk, bubbling synths andreverberating noiseloops, then you need to sample Raw Power!Tech Specs: Featuring over 1500 copyright free rock samples including over 900 Wav files, 750 Rex2 Samples,200 single hits, 22 NNXT patches and Redrum drum patches.Just some of the artist inspiration: Stooges, Television, Blondie, Gang of Four, Sex Pistols, Joy Division, Pixies,Beck, Oasis, Blur, Muse, Radiohead, Nirvana, Hendrix, Beatles.< Back < Back  >

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