Were They Possessed by Jinn?

Whenever I tell someone that there is no proof from The Glorious Quran or Authentic Hadeeths that jinn or Shaitaan can possess a person and drive them mad, he tells me about an incident which had happened in his family or in his locality when jinn had possessed someone. So I thought of discussing those incidents and experiences which takes place in our society and prove that all these incidents are actually cases of psychological problem. The ‘possessed’ person should be taken to a good mental doctor and be treated scientifically. I request everyone to first take a look at my journal if they are confused whether the person ‘possessed’ by jinn is mentally ill or not so that they may get their answers, Insha’Allah.
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  WERE THEY POSSESSED BY JINN? Whenever I tell someone that there is no proof from The Glorious Quran or Authentic Hadeeths that jinn or Shaitaan can possess a person and drive them mad, he tells me about an incident which had happened in his family or in his locality when jinn had possessed someone. So I thought of discussing those incidents and experiences which takes place in our society and prove that all these incidents are actually cases of psychological problem. The ‘possessed’ person should be taken  to a good mental doctor and be treated scientifically. I request everyone to first take a look at my journal if they are confused whether the person ‘possessed’ by jinn is mentally ill or not so that they may get their answers, Insha’Allah.   CASE 1: Falsehood is being spread using the story of a Pakistani woman who was believed to be possessed by a Hindu female jinn. Some person interviewed her and during the course of the interview asked the Hindu  jinn to accept Islam. The jinn says that she brings news from the sky and is showered by fireballs on her way because of which, her one wing was broken. TRUE FACT: The woman was actually mentally ill and was suffering from a disease called Trance and Possession Syndrome and had assumed that a jinn was possessing her. Almighty Allah has not given us the responsibility of doing dawah to jinns. No companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.), be it Abu Bakr (R.A.), Umar (R.A.), Usman (R.A.), Ali (R.A.) or any other companion of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) ever converted or tried to convert a jinn to Islam. The companions of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) went to all corners of the earth to spread the message of Allah but none of them ever thought of converting jinn to Islam. That’s why, doing dawah to jinn is a bi’dah and every bi’dah leads to hellfire.  The disease stricken woman was a Muslim and knew that Shaitian goes to the sky to bring news and they are pelted with fireballs there. So she said these things and made it sound coming from a possessing Hindu jinn and convinced everyone that she is actually possessed by a jinn. Since The Glorious Quran and authentic hadeeths do not state that jinn can possess people and drive them mad, therefore having such belief shows weakness in the faith. I pray to Almighty Allah that He guides us to the straight path and helps us in following The Glorious Quran and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.). CASE 2: A man was being taken to an Amil after he was possessed by a jinn. But the man/jinn didn’t wanted to go and was forced to sit into a car by three strong men. Being driven to against his will, the man/jinn said that he will have the car crashed. After few minutes the driver of the car felt that he is losing his power on the steering and may lose control of the car altogether and would get all the people killed. So he refused to further drive the car. TRUE FACT: The man possessed by jinn was actually a mental patient. If he would have been actually possessed by jinn, then why would the jinn give warning? The jinn could have simply overturned the car  without warning or could just punched everyone inside the car to show off his skills instead of only sounding the warning. But because there was no jinn, nothing of that sort happened nor could have happened. The driver of the car was scared after listening to the warning of the man and must have been shivering out of fear which made him feel that he was not able to control the steering. Most importantly, even hundred strong men cannot overpower a jinn because Almighty Allah has given them enormous strength so three strong men can do no good in keeping a jinn possessed man in control. CASE 3: A young Moulvi used to do  jhaad phoonk and was also famous for driving out jinns from possessed people and was thus well respected among his people. Once the Moulvi was caught coming out of a theatre showing an adult movie in a burqa. People recognized and ridiculed him and he was no longer respected but jeered at for his action. Then the Moulvi said that he once drove out an evil jinn from a possessed person and that jinn had warned him that he will get his revenge against the Moulvi. So it was that jinn who made him wear a burqa and see the adult movie. The Moulvi claimed innocence from the whole scenario and won back his respect from the people. TRUE FACT: The cunning Moulvi saved himself by claiming that he watched the movie under the influence of an evil jinn. He must have wanted to see the movie so came up with the idea of wearing a burqa to the theatre but was still recognized so he very shrewdly told the story of the evil jinn and was able to fool the people. Since people of his place believed that jinn possessed people, so they readily accepted the story of the Moulvi and were fooled. CASE 4: An employee of a hotel died late night in the hotel. Since the burial was to take place in the morning after, so his body was kept in one of the room of the hotel for the entire night. The owner of the hotel asked another employee to sleep in the same room where the dead body was kept. The employee was afraid to stay in the same room where the dead body was, but had no choice as he was ordered by his employer. In the morning, when other employees went to the room they found that the young man was dancing around crazily and had lost his mind. They thought that he was possessed by the spirit of the dead man TRUE FACT: The hotel’s owner was an educated man. He didn’t believe in possession by jinn or spirits. He took the young man to a psychiatrist who examined him and said that his fear took him over after he spent the whole night with the body. He prescribed some medicine which eventually brought back that man to normalcy. CASE 5: When I was a child, a woman used to stay at our house who was half mad. Usually she would be alright but whenever a loud sound was made in front of her or a cracker was fired, she would jabber “good man bad man” two or three times and then again become normal. Everyone used to say that she was possessed by spirit of an English speaking person. TRUE FACT: The woman was mentally ill. Her brain would suffer some shock whenever a loud sound was made and she would utter some English words that she must have listened long back and were still  in her memory. If she would have been really possessed then she could have talked in English instead of repeating the same words every time. CASE 6: A young man was drowned in a lake while he was bathing. In the same lake, a woman and her five year old son also died few months back. After few days a friend of the dead man started talking and acting crazily. Sometimes he would talk like a man, sometimes a woman and sometimes like a child. People started saying that he was possessed by three people, his friend and the dead woman and her son all of whom got drowned in the same lake. The Moulvis suggested that either that was the case or he was possessed by a jinn who speaks in dead people’s voice.   TRUE FACT: The Glorious Quran and the authentic hadeeths nowhere says that people can be possessed by jinn or spirits of loved ones. All these are false beliefs and we Muslims should refrain from all wrong beliefs. Actually, the man was very afraid after his friend died in the lake. He also knew that a woman and her son also died in the lake few months ago. His fears caused him to become a victim of a kind of dissociative disorder called Multiple Personalities Syndrome and started talking in the voice of all three dead people. When jhaad phoonk could not treat him, he went to medical doctors for treatment, and today by the grace of Almighty Allah he has totally recovered. CASE 7: A young man used to read Quran every day. He was adviced by another man to read the Quran with its meaning. The young man started reading the Quran with meaning. After somedays he started speaking and behaving weirdly. People thought that since the young man was reading the Quran with its meaning so the Shaitan became angry and possessed him. People advised that the young man should be taken to some Amil who could exorcize the Shaitaan. TRUE FACT: The man who advised the young man to read the Quran with its meaning was of true faith. He said that it is not proved by the Quran and authentic Ahadeeth that Jinn and Shaitan can possess a person and can drive them mad and so that young man is not possessed by a Jinn or Shaitaan. He took that young man to a mental hospital where he was given medicine for his mental problems. Finally after 3 months of treatment the young man was absolutely alright. CASE 8 : The backyard of a boy’s home was a desolated place with wild trees and was famous for being the abode of jinns. Once that boy threw hot water there by mistake and then started acting weirdly. He talked as if he was a jinn and said that the boy has angered him by throwing hot water on him and he will have his revenge by hurting the boy. Then people who do jhaad phoonk were called who performed  jhaad phoonk on the boy who then became normal. TRUE FACT: The boy had grown up thinking that jinns live in his backyard and this thought always played in his mind subconsciously. Out of carelessness he threw hot water in his backyard, but then realized that he might have hurt a jinn living there and his fear led him to a mental disease called Trance  & Possession Syndrome. The boy had always heard and believed that jinn possess human and can be driven out by jhaad phoonk. So when jhaad phoonk was performed on him, his mental state became normal and he became well. The question that arises is that if the jinn was angered when hot water was thrown on him and wanted to take revenge, then why didn’t he beat the boy or threw him somewhere or did something to physically harm the boy. The jinn could have taken the shape of a man and displayed his anger in person but he didn’t. The jinn’s “possession” of the boy clearly shows that the boy was not mentally stable. This is always the case that jinn would possess a person and speak through him instead of taking shape of a man and talking which goes on to show that there is no jinn. The “possessed” person is actually mentally ill. In a similar manner, when such supposed jinn wants to marry a girl, he could take shape of a man and propose for the marriage which can be easily done by a real jinn, but this supposed jinn “possesses” the girl which proves nothing except that the girl is actually mentally ill. CASE 9: A fourteen year old boy passes by a cave or a dilapidated structure. That cave or the structure is known for being the abode of jinns and spirits. The boy then reaches his home and falls ill. He starts talking and behaving abnormally and says that he is a jinn who was quietly sitting outside the cave but this boy came and struck me while walking and now the jinn won’t l eave the boy. A Moulvi is then called who applies some oil on which some prayer is recited to the ears of the ‘possessed’ boy, blows smoke from incense sticks and beat him a little. The jinn then gets driven out and the boy becomes perfectly alright. Everyone around are sure now that he boy was possessed by a jinn. TRUE FACT: Actually the boy had been fed with the wrong information that jinns and spirits live in that cave or structure. While passing by that place lonely, he gets frightened and becomes victim of the disease Trance & Possession Syndrome . After the  jhaad phoonk  , his fear goes away and he gets alright. CASE 10: A sixteen year old girl goes to her terrace after taking a bath to dry her hair in evening. Suddenly she gets ill and starts talking and behaving weirdly. A Moulvi is called who recites something on her and then she tells in a male voice that she is a jinn who saw the girl drying her hair and fell in love and now wants to marry the girl. The Moulvi then starts talking to jinn telling him that he is made of fire while the girl is made of clay, their pairing is impossible. But the jinn persists, so the Moulvi then lights incense sticks, recites some prayers on a stick and starts beating the girl with that stick. After some heavy beatings, the jinn agrees to leave the girl. The Moulvi then makes him take an oath on Prophet Suleiman (P.B.U.H.) that he will never again possess this girl. The jinn then runs away after promising. TRUE FACT: The question that arises here is that why did the jinn let the girl go down from terrace? Why didn’t he take her away from the terrace itself? Was the jinn so decent and good that he wanted to take permission of the girl’s family before marrying her? Why didn’t he leave the girl when he was not permitted to marry her? If the jinn would have been allowed to marry the girl and told to take her with him then would the jinn had done so? No he wouldn’t have because there was no jinn actually possessing that girl. Actually the girl was mentally ill and telling everything by herself but the Moulvi in his ignorance and foolishness thought that the girl was possessed by jinn and was beating her to drive
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