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Western Cultue and Indian Values

Affect of Western Culture on Indian Values
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   DOPTION OF WESTERN CULTURE H S UNDERMIND THE INDI N V LUE SYSTEM Bharatvarsha as it is called or India, a unique country with two different names, is the home to one of the oldest culture system and religion of the world. Sanathana Dharma as it is called has been renamed as Hindu by Muslim invaders post 8  th   century. Bharatvarsha has been named after King Bharata, the son of famous Shakuntla and King Dushyanta. Sone ki Chidiya or Golden Bird a heritage name India earned due to  prosperity of its people, attracted Muslim Invaders from central Asia, who looted this country as many as 18 times in one case. The tolerance of Indian and Sanathana Dharma and capability to absorb any new system of faith has always changed the very nature of Bharata. This country has wholehearted accepted all invaders and their faith without prejudice. Of course we can also attribute continuous invasion from west and central Asia due to poor military might and lack of unity in small rules spread over across this nation. After Great Asoka who relinquished his throne after accepting Buddhism’s  . Our country  suffered badly and nation as such lost the very feeling of nationalism. Of course Muslims invaders initially were only interested in loot but in 14 th   century onwards with Ghulam Vansh and further with Mughal they had vision to overrun all of the India. However, till about 19 th   century Muslim merged well with ethnic India due to large-scale conversion undertook by All Mughal Emperors more so by Aurangzeb. Damage to India by Muslim Rulers They could rule over Indians due to inherent weakness of rulers and their motive was to spread their  faith either by force and they adopted the system of systematic destruction of temples, education system and mass building of Mosques in place of temples. Worst damage done to Indian values was education system and complete destruction of great university like Nalanda and Taxila. I need not remind any one of us here the loot of Somanath by these foreign invaders. Muslim only build Mosques and Mazaars and Tombs like Tajmahal, Sikandra, Humaayun and Safdarjung etc. These rules never took any interest in development of education and
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