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   0.154-------MAMETesters Bugs Fixed----------------------- 05627: [Speed] (dec0.c) slyspy and clones: comparing to other games in this driver performance is low (Alex Jackson)- 05562: [Sound] (lwings.c) lwings, trojan, sectionz, avengers and clones: The music tempo is fast. (hap)- 01630: [Color/Palette] (tecmo16.c) fstarfrc, ginkun, riot: broken colors on sprites (David Haywood)- 05616: [Save/Restore] All sets using 6809/6309 cpu: Unreliable (failing) save states (Alex Jackson)- 05620: [Graphics] Crosshair: Selected graphic does not display properly- 01109: [Graphics] (rpunch.c) svolleyk: [possible] Red arrow indicator doesn't appear. (David Haywood)- 05585: [Sound] (lwings.c) avengers, avengers2, buraiken: Sometimes the sound repeat in every stage start (hap)- 05589: [Graphics] (vulgus.c) vulgus vulgusj vulgusa: big enemies diseppear on right and partially appear on left side of screen (hap)- 05609: [DIP/Input] (dec0.c) baddudes and drgninja: Continue Dip Switch is incorrect (Tafoid)- 05239: [Misc.] (system16.c) dduxbl: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow (Alex Jackson)- 04348: [Graphics] (rpunch.c) svolley, svolleyk, svolleyu: Arrow and confettis missing / Probable missing layer (David Haywood)- 05503: [Crash/Freeze] (system16.c) dduxbl: [debug] Screen corrupt and/or crashes (Alex Jackson)- 05246: [Misc.] (parodius.c) all parodius.c sets: AddressSanitizer: heap-use-after-free (Alex Jackson)- 05244: [Misc.] (nsmpoker.c) nsmpoker: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow (Alex Jackson)- 05504: [Crash/Freeze] (nsmpoker.c) nsmpoker: [debug] Hangs after OK (Alex Jackson)- 05537: [Multisession] (namcos1.c) All namcos1.c sets: switching games from namcos1 driver in mame internal menu cause program to crash (Alex Jackson)- 04097: [Speed] (namcos1.c) All sets in namcos1.c: Performance regression (Alex Jackson)- 05602: [Save/Restore] (nitedrvr.c) nitedrvr: Random characters appear in the middle of the screen using -autosave (hap)- 03164: [Graphics] (taito_l.c) fhawk, fhawkj: Rare sprites'bug (David Haywood)- 05598: [Gameplay] (mole.c) mole: At the beginning of second round, game becomes unplayable (hap)- 05581: [Sound] (cps3.c) sfiii, sfiii2 and clones: Ken's short grunt voice plays twice (hap)- 05264: [Sound] (taito_l.c) champwr: Music cues missing (do not play) (Mamesick)- 01546: [Gameplay] (taito_l.c) champwr: The gameplay is too fast. (Mamesick)- 04571: [Graphics] (dwarfd.c) All sets in dwarfd.c: Graphics regression/corruption (crazyc)- 05487: [DIP/Input] (fromanc2.c) fromancr: Can't save any Service menu (F2) settings. (hap)- 05442: [Graphics] (astinvad.c) kamikaze, astinvad: Incorrect flashing on screen (hap)- 03599: [Graphics] (taito_f3.c) gseeker and clones: missing background graphics on the right side (Alex Jackson)- 00371: [Graphics] (alpha68k.c) gangwarsu: There's a problem in the 3rd stage, just before the boss. (David Haywood)- 05555: [Crash/Freeze] (upscope.c) upscope: Game jumps into Service Mode (Duke)  - 05515: [Crash/Freeze] All PCE-based sets: Crash with -aviwrite or -mngwrite (Firewave)- 05506: [Crash/Freeze] (shanghai.c) All shanghai.c sets: [debug] Assertion (Firewave)- 05242: [Misc.] (mystwarr.c) mystwarr, mtlchamp and clones: AddressSanitizer: heap-buffer-overflow (Alex Jackson)- 05569: [Compiling] Makefile misinterprets host name in BIGENDIAN autodetection (R. Belmont)- 05543: [DIP/Input] (goodejan.c) goodejan, totmejan: I found out most of DIP-SW settings. On mame most of settings are unknown. (Tafoid)- 05542: [DIP/Input] (surpratk.c) suratk, suratka: Last dip switch currently called 'Unused' (after 'Service Mode' ON/OFF) should be renamed to 'Bonus Quiz' (Tafoid)- 00493: [Graphics] (kaneko16.c) berlwall: When finishing a level, the timer bonus doesn't show correctly. It says Timer x 10 = . (Luca Elia)- 03447: [Graphics] (vegas.c) gauntdl, gauntdl24, gauntleg, gauntleg12: Texture with alpha channel is not drawn properly. (Phil Bennett)- 05548: [DIP/Input] (system1.c) wbml, wbmlb, wbmlbg, wbmlbge, wbmljb, wbmljo, wbmlvc: DIP Setting FREE PLAY option is missing. Unknown DIP is should be Unused.- 05522: [Misc.] chdman: *CD* FLAC compresion doesn't work for GDI images (R. Belmont)- 05523: [Crash/Freeze] (coinmstr.c) supnudg2: Crash at Initialization (Tafoid)- 05524: [Color/Palette] Assorted sets - adjusting brightness or other levels in sliders causes color changes (Alex Jackson)- 05491: [Gameplay] (bfm_sc4.c) All sets in bfm_sc4.c: Failure to pass INITIALIZING in-game. (R. Belmont)- 05521: [Crash/Freeze] Attemping to load 0-sized roms or samples causes crash (Olivier Galibert)- 05501: [Crash/Freeze] (namcos12.c) golgo13, g13knd: After initial screen on boot, nothing but black screen (hap)- 05500: [Crash/Freeze] (galaga.c) galaga, digdug, polepos: Game freezes just before finishing POST (hap)- 05499: [Crash/Freeze] (namcona1.c) All sets in namcona1.c: Assert after OK (Alex Jackson)Source Changes---------------fixed startup order issue introduced in r28777 [smf]-MNG is now written when -mngwrite is used together with -aviwrite [Oliver Stöneberg]-added makefile define SSE2 to enable specially optimized code [Oliver Stöneberg]-Redumped all the Super Star '97 graphics ROMs as TC531000 mask ROMs. [Siftware, Quench, Guru]-device_gfx_interface and memory system improvements: [Alex Jackson] * Added macros to facilitate declaring gfxdecode info arrays as members of a device class. * AM_SHAREs in a device's internal address map or its default address map are now tagmapped as children of that device rather than siblings (analogous to how handlers in internal/default address maps are scoped).- Fixed bloom misalignment with HLSL. [MooglyGuy]-Maygay M1 and MV1 converted to standard i8279 drivers. [J.Wallace]  -konamigx: Reverb me harder baby! [O. Galibert]-namcona1.c improvements: [Alex Jackson] * rewrite tilemap drawing code * use set_palette_offset * use GFXDECODE_RAM * ROM loading and miscellaneous cleanups-Chihiro improvements: [Samuele Zannoli] * i386 cpu x87 opcodes FPREM and FPREM1 must clear status bit C2 not C0 * Add basic management of some Nvidia APU sound registers. * Store modelview/projection matrices and translate/scale vectors sent to NV2A. * Store vertex program (vertex shader) sent to NV2A 3d accelerator. * Added debug command chihiro grab_texture,<type>,<filename> , it saves to <filename> the next used texture of type <type>. * Fixed DXT3 and adds DXt5 texture decompression. * Add 3d accelerator method 0x1800 for indexed mode vertex sending.-added PIC dump to Mega Phoenix [Enricnes (from AUMAP)]-bladestl.c: simplify rom loading, reduce tagmap lookups [Alex Jackson]-BFM BD1 and ROC10937 now have proper device line accessors for the clock (sclk), reset (por) and data (data). All affected drivers have been updated to use these [J. Wallace]-corefile: Don't crash on 0-length files [O. Galibert]-Added vblank bit in Model 2 Old Revision, fixes Virtua Cop booting [Angelo Salese]-Hooked up lightgun inputs in Virtua Cop [Angelo Salese]-Fixes for PowerPC AltiVec compile [Vas Crabb]-Fix tools build on OS/2 [KO Myung-Hun]-sh2.c: Modernised cpu core. [Wilbert Pol]-cvs.c: updated the driver to use modern speech rom reading. [Fabio Priuli] -tms5110.c: removed legacy handlers, now that no drivers use them anymore. [Fabio Priuli]-network: Please don't kill save states [O. Galibert]-nscsi: save some state [O. Galibert]-m68k: Update used and modified bits in the page tables and greatly improved PTEST results on 68040. [R. Belmont]-tatsumi.c: Filled in missing dipswitches and added dipswitch locations to Round Up 5 - Super Delta Force. [Brian Troha]-SDL: fix OS X compile with non-official SDL [R. Belmont, based on a patch by Fernando Lemos]-Netlist: All analysis is now based on an immutable list of terminals.   The dynamic list now is only used in the hot core. This is the base for possible further optimizations using multiple lists; e.g. a high-low transition list and a low-high transition list. [Couriersud]-Fix transparency in SDL2.0 code. [Couriersud]-CPS-1 update [Team CPS-1]: * Added full documentation to nemoa * nemoa -> nemor1 to follow the new cps1 standard * Minor reorder and cleanup-MC68681: support timer-driven serial channels. Fixes SC4 fruit machine games. [R. Belmont]-SCSI Port using WRITELINE and DEVCB2. The slot number and SCSI ID are separate so you can for example have -harddisk1 as ID 6 and -harddisk 2 as ID 5. The HLE'd CD & HD have configuration switches to set the ID, real emulated hardware will specify the ID using it's own method. [smf]-gp9001.c (toaplan2.c): convert to device_gfx_interface, cleanups [Alex Jackson]-Fix brightness sliders in drivers that use black_pen() and/or white_pen() [Alex Jackson]-MOS 6551 Fixed uninitialised variable that could prevent transmit irq from being generated after reset. [smf]-Added serial printer, renamed centronics printer to match. Standardised the configuration of rs232 devices. All serial devices are now connected using an rs232 port. [smf]-Use the correct call to free memory in windows osd_close [smf]-Simplified netlist code. It now always provides a stable solution instead of rescheduling the solver. [Couriersud]-Naomi: documentation update [f205v]-memory: Stop the watchpoints from messing with the opcode decryption [O. Galibert]-emupal.c: add support for RAM-based palettes with indirect lookups. Update various drivers to use it [Alex Jackson]-chd updates: [MetalliC] * Bugfixed byte order for GD-ROM audio tracks so FLAC compression is effective * Fixed uninitialized struct on MSVC (and possibly other) builds-Naomi: small correction to World Kicks game code [f205v]-cdrom: fix uninitialized flags [MetalliC]-ym2612: Sync timer fixes from GenPlus-GX, fixes MT #5049. [Enik Land]-namcoic.c: remove legacy read/write handlers [Alex Jackson]-mccs1850: Fix multi-write [O. Galibert]
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