Who Moved My Cheese

Who Moved My Cheese
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  1 | Page   GROUP ASSINGMENT PAS 3183 Integrated case study TITLE: WHO MOVED MY CHEESE ? Lecturer : JUMAAT ALI BIN ABU BAKAR PREPARED BY: NAME MATRIX NO 1.SUTRIYIANIE BINTI JAIMIN 4101015501 2.LALITHAMBIKAI A/P VEERABALAN 4101011811 3.YUSNIZAH BT MOHD TAHIR 4101022411 4.LATHAMANGKESHKAR A/P VEERABALAN 4101012061 5.SHARMILLA A/P PALANIANDY 4101012831 6.MOHD HAFIZUDDIN B. MOHD RASHID 4101022611 7.HASSAN HAFIDZ BIN HASSAN MURSHID 4101018231 8.WASEEM FIRDAUS BIN MOHAMED IBRAHIM 4102003051 DATE OF SUBMISSION 4th JANUARY 2014 Table of Content  2 | Page   No Item Page No 1 Presentation of fact surrounding the case 2 Identification of the key issue 3 Listing of alternative courses of action that could be taken 4 Evaluation of alternative courses of action 5 Recommendation of the best courses of action 6 Lesson learned  3 | Page   Presentation of fact surrounding the case   Who moved my cheese?  The story began when the seven friends Chris, Melanie, Peter, Kerry, Ana, Carl and Josh were at their lunch time in school discussing about the major changes in the school’s changes due to overcrowding. Each of them has their own perspectives about the news announced by the principal until Chris told a story that been told by his uncle to him that might changed his friends point of view 360 degree. They all looked very interested to hear the story and Chris began his story as his friends’ wishes.  There was once two mice named Sniff and Scurry also two Littlepeople named Hem and Haw being who were as small as mice but looked and acted like people today. With the different characteristics, where the two mice possessing simple brains and good instincts and the Littlepeople possessing complex brain, they ran through a Maze looking for cheese to nourish then and make them happy. Every morning the mice and Littlepeople put on their jogging suit and running shoes, left their home and raced out into the Maze looking for their favourite cheese with their own ways. The mice Sniff and Scurry searched for the hard nibbling cheese they liked, as mice often do, meanwhile the Littlepeople Hem and Haw used their beliefs and emotions to search for a very different kind of Cheese. The Maze was a labyrinth of corridors and chambers, some containing delicious cheese but it was an easy place for anyone to get lost. However for those who found their way, the Maze held secrets and let them enjoy the better life. Sniff and Scurry used the simple trial-and-error method of finding cheese. They ran down one corridor, and if proved empty, they turned and ran down another. They remembered the corridors that held no cheese and quickly went into new areas. Sniff would smell out the general direction of the cheese using his nose and Scurry would race ahead. They got lost but after a while, they found their way. Hem and Haw used their ability to think and learn from the past but they relied on their complex brain to develop more sophisticated methods of finding Cheese. Sometimes they did well, but at other times their powerful human beliefs and emotions took over and clouded the way looked at things and made life in the Maze more complicated and challenging.  Nonetheless, like Sniff and Scurry, Hem and Haw also found their own kind of cheese in Cheese Station C.  4 | Page   Every morning since they found the Cheese, the mice and Littlepeople dressed in their running gear and headed over to Cheese Station C. Sniff and Scurry continued to wake early every day and race through the Maze and always following the same route. The mice took off their running shoes, tied them together and hung them around their necks ever time they arrived at their destination so they could get to them quickly whenever they needed them again. In the beginning, Hem and Haw also raced toward Cheese Station C in the morning but after a while they awoke little later each day, dressed a little slower and walked to Cheese Station C since they already knew where the cheese was and how to get there. Unlike Sniff and Scurry, Hem and Haw hung up their jogging suits, put on their slippers and  became very comfortable that they had found the Cheese. They felt happy and successful and thought they were now secure and make themselves feel more at home. Sometimes they take their friends by to see their pile of Cheese and sometimes share with them. After a while both of the Littlepeople’s confidence gre w into the arrogance of success and became so comfortable and didn’t notice what was happening.  As time on, Sniff and Scurry continued their routine. They sniffed and scratched and scurried around Cheese Station C, inspecting the area to see if there had been any changes from day  before then they would sit down to nibble in the cheese until one morning they discovered there was no cheese. They weren’t surprised because they noticed the supply of cheese had been getting smaller every day and they prepared for it. As the situation changed, Sniff and Scurry also decided to change and they were quickly off in search of New Cheese. Unfortunately, when Hem and Haw arrived at Cheese Station C they were very surprised and unprepared when no more Cheese for them there. The Littlepeople’s behaviour was not very attractive of productive but it was understandable. When Sniff and Scurry had quickly moved on, Hem and Haw continued hem and haw. They ranted and raved at the justice of it all.  Next day Hem and Haw left their homes and returned to Cheese Station C again and still the Cheese was no longer there and they don’t know what to do.  Haw believed the cheese been moved all of sudden and Hem was keep questioning and blaming someone who moved their cheese. Haw thought of Sniff and Scurry. Hem was under estimated Sniff and Scurry. He thought they are smarter than the mice but then they still cannot figure the problem out.
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