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Why bother with the Journalism Entpreneurship Summit 2015?

Entrepreneurs, support agencies and funders, researchers and educators, and policy influencers were invited to contribute to the first Journalism Entrpreneurship Summit in the UK on 27th of February 2015 at Google Campus London in order to take the
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  # JES2015 THE JOURNALISM ENTREPRENEURSHIP SUMMIT 27th February 2015 Campus Londonwww.jpreneursummit.or !jpreneursummit  SUMMIT Con"ened #$ %ran&ois Ne'( )ounder o) t*e Media And +iita' Enterprise ,MA+E- Projet at t*e Uni"ersit$ o) Centra' Lanas*ire and a /isitin %e''ow at t*e Reuters Institute )or t*e Stud$ o)  Journa'ism at O0)ord Uni"ersit$( in o''a#oration wit* 1i''iam Perrin and Sara* Hart'e$ o) Ta'2 A#out Loa' and Ja"ier Lu3ue o) t*e Internationa' Press Institute( and wit* t*e support o) t*e IPI and 4oo'e.  The accompanyin te!t o" the openin remar$ by Fran%oi$ &e' i$ a(ai'ab'e at) http)**bit+'y*Francoi$&e'JES2015   ENTREPRENEURSHIP Entrepreneurs*ip  ,e$cribe$ the combination o" a onte0t in -hich an opportunit$  i$ $ituate,. a $et o" per$ona' characteri$tic$ re/uire, by the entrepreneur  to i,enti"y an, pur$ue thi$ opportunity. an, the creation o"   JOURNALISM Journa'i$m compri$e$ the acti(itie$ in(o'(e, in an in,epen,ent pur$uit o" accurate in"ormation about current or recent e(ent$ an, it$ oriina' pre$entation "or pub'ic e,ication+  A. CURRENT OR RECENT EVENTS as subject matter.B. BREADTH OF AUDIENCE (which i tur im!"ies a c#cer $#r accessib"e #r e%a%i% "a%ua%ea& $#rms'.C.  ATTE) TO ASCERTAIN  ACCURATE FACTS. D. INDE)ENDENCE (c##ti% a arms*"e%th iterest i !ub"icati# itse"$ +ersus &irect bee$it $r#m the c#se,ueces #$ what is !ub"ishe&'.E. INVO-VES ORIINA- /OR0 (as #!!#se& t# mere "i1i% #r re!"icati#' Source) Shapiro. 3(or+ 42016+ Why emocracie$ &ee, 8 Functiona' enition O" Journa'i$m &o- More Than E(er+  Journa'i$m Stu,ie$. 15 456. pp+ 55595:5+
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