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Wider Reading 8A

Wider Reading 8A
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  Shelfari Post Dragonborn is a great book full of magic and adventure. The way the author Toby Forward writes this book allows the reader to feel what the main characters are feeling. Toby Forward is great at making the book interesting and full of imagination. I really like this book because the protagonist, Sam has powerful magic and it's fun to see how he uses it in the book. I especially like Flaxfield , the wizard’s quotes and how he teaches Sam useful things. Connect with the protagonist Write a text-to-self response in which you compare yourself to the protagonist. Identify passages where the author describes how the character is changing. Then compare yourself to the protagonist using specific examples from your own life. In the book Dragonborn by Toby Forward , the main character’s  name is Sam. At first he lives with his master Flaxfield. When his Flaxfield dies unexpectantly and Sam runs away afraid and confused, Sam changes from being dependent to being independent and brave. Sam is on his own with his dragon Starback, but Starback leaves him until the end of the book. Sam is alone and he has to make his own decisions and fight evil. An example of Sam being afraid and confused is on pages 70 and 71, “I’ve never been this far before,” he said…   “And I’m   tired,” said the boy. Starback waited. Sam stepped five paces from the road, found cover and sat down. Starback stayed in the road. “Come on. Let’s rest here till morning.” …  Did the branches sway in the breeze, or were they moved by something else? Did foxes and rats rustle in the leaves and mast, or was there a wizard, tracking them, circling them, drawing closer, ready to take him back? Did robbers, use to these paths, even now grasp knives and clubs, ready to make away with him? His back pressed against the broad trunk of a beech, Sam stared into the darkness. ”  Sam is still feeling dependent on Starback. Sam is scared of being alone for the first time without his master. Then Sam changes to become more courageous and confident toward the end of the book. An example of this protagonist’s transformation is on  page 238 and 239 “A slender girl with auburn hair stood and cast a spell of headache that swept across Sam’s mind for an instant  before he brushed it aside like a wasp, sending it spinning, and grown with anger, at Duddle, who gasped with pain and fell to his knees, white- faced and breathless…. Sam stood up and looked at his fellow- students. “He can be as stupid and mean as he likes,” he said, indicating Duddle with his staff. “But you don’t have to join in. You can stand up to him.”… Sam tapped his staff on the scrubbed floorboards. The air in the  classroom thickened grew dark and still … All the light in the room gathered into a   ball and disappeared, leaving blackest night.” Sam has changed a lot and he is now self-supporting and dauntless. Like the protagonist, Sam in Dragonborn, when I went to Camp overseas for one month I was scared, dependent, confused, and didn’t know how  to take care of myself. It was a new experience for me to stay away from home for so long. I made many new friends as Sam did when he went to College and he was the new kid. He made new friends such as Tim and Tamrin. At the end of camp I was confident and I knew where things were, so I wasn’t lost and confused. I was more organized because I knew what to pack for my hiking trips and excursions such as hiking boots, water bottle, sleeping bags, and much more. I also learned many things from camp. Sometimes I went hiking up really high mountains , which was really tiring, but I didn’t give up until I reached the top. In the book Sam was walking for days and nights in the woods until his mouth was dry and he was weak and dizzy. He still didn’t give up  until he reached his goal. MULTI-MEDIA   Create a Fake Facebook Page   Make a Facebook page for one of the main characters of the novel you read. Remember that you must show understanding of characterization — that is, the author  ’ s description of the character’s physical appearance, personality (speech and action), and what other characters think about that character. Some of the text on the Fake Facebook Page you create for the protagonist should be from the book you’re reading. To create the page, yo u could try ( or (, requires logging in to a real Facebook account) or you could log in to your Google account, then go to   and choose and rename the template. See an example of a Fake Facebook Page for Napoleon of  Animal Farm here:  The book that I choose to read was Dragonborn, written by Toby Forward. I decide to create a fake Facebook page for the protagonist in the book because I think that it is interesting and cool. It is a great way to show what the protagonist and other characters in the book are like and show my understanding of characterization. Making a fake Facebook page is really fun and easy to do. This links to the text I wrote which is connected with the protagonist. Making a  fake Facebook page relates to description and informative details of the protagonist. My multimedia piece explores character because I have to write about the main character and create a fake Facebook page of him by giving information about his personality. The choices that I make as I design and construct my Fake Facebook page are characters, setting, themes, and conflict. The book is about the protagonist, Sam using magic along his journey, having a pet dragon that helps him fight off enemies and defend him, and powerful wizards who try to hunt him down.


Jul 23, 2017


Jul 23, 2017
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