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  WILL  This is the LAST WILL and TESTAMENT  executed at on this day of 20034 by me , Thiru. son of , hindu , residing at out of my own free will and in a full disposing state of mind without any coercion, undue influence from any body.I am now aged about years old and I am anxious that after my life time allmy properties whether movable or immovable and my interest in the business concern belonging to me should devolve smoothly according to my desires set out in this ill,so that there may not be any complications.I ac!uired property more fully described in the schedule hereunder fromThiru. in and by sale deed dated. registered as oct.#o.of $oo% & volume filed at pages to on the file of the 'ub (egistrar of and from the said date, the said property has been in e)my exclusiveen*oyment and have been en*oying without any interruption from any body.I give, devise and be!ueath the movabe and immovable properties propertymore fully described in the schedule hereunder toThiru. , son of Thiru. +indu agedabout years residing presently residing at and the said shall be the absolute owner of the property after my lifetime.I possess 0 - of shares in the ompany.I give, devise and be!ueath my said shares absolutely in favour of my wife and shewill have unfettered discretion to do whatever she li%es with the said shares as andwhen they devolve on her. In the event of my wife predeceasing me, I give, deviseand be!ueath my said shares of 0- in the said ompany to my two daughtersabsolutely to be ta%en by them in e!ual shares.  I give, devise and be!ueath whatever properties movable or immovablewherever situated and which are not specifically set out in this ill to be ta%enabsolutely by both of my daughters e!ually.I appoint my elder daughter to be the /xecutor andTrustee of this ill.This ill shall come into effect after my death.I reserve my right to alter or revo%e this ill.Thus I have executed this ill as set out above out of my own free ill andwith a full disposing state of mine.'igned by the TESTATOR   and ac%nowledged by him to be his last ill andTestament in the presence of us, both of us being present at the same time, who at hisre!uest, in his  presence and in the presence of each other, have subscribed out names as witnesses. WITNESSES: TESTATOR 

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Jul 23, 2017
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