Wiltron 54XXA Scalar Network Analyzer Operations Manual

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  490 JARVIS DRIVE    MORGAN HILL, CA 95037-2809 SERIES 54XXASCALAR MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS  OPERATION MANUAL P/N: 10410-00118REVISION: EPRINTED: DECEMBER 1994COPYRIGHT 1993 WILTRON CO.  WARRANTY The WILTRON product(s) listed on the title page is (are) warranted against defects inmaterials and workmanship for one year from the date of shipment, except for YIG-tunedoscillators, which are warranted for two years. WILTRON’s obligation covers repairing or replacing products which prove to be defectiveduring the warranty period. Buyers shall prepay transportation charges for equipmentreturned to WILTRON for warranty repairs. Obligation is limited to the srcinal purchaser.WILTRON is not liable for consequential damages. LIMITATION OF WARRANTY The foregoing warranty does not apply to WILTRON connectors that have failed due tonormal wear. Also, the warranty does not apply to defects resulting from improper orinadequate maintenance by the Buyer, unauthorized modification or misuse, or operationoutside of the environmental specifications of the product. No other warranty is expressedor implied, and the remedies provided herein are the Buyer’s sole and exclusive remedies. NOTICE WILTRON Company has prepared this manual for use by WILTRON Company personnel andcustomers as a guide for the proper installation, operation and maintenance of WILTRONCompany equipment and computer programs. The drawings, specifications, and informationcontained herein are the property of WILTRON Company, and any unauthorized use ordisclosure of these drawings, specifications, and information is prohibited; they shall not bereproduced, copied, or used in whole or in part as the basis for manufacture or sale of theequipment or software programs without the prior written consent of WILTRON Company.  TABLEOF CONTENTS Tab / Section Title  1 SECTION I — GENERAL INFORMATION Contains a general description of the WILTRON Series 54XXA Scalar Measurement Sys-tems, product identification numbers, related manuals, accessories, and options. SWRAutotesters and detectors used with these systems are described along with precautionsfor use of these accessories. System specifications are listed and a list of recommendedtest equipment is provided. 2SECTION II — INSTALLATION Contains information for the initial inspection and preparation of the 54XXA system. Ex-plains how to set the rear panel Line Voltage Module and provides information for connec-tion to the rear panel GPIB connectors and other input/output connectors. 3SECTION III — FRONT PANEL OPERATION Describes the front panel controls and connectors of the 54XXA and the menus associatedwith the front panel keys. Explains the measurement screen display and annotation anddescribes the overall operation of the system using these controls, menus and display. 4SECTION IV — MEASUREMENT AND CALIBRATION PROCEDURES This section describes measurement and calibration procedures used with 54XXA ScalarMeasurement Systems. The specific procedures described are: self-test, calibration, andprocedures for transmission, return loss, power and alternating setup measurements. 5SECTION V — PERFORMANCE VERIFICATION PROCEDURES This section contains procedures for verifying the performance of Series 54XXA ScalarMeasurement Systems to the specifications listed in Section I. 6APPENDICES Contains tables that describe 54XXA Error/Warning Messages, Front Panel LED ErrorCodes, and Printer Switch Settings. A Rear Panel Layout and Connector Location Dia-gram and connector pinout diagrams are also included. 7SUPPLEMENTS/OPTIONS GPIB USER’S GUIDE — Contains information for operating the 54XXA Scalar Measure-ment System with the IEEE-488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB). The set of GPIBcommand codes for the 54XXA are described, and example programs showing use of theGPIB command codes are included.54XXA OMi  TABLEOF CONTENTS Tab / Section Title  7SUPPLEMENTS/OPTIONS (Continued) Also included behind this tab are three application notes that contain information about testapplications and GPIB programming for 54XXA Scalar Measurement Systems:5400A-2 Data Sheet for 54XXA Scalar Measurement SystemsPart No. 11410-00100AN5400A-1, Testing Microwave AmplifiersPart No. 11410-00081AN5400A-2, Testing Microwave MixersPart No. 11410-00082AN5400A-3, Programming the 54XXA Systems Using Microsoft QuickBASIC 󰂮 Part No. 11410-00083 8COMPONENTS Series 560 Autotesters Operation and Maintenance Manual,Part No. 10100-00028. Microsoft QuickBASIC 󰂮  is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. ii54XXA OM
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