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Wind Turbine End of Warranty Inspection Items

Items to have in consideration when performing Wind Turbine End of Warranty Inspection.
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  END OF WARRANTY INSPECTION ITEMS TO INCLUDE 1.   Introduction As wind turbines reach the end of their warranty period an inspection by qualified personnel has to be performed to claim the vendor defects or abnormalities found during the inspection. The most common items to include in this type of inspection are detailed in the following section. 2.   Items to include in the Scope The contractor shall perform the following scope of work to identify problems and factory defects:    Inspection of the tower including verification of the verticality, painting, corrosion level and internals.    Testing and inspection of the wind turbine transformer.    Testing and inspection of the wind turbine generator.    Inspection of each gear box including using boroscope.    Blades inspection that could be performed using rope, platform, drum cameras or professional photo camera down tower. This inspection could be external and internal.    Visual inspection to detect abnormal conditions like leaks, noises, physical damage and some others. Example of the areas to include in this inspection are: o   Foundation o   the tower o   the elevator o   the nacelle o   cooling systems o   Safety items o   Painting o   Cables o   Panels o   Ladders, and the components.    Performance of some predictive activities to determine the unit health. These activities could be: o   Vibrations Analysis o   Infrared Thermography o   Borescope inspection of generator, bearings and other items. o   Generator-Gearbox Alignment verification o   Perform operating data analysis (Failure Data Analysis, Operating data analysis, etc.) to identify repetitive failures and request the performance of Root Cause Analysis    Inspect the SCADA system.    Inspect the ground system for the lightning protection.    Inspect converters and cooling systems.    Inspect balance of plant equipment (switch gear, cables).     Inspect the conditions monitoring system.    Check how is the efficiency of the units by tracing the power curves 3.   Reporting An inspection report should be generated by the company selected for the inspection. All the findings and defects will have to the included as well as the recommended actions and the recommended time to perform it will have to be included. According the wind industry experts this inspection has to be performed at least 6 months before the end of warranty so the wind farm owner will have some time to claim on time the remediation of the findings before the warranty ends.
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