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  MORNING REPORT EMERGENCY ROOM   WAHIDIN SUDIROHUSODO   GENERAL HOSPITAL   MAKASSARJanuary   25   th   ,   2016 RO/PI/SG  IDENTITY  Name:WAge:23 yearsoldAddress:Patuang, BarakaPhone:085342181385Admission:January25 th at 17.45Registration :742925Status:BPJS   A    UTO    ANAMNESIS (at   17.45   )    Suffered since 30   minutes befor    e being   admitted to Wahidin General Hospital   .    The patient   was   riding a motorcycle, then   she was hit by a   nother motorcycle   from   her    right side.    History of loss of consciousness (   -   ), vomiting (   -   )   ,   Patient used helmet when driving the motorcycle    There was no prior treatment. Chief Complain :pain at right thigh  PRIMARY SURVEY  at 17.46) A: PatentB: RR = 18x/min, symmetric, spontaneous,   thoracoabdominal   type.   C : BP: 120/70mmHg, HR: 80x/min,   reguler    , strongD:   GCS 15(E4M6V5), light reflex +/+ , pupil   isochors, Ø : 2.5 mm/2.5mm, E:   T = 36.8   0   C (   axillary   )
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