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   The word Life is very difficult to define it means many to most of us. Just think about the events of progress in our lives, from childhood to this present age, many who are very near and dear disappeared from our lives, and many are added, just like our Newspapers old topics disappear and several new matters appear every moment, new people, new problems and new challenges appear every moment of our clock. Life is what you make it? Good or bad, right or wrong, none of that truly exists. It's all up to our own views and ideas about the world, not our parents, not our consular, not your best friends, and certainly not some junk that doesn't know the first thing about who we really are, at work/College. When we just listen to the most popular recital BHAGAGOVINDAM BY Adiguru Sankaracharya everything in life is transitory that which we call as Maya this illusion runs the world and we are inflicted by the phenomenon. We are by nature expressive creatures, in the current century the life runs by communication and impulsive acts. It goes against who we are to hide who we are in reality. We tend to put up barriers based on our disappointments, and losses in life. But those barriers are like training wheels on a bike. They're great for learning, but if you never take them off, you'll never be able to ride that 2-wheeled bike, because you're too afraid that you will just fall. So try in small ways, baby step by baby step, revealing your true self. If I take my life it is mostly influenced by my emotions and had rebound effect and guided by good and bad times in life. Never forget all impulsive acts had long term rebound effect, however it is a great some people control the emotions and many succumb to the influences of our Mind. The great lessons I learnt is to control our emotions, don't let them control us: Most people are afraid of their own ideas, and emotions. Don't forget emotions are powerful weapons, or tools, based on how you use them. Emotions are not something extra that is attached to you. It is something we all create (we make it up as we go). You think before you feel. Your thoughts judge your events in your life based off of your own ideas and personal beliefs, which determines the way you look at events in your life. If you ever have a problem you're stuck on and can't understand, maybe you're looking at it the wrong way. About few years back I was alone and aloof and trying to solve my problems myself, however we need good friends and society to solve many of our challenges in life. Listen to few good friends. Even if you have your own problems, or you think you know what's best for someone else, we cannot solve our own problem. Sometimes all someone needs is a helping hand, a loving heart, an open mind, a closed mouth. Above all a person to just listen to them. We all hear things, but how many of us truly listen to nature, or life, or lessons, or even the simplest things around us, let alone someone who needs help? Even with ageing creeping on your life repeat! And repeat again, because life never ends without your say so. Almost everyone who dies long before they truly die (excluding accidents and sudden illness). You die, when your heart fades away, you give up your hope, and you stop caring about yourself, or others. But don't worry if this is you. It's never too late to make a change, not if you have 500 years left, or 500 seconds. Don't regret what you've been through or done, because while you’re  past many times define who you are today, only you can decide who you will be tomorrow. The newer generation of professional expect everything is liked with success and monetary gains, losing even the professional and personal values?. Everything linked with success not alone in corporate sector even in family relations. Just understand what success "Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming." That's a  great definition. First, it takes away any external characterization of success — conference championship, national championship, awards — and puts the responsibility on the individual to define his own success. Faith and belief are really two sides of the same coin. Having faith means placing your trust in something much bigger than yourself. Faith is the foundation of a winner. It's what anchors you. It's the foundation for everything you do, and thus it's part of who you are. Belief has more to do with what you're trying to accomplish. It's more personal. It's what you are, our attitude is one that embraces learning and growing, we'll treat adversity as a stepping-stone to the success we desire, rather than see it as an insurmountable obstacle. But if we have a negative attitude and become defensive at the first hint of criticism or begin to blame others for our mistakes, we'll miss the opportunity to develop into the types of people we want to be. Never forget this World is beautiful place to live for many, let us pray to be one among with many. Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology, Freelance writer
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