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  The Lost Girl Alvina Houghton, the daughter of a widowed Midlands draper, comes of age just as her father’s business is failing. n a desperate attempt to regain his fortune and secure his daughter’s proper upbringing, !ames Houghton bu s a theater. Among the traveling performers he emplo s is #iccio, a sensual talian who immediatel captures Alvina’s attention. $leeing with him to %aples, she leaves her safe world behind and enters one of se&ual awa'ening, desire, and fleeting freedom.(omen in Love is a novel b )ritish author *. H. Lawrence published in +-. t is a se/uel to hisearlier novel The 0ainbow 1++23, and follows the continuing loves and lives of the )rangwen sisters, Gudrun and 4rsula. Gudrun )rangwen, an artist, pursues a destructive relationship with Gerald #rich, an industrialist. Lawrence contrasts this pair with the love that develops between 4rsula and 0upert )ir'in, an alienated intellectual who articulates man opinions associated with the author. The emotional relationships thus established are given further depth and tension b an intense ps chological and ph sical attraction between Gerald and 0upert. The novel ranges over the whole of )ritish societ before the time of the $irst (orld (ar and eventuall ends high up in the snows of the T rolean Alps. 4rsula5s character draws on Lawrence5s wife $rieda, and Gudrun on 6atherine Mansfield, while 0upert )ir'in has elements of Lawrence himself, and Gerald #rich of Mansfield5s husband, !ohn Middleton Murr .7+8 As with most of Lawrence5s wor's, (omen in Love caused controvers over its se&ual subject matter. 9ne earl reviewer said of it, : do not claim to be a literar critic, but  'now dirt when  smell it, and here is dirt in heaps;festering, putrid heaps which smell to high Heaven.:7-8 t also later stirred criticism for its portra al of love, denounced as chauvinistic and centred upon the phallus b <imone de )eauvoir in The <econd <e&.4rsula and Gudrun )rangwen are two sisters living in the Midlands of =ngland in the ++s. 4rsula is a teacher, Gudrun an artist. The meet two men who live nearb , school inspector 0upert )ir'in and coal>mine heir Gerald #rich. The four become friends. 4rsula and )ir'in become involved, and Gudrun eventuall begins a love affair with Gerald. All four are deepl concerned with /uestions of societ , politics, and the relationship between men and women. At a part at Gerald5s estate, Gerald5s sister *iana drowns. Gudrun becomes the teacher and mentor of his oungest sister. <oon Gerald5s coal>mine>owning father dies as well, after a long illness. After the funeral, Gerald goes to Gudrun5s house and spends the night with her, while her parents are asleep in another room.)ir'in as's 4rsula to marr him, and she agrees. Gerald and Gudrun5s relationship, however, becomes storm . The four holida in the Alps. Gudrun begins an intense friendship with Loer'e, aph sicall pun but emotionall commanding artist from *resden. Gerald, enraged b Loer'e andmost of all b Gudrun5s verbal abuse and rejection of his manhood, and driven b the internal violence of his own self, tries to strangle Gudrun. )efore he has 'illed her, however, he realises that this is not what he wants, and he leaves Gudrun and Loer'e and climbs the mountain, eventuall slipping into a snow valle where he falls asleep and free?es to death.The impact on )ir'in of Gerald5s death is profound@ the novel ends a few wee's after Gerald5s death, with )ir'in tr ing to e&plain to 4rsula that he needs Gerald as he needs her;her for the perfect relationship with a woman, and Gerald for the perfect relationship with a man.ublication7edit8 After ears of misunderstandings, accusations of duplicit , and hurried letters, Thomas <elt?er finall published the first edition of (omen in Love in %ew Bor' #it on  %ovember +-. This had come after three drawn out ears of dela s and revisions.7C8 This first limited edition 1+-2  boo's3 was available onl to subscribers@ this was due to the controvers caused b his previous wor', The 0ainbow. 9riginall , the two boo's were written as parts of a single novel. The publisher had decided to publish them separatel and in rapid succession. The first boo'5s treatment of se&ualit , while tame b -+st #entur standards, was fran' for the mores of the time. There was an obscenit trial and The 0ainbow was banned in the 46 for ++ ears, although it was available in the 4<. The publisher then bac'ed out of publishing the second boo' in the 46, so it first appeared in the 4<. #omplications also arose when Lawrence faced a libel suit b Lad 9ttoline Morrell and others, who claimed their li'enesses were unjustl drawn upon in The 0ainbow.728 The first trade edition of (omen in Love was published b Martin <ec'er in London on + !une +-(omen in Love 1%ew Bor'D rivatel rinted b Thomas <elt?er, +-3.(omen in Love 1LondonD Martin <ec'er, +-+3.(omen in Love, ed. #harles L. 0oss 1Harmondsworth, Middlese&D enguin, +E-3.(omen in Love, ed. *avid $armer, Lindeth Fase , and !ohn (orthen 1#ambridgeD #ambridge 4niversit ress, +E3. This edition is a volume in The #ambridge =dition of the Letters and (or's of *. H. Lawrence(omen in Love, ed. *avid $armer, Lindeth Fase , and !ohn (orthen 7with an intro and notes b M. 6in'ead>(ee'es8 1HarmondsworthD enguin, +23.(omen in Love, ed.*avid )radshaw 19&fordD 9&ford 4niversit ress, +E3The $irst (omen in Love 1++I+3 edited b !ohn (orthen and Lindeth Fase , #ambridge 4niversit ress, +E, <)% >2-+>JJ->J.78The 5rologue5 to (omen in Love78The $irst (omen in Love 9neworld #lassics, -,
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