Women's hair loss and Men's Hair Loss

It is a common problem faced by both women and men, but it can be either hereditary, hair fall due to stress or some other factor. hair thinning and hair loss can be scary and worry anyone as healthy hair is a sign of a healthy body. for more info visit :-
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  Guci Image Wensite: Guci Image (GI) One Kalisa Way – Suite 210Paramus, N 0! #2 $air %oss &reatment 'enter (  Women's hair loss and Men's Hair Loss $a)e you *een noticing e+cessi)e air -all recently $air loss is a )ery common con/ition an/ a--ects most eole at some time in teir li)es. &oug, it is a common ro*lem -ace/ *y *ot women an/ men, *ut it can *e eiter ere/itary, air -all /ue to stress or some oter -actor. es, its true tat any*o/y can -ace air loss /ue to stress, most liely resulting /ue to -e)er, ormonal canges, unealty /iet an/ oter -actors. Watsoe)er *e te reasons, *ut air tinning an/ air loss can *e scary an/ worry anyone as ealty air is a sign o- a ealty *o/y. &ere are many myts associate/ wit air loss an/ its cause )aries -rom erson to erson. It is consi/ere/ normal i- one se/s aroun/ #0 to 100 airs a /ay. 3ut i- you are one o- tose wo is losing more tan 100 air e)ery /ay, ten you nee/ to loo -or te root cause an/ get suita*le treatment. Ne)erteless, one can use rela+ation tecni4ues i- te air loss is cause/ /ue to stress an/ maintain a ealty /iet to /eal wit air loss ro*lems. ou can e+ect a regrowt o- air returning to normal a-ter a erio/ o- tree or -our monts. $air %oss &reatment 'enter (  Causes of hair loss in Women: $air loss in case o- women can *e a catastroic e+erience, it means losing your crowning glory. 5a6or reasons wy women -ace air loss are cil/*irt, ormonal im*alance, me/ical con/itions an/ si/e e--ects o- certain me/icine.$ormonal canges can cause air loss in women wic occurs most commonly /uring u*erty. Women go troug ormonal canges /uring regnancy, intae o- *irt control ills an/ menoause wic can cause temorary air loss. 7s comare/ to men, women are more rone to su--er -rom telogen e--lu)ium tat, usually, occurs a-ter ma6or surgery, /rastic weigt loss or regnancy. 7-ter a stress-ul e)ent, women may lose air -or a /uration o- wees to 8 monts. Women wo su--er -rom tyroi/ ro*lems can -ace air loss i- te tyroi/ glan/ /o not wor wic as a /irect e--ect on air -ollicles. 7 con/ition calle/ 7n/rogenetic aloecia is anoter reason -or air tinning in women wic usually occurs at te -rontal area, wile your air remains tic at te *ac. In most cases women -ace *al/ness wic can *e notice/ in roun/ atces on te scal, an/ tis me/ical con/ition is calle/ 7loecia areata. &is a--ects nearly 29 o- te oulation. Women's Hair Loss Treatment: It is not easy to /eal wit air loss ro*lem an/ more imortantly you nee/ to -ocus on -in/ing an e--ecti)e solution -or te ro*lem. In many cases air loss is temorary, an/ regrowt is ossi*le. 7ll you a)e to /o is get in touc wit te *est air secialist at te earliest. I- you -eel its /ue to intae o- certain me/icines, ten its *etter to consult your /octor to lower te amount o- me/icines or suggest an alternate one. Kee a watc on your an+iety le)els i- air loss is /ue to stress. $air %oss &reatment 'enter (  Causes of Hair Loss in Men: 5ost men come -ace air loss /ue to ormonal im*alance, oor /iet an/ stress-ul li-e. &ension, an+iety, imroer sleeing a*its, e+cessi)e *ooing are some o- te ma6or reasons wic increase te stress le)els resulting in e+cessi)e air loss in men. Wen a male *o/y is stresse/, it ro/uces a//itional testosterone an/ a/renaline. 7//itional testosterone means more /iy/rotestosterone ;<$&= wic in turn, can cause air loss in men. 5ost o- te times, te ma6or reason -or air loss in men is /ue to smoing. We all are aware wat e--ect smoing as on our immunity system, *ut not many are aware o- te -act tat it e4ually a--ects te air -ollicles. Smoing *rings /own te le)el o- *loo/ )essels, wic re/uces te amount o- *loo/ tat reaces te air, tus causing some air to -all out. $air -all in men can also *e /ue to ormonal im*alance an/ unealty /iet. Pro*lems in tyroi/ glan/s *ring a*out canges in te -unctioning o- ormones lea/ing to air tinning. <e-iciency o- inc, iron, rotein are all associate/ wit air loss in men. In a//ition to /e-iciencies, a)ing too muc o- certain nutrients, suc as )itamin 7 or carotenes can also cause remature graying an/ male attern *al/ness. Men's hair loss treatment: In or/er to a)e a ealty ea/ o- air, mae sure you ot -or a ealty li-estyle. 7)oi/ e+cessi)e smoing an/ /rining tat may tae a toll on your air. 7lso, mae sure you lea/ a stress(-ree li-e inclu/ing -un acti)ities lie swimming, me/itation, e+ercising, yoga an/ cycling. I- you are looing -or te *est air loss treatment center in New ersey, ten Guci Image is te i/eal solution -or all your air loss re4uirements. We use te most e--ecti)e laser teray -or women>s air loss treatment an/ 'osmetic &rans/ermal ?econstruction ;'&?= -or men>s air loss treatment. Guci Image *elie)es in /eli)ering te *est 4uality ser)ice to te customers witout *urning a ole in teir ocets. $air %oss &reatment 'enter (


Jul 23, 2017
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