Word Sense Disambiguation

resolving ambiguity
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  Word Sense Disambiguation Gaël Dias - Adapted from Rada Mihalcea & Ted Pedersen at A! ##$  Slide Definitions Word sense disambiguation  is the problem of selecting a sense for a %ord from a set of predefined possibilities Sense 'n(entor) usuall) comes from a dictionar) or thesaurus*no%ledge intensi(e methods+ super(ised learning+ and ,sometimes bootstrapping approaches Word sense discrimination  is the problem of di(iding the usages of a %ord into different meanings+ %ithout regard to an) particular e.isting sense in(entor) /nsuper(ised techni0ues  Slide 1 Computers versus Humans Polysemy   2 most %ords ha(e man) possible meaningsA computer program has no basis for 3no%ing %hich one is appropriate+ e(en if it is ob(ious to a human4Ambiguit) is rarel) a problem for humans in their da) to da) communication+ e.cept in e.treme cases4  Slide 5 Ambiguity for Humans - Newspaper Headlines! DR/6* G7TS 6'67 87ARS '6 9':!'6 AS7;ARM7R <'!! D'7S '6 =:/S7 PR:ST'T/T7S APP7A! T: P:P7 ST:!76 PA'6T'6G ;:/6D <8 TR77 R7D TAP7 =:!DS /P 67W <R'DG7D77R *'!! 1##+###R7S'D76TS A6 DR:P :;; TR77S'6!/D7 ='!DR76 W=76 <A*'6G ::*'7S M'67RS R7;/S7 T: W:R* A;T7R D7AT=


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