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Worksheet Polar Bear

Polar bears, upper intermediate worksheet
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  1.Fill in the gaps: This is not another ________________. It is the North Pole, a place where ________ ______  ______ are covered in ice.Life in this part of the world is __________ ______________. Freezing winds and temperatures of up to _________ _________degrees Celsius prevail. In such a climate, there is nowhere for animals to _____________.The North Pole is the _____ ______________of our world. new ice!erg forms __________ _____________ here. n average, these ice!ergs are the size of a ______ # ___________ _____________.$ou ma% thin& that there is nothing !ut ice!ergs here.$et there is actuall% a ________ ____________ of life here, despite the difficult ______________.In this film %ou will ______________ creatures which survive 'uite easil% in polar ____________ which at first sight might seem totall% _____________ to life, and will e(amine their  ________________, each one of which is a ____________ of creation.The polar !ear.  happ% famil%.  polar !ear mother with her ____________.)ut how is it that the% manage to _____________ in such difficult conditions*+hen we loo& at these animals ________________, we see that the% have !een speciall% designed to live in a _______ __________________.n __________ polar !ear is on average .- meters long and // &ilos in ____________.0ollow spaces !etween its toes create a _________ effect, allowing it to grip to __________ easil%.The we! structure !etween its ___________ allows it to swim easil%. !ear can swim at speeds of up to 1/ &m ____ __________, and it can travel up to 1// &ilometres  __________ needing a rest.The !ear does not hesitate to enter ____#_________ water, and it has %et another secret2 its ______.The cold here would &ill a ______ _________in a few minutes unless he is wearing protective  ___________.)ut the polar !ear faces no such pro!lem2 it owes this to its __________ thic& fur. 3espite appearing to !e white, its fur is actuall% _____________. The fi!re optic properties of this fur  prevent _______ loss and also transfers heat from the sun4s ra%s to the ________ hairs underneath it.Immediatel% under the fur is a 1/#cm thic& ________ of fat, thus completel% insulating the !ear from the cold.This fur is also well#suited to _________.5nderwater, the hairs _____ __________. It is as if the polar !ear is wearing a special _______ suit.These properties of the fur allow the !ear to ___________ its 67#degree !od% temperature for long  periods, whether in the water or a!ove it.There are even times when, instead of !eing cold, its !od% !ecomes too warm. It is for these reasons that polar !ears fre'uentl% _____ ____ ____ _______, to !ring down their  !od% temperatures.The polar !ear has to travel long distances in order to ________ in this desert of ice. t this point, it _________ on its sense of smell. The Polar !ear4s nose is ___________ sensitive and can detect a  __________ more than 6/ &m awa%. The secret !ehind the reasons wh% polar !ears are a!le to live  ________ ___________in this world of ice is the wa% the% had !een speciall% created ____  ________ with these conditions.s with all creatures, the lmight% 8od has created the polar !ear with the most perfect design in the light of its needs.  2.Make a list of the characteristics that help the polar bear survive:3.Fill in the gaps with a word derived from the one in capital letters: 9(plorers who aim for the ntarctic encounter all manners of _________ :1;, from primar% threats li&e cold and wild animals to _____________ :; ones li&e disease or lac& of medicines. nce an e(pedition reaches the desert of ice, some sort of ___________:6; made of ice and tent canvas is put up. _____________ :<; proper conditions isnot eas%, !ut ___________ :-; possi!le with the right specialists and materials. proper ____________ :=; of the weather and dangers of the area will ensure that the e(plorers survive and manage to fulfil their goals.  _____________ :7;, a team would consist of / to 6/ mem!ers, who, for the  _____________:; of their sta%, would have certain well#determined roles. +henever e(plorers venture outside the shelters, the% need to wear  ______________ :>; clothing and carr% e'uipment that is ____________ :1/; enough to pic& up signals.1. 3IFFIC5LT. ?9C N36. )5IL3<. C@9T9-. T TL=. 9ABIN97. C0@CT9@ . L N8>. P@ T9CT1/. ?9N?9 3. Rephrase the sentences, using the word given: a. In such a climate, there is nowhere for animals to shelter.$9TIn such a climate, the polar !ear is ________________________ shelter. !. $ou ma% thin& that there is nothing !ut ice!ergs here.3+9LL$ou ma% ________________________ there is nothing !ut ice!ergs here.c. +hen we loo& at these animals close#up, the% seem miraculous.T9+hen we _____________________ animals, the% seem miraculous.d. The cold here would &ill a human !eing in a few minutes.?P9LLThe cold here would _____________________ in a few minutes.e. 3espite appearing to !e white, its fur is actuall% transparent.PP9@NC9In ____________________________, its fur is actuall% transparent.f. The polar !ear has to travel long distances in order to hunt.? The polar !ear has to travel long distances ____________________ hunt. .!ive s non ms to the following: a. prevail !. shelter c. inhospita!led. characteristicse. environmentf. gripg. transparenth. !ring downi. detect D. in line with  #.Read these fun facts and decide on the most interesting for ou. !ive reasons for our choice. 1.Female polar !ears would rather !uild their dens in Eold snowE from previous %ears rather than the freshl% fallen snow..Polar !ear cu!s learn to freeze and remain still while their mother hunts. If the% move, the mother disciples them, with a whac& to the head.6.?ome female polar !ears deviate from the one room den. The% !uild dens with multiple rooms and even a ventilation s%stem in the roof.<.dult females often weigh !etween -// and =// pounds :7 and 7 &ilograms;.-.Female polar !ears do not start having cu!s until the% are a!out < or - %ears old.=.Polar !ear !a!ies weigh a little more than a pound when the% are !orn.7.Paw pads with rough surfaces help prevent polar !ears from slipping up on the ice..Polar !ears swim using their large front paws to propel themselves through the water and their !ac& legs to steer >. polar !ear4s fur is not white It is hollow. The fur reflects light. The hollow fur also traps the suns heat to help &eep the polar !ear warm.1/.Polar !ears4 fur is oil% and water repellant, allowing them to sha&e dr% after swimming.11.+hen curled up, a polar !ear ma% cover its muzzle with a paw to help conserve heat.1.Polar !ears mainl% hunt seals.16.0umans are polar !ears4 onl% predator.1<.Polar !ears tend to overheat more than to !e cold.1-.dult males can grow to !e 1/ feet tall and weigh over 1<// pounds.1=.Ban made pollution is a cause of death for polar !ears.17. polar !ear is so strong, that it can &ill an animal with one !low from its paw.1.Polar !ears mate Barch through Gul%, however the fertilized egg does not start to develop until ?eptem!er.1>.Polar )ears do not hi!ernate. Female polar !ears will den with their %oung. ll polar !ears ma% den for a short time to avoid !ad weather./.Polar !ears can swim up to 1// miles :1=1 &ilometres at a time;. Polar !ears can swim an average of = miles per hour. #.$n pairs, write a short te%t about a polar bear, using the following words &in this order and e%actl the given form': canvas, !eans, chair, h 8od, cat, mashed potatoes, sac&, hot, fishing rod, Lad% 8aga, ice!erg.
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