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1. Writing a Business Proposal , Grant Proposal Writing Services Business Proposal Writing You may have come across the term business plan, but it is not the same as…
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  • 1. Writing a Business Proposal , Grant Proposal Writing Services Business Proposal Writing You may have come across the term business plan, but it is not the same as business proposal. The purpose of writing out a business proposal is to enable you to gain new business. You can write out a business proposal in two ways, which are as follows: Solicited Business Proposal – In this form of proposal, an organization tries to find out businesses that can carry out their activities and invites such companies to make a bid for their project. Accordingly, they with put forth a request for Proposal (RFP) and the best candidate win the project. Unsolicited Business Proposal – In this form of a proposal, an organization brings out information about their products or services to other companies or tries to propose a joint venture plan. The proposal is written to gain interest of the targeted audience towards what your company has to offer. Importance of Proposal Writing: In today’s competitive business scenario, a company needs funding from external sources. These sources need to be convinced to choose your business proposal over others and in such an environment you need to play it our right to win. This is situation where you need a well-written and convincing business proposal. Many organizations find it highly convenient to outsource their RFP creation process. Here is a look at some typical reasons as to why businesses prefer to outsource their proposal writing requirements: • They may not have the time or the resources to create a professionally written RFP as this is a task needing expertise and huge efforts. • At times, it is best to outsource to get the right results. The third-party taking up such work can help a company to get a proposal that is well balanced in its presentation and which does not overstate its point, nor underestimate what needs to be done to make the necessary impression on audience minds. • There is a lot of complex e-jargon that needs to be understood in writing out an effective proposal and this can be difficult to grasp for people who are outside this scenario. As a result, they are not aware of the kind of information that vendors will require or the questions they need to ask in making a bid. In such a situation, is necessary to undertake professional proposal writing services. Check out our premier proposal writing services for your business needs. Why us for your Business Proposal Writing Services Right Proposal Writing Service: If you are in need of a professionally written business proposal for your business, look no farther than our services, Our company has been writing business proposals for several years and we can show you our expertise to help you do this successfully. Any Length Proposals/ Any Deadline: We can help you write out a proposal document, no matter what the document length, be it a letter proposal to be submitted in three days time or a 1000-page formal proposal due in three months. You can be sure of having a winning business proposal document, of any length and according to your deadline. Proposal Writing for any Business/Company: We can write out business proposals for companies of any level and organization, be it a startup business, small business, medium-scale organization, non-profit organization or a multinational company. Our well-argued and well-written business proposals will help you win over your targeted audience using their specific industry jargon. Through our professional business proposal writing services, you can be sure of receiving a proposal that is researched, assembled and written out according to the requirements of the organizations to which they are submitted. High-Quality and Quick Turnaround: Our company is dedicated to offering the best writing services to cater to your needs and demands. We have a stringent quality control process in place to ensure the best in
  • 2. writing quality and our writers will collaborate with you, so that you receive a proposal that is accurate and completed on time. Our Business Proposal Writing Team: Our writing team is made up of individuals who are experienced writers and researchers and they will work with you in the process of writing, editing, customizing and optimizing your business proposal. They all have PhD’s, MBA’s and Masters’ degree holders in economics and statistics. Our writers will help you know, no matter what your requirement, be it that you are just beginning your business or working to refine your business writing. Help You Meet the goals of Proposal Writing: One of the most important requirements in a business proposal is to write it out in such a way that it addresses all your needs and requirements. Your proposal must clearly indicate how your solution is better than other competing proposals. Your business proposal’s success depends on how well you accomplish these two goals and you can be sure of doing this through our professional business proposal writing services. What we do: Our Company will do everything required to help you develop and manage your bid capture strategy, using the proposal as a tool. Our services will assist you in the following way to write out a successful proposal. • Understand Needs & Challenges of the Business: Our writers have a thorough understanding of the demands and challenges faced by businesses and they offer such insight when writing out your proposal in order to address client’s requirements in the best way possible. Our professional, expert writers will write out a proposal that is appealing and successful for you to win the project. • Advantages to Gain and Losses to Avoid: In writing out the proposal, our writers will bring out the benefits to be gained and the losses that can be avoided by doing business with your company. Our proposal will bring out, your unique selling proposition, or the reason why your solution is the best from all other options. • Dealing with Prospective Client’s Needs: The proposal will detail out your in-depth understanding of your prospective client’s problem, their requirements and their ROI. Our writers will write out the proposal in such a way that it puts forth information on how your company can best resolve the needs of the prospective client with regards to important factors such as costs, objectives and commitments, in order to make the proposal an effective one. The proposal will include all your strategies and argue as to how your company can best help the client in meeting, exceeding and optimizing their key requirements. • Other Significant Issues: The proposal will highlight significant issues such as costs, time, people, resources, success vignettes, deadline and much more, wherever required. • Maximum Credibility: The proposal will bring out your credibility, by showing your work samples, company profile, skill sets, reviews, testimonials, references. Such information showcases your ability to deliver to client requirements. • Contractual Agreement: The proposal will show a well-written compelling request for a contractual agreement and business. Our Proposal Writing, Editing & Review Services We provide comprehensive Proposal Writing, Editing & Review Services, by which you can have proposals which are well-written with well argued and presented content that give your business the edge it needs to win the contract. Our services include the following: ● Business Proposal Cover Letter ● Preparation of Proposal Summary and Outline ● Writing out the entire Proposal ● Editing Proposal to ensure proper grammar and to give it a good finish ● Writing out the RFP ● Review & Critique of a written proposal ● Management of various Proposals
  • 3. RFP Writing Services in Brief: Our company has assisted various businesses to write out engaging and convincing proposals in response to various RFPs and RFIs. We have worked with clients for writing out proposal documents that have been used by them to seek partners for the purpose of creating a wide implementation of enterprise e-learning on projects that ranged to several millions in value. Our professional writers know how to set out scope of the proposal, are aware on what questions to bring out based on their knowledge of best practices. In case you have your own standard, in-house template for writing out RFPs, we can use them as part of our writing services for your proposal. In an event where your department has the daunting task of organizing and creating an RFP, take up our professional services to ease out your work. Don’t spend your time and energy, worrying or being indecisive on how you are going to go about doing it. Outsource to us, to concentrate on more important issues and make smart decisions. Proposal Review & Critique in Brief: Our professional proposal writers will go over your proposal, and offer the following: 1. Critique on the proposal draft, which will be written. 2. Written critique and review of your revised proposal draft. As part of our Proposal Review & Critique services, you are requested to offer the following information: • Proposal and form drafts . • Link of the site, which has the topic to which you are responding. • Link of the site giving solicitation and any related documents. Our writers will look into the proposal’s content, the way content is organized, proposal responsiveness grammatical correctness of sentence structure and spelling and will make suggestions on how to improve such aspects of the document. It is important to have a well-written, well-argued content that is perfect in grammar and tone for it to make a good impression on target audience.
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