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Writing Descriptions

Principles and strategies for writing descriptive essays
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  Writing Descriptions Because description is a mode of expository writing which is relied upon in other expository modes, we sometimes find difficulty in imagining a purely descriptive essay.In a narrative, for example, description can make the setting of characters more vivid; ina process paper it can insure that the audience understands the finished product.Regardless of how we use description, it is easy to see that it strengthens an essayconsiderably. Principles Students often ask, But how do I write a purely descriptive essay! hat#s the point of description! hat#s so different about it! $here are three characteristics of a purelydescriptive essay which are worthy of remembering.%.a descriptive essay has one, clear dominant impression. If, for example you aredescribing a snowfall, it is important for you to decide and to let your reader knowif it is threatening or lovely; in order to have one dominant impression it cannot be both. $he dominant impression guides the author#s selection of detail and isthereby made clear to the reader in the thesis sentence.&.a descriptive essay can be ob'ective or sub'ective, giving the author a wide choiceof tone, diction and attitude. (or instance, an ob'ective description of one#s dogwould mention such facts as height, weight, coloring and so forth. ) sub'ectivedescription would include the above details, but would also stress the author#sfeeling toward the dog, as well as its personality and habits.*.the purpose of a purely descriptive essay is to involve the reader enough so he or she can actually visuali+e the things being described. $herefore, it is important touse specific and concrete details. Conventions $he descriptive essay relies on concrete, sensory detail to communicate its point.Remember, we have five senses, not one or two.$he author of a descriptive essay must carefully select details to support the dominantimpression. In other words, the author has the license to omit details which areincongruent with the dominant impression unless the dominant impression is one which points out the discrepancies.escription very often relies on emotion to convey its point. Because of this, verbs,adverbs, and ad'ectives convey more to the reader than do nouns.-nless the description is ob'ective, you must be sure that the dominant impressionconveys an attitude. Strategies $ry giving all the details first; the dominant impression then is built from these details.heck your details to be sure that they are consistent with the dominant impression. /oumight even want to write down the five senses on a scratch piece of paper and check tosee that you have covered them all.$ry moving your reader through space and time chronologically. (or instance, you mightwant to describe a train ride from start to destination, or a stream from its source to the point at which it 'oins the river.-se a then0and0now approach to show decay, change, or improvement. $he house whereyou grew up might now be a rambling shack. $he variations on this strategy are endless.Select an emotion and try to describe it. It might be more difficult to get started, but it can be worthwhile.  How to Write Vivid Descriptions 1aving trouble describing a person, ob'ect, or event for your narrative or descriptive essay! $ry filling out this chart2   hat do you smell! hat do you taste! hat do you see! hat do you hear! hat might you touch or feel!  Remember:  )void simply telling us what something looks like00tell us how it tastes, smells, sounds, or feels3onsider this4 ã 5irginia rain smells different from a alifornia dri++le. ã ) mountain bree+e feels different from a sea bree+e. ã e hear different things in one spot, depending on the time of day. ã /ou can 6taste7 things you8ve never eaten2 how would sunscreen taste!


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Jul 23, 2017
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