WUC131 Tutorial 5(U5)(s)

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  ã Whether you are a student, a clerk or a CEO of a multi-national corporation, info is very important to you. ã “Knowledge economy”, knowledge-based economy” or K-Economy”=refer to making use of info or knowledge to create economic benefits for the company and country. ã  As WOU student you need info to complete assignments or projects. ã You need reliable info to present in written or oral form.   Primary sources of info = contemporary accounts of an event, written bysomeone who experienced or witnessed the event in question.  = srcinal materials which have not been filtered thru’ interpretation, condensation or evaluation by a second party. o Secondary source = info about primary or original info which has beenmodified, selected or rearranged for a specific purpose or audience. o The function is to interpret the primary source. e.g. if u write an autobiography = primary info on your life. But when someone reviews or writescomments about that autobiography = a secondary source of info.  PrimarySecondaryCombinationPersonReference MaterialInternet WebsiteInterviewBookGraph/Chart/Table,etcE-mailsCD-ROMDissertation/thesisEventEncyclopediaDiscussionMagazineDebateNewspaper DiariesMonograph AutobiographyBiographyProceedings of meetingsVideo TapeSurveyAudio TapeSpeechesTVPhotographs/Pictures
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