Www Rittmanmead Com 2013 03 Performance and Obiee Introducti

Www Rittmanmead Com 2013 03 Performance and Obiee Introducti
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  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API HomeAboutCareersClientsConsultingTrainingSupportArticlesBlog Performance and OBIEE – part I – Introduction March 18th, 2013 by Robin Moffatt Performance matters. Performance really   matters. And performance can actually be easy , but it takes some thinking about. Itcan’t be brute-forced, or learnt by rote, or solved in a list of Best Practices, Silver Bullets and fairy dust. The problem with performance  is that it is too easy to guess and sometimes strike lucky, to pick at a “Best Practice Tuning”setting that by chance matches an issue on your system. This leads people down the path of thinking that performance is just about tweaking   parameters, tuning   settings, and twiddling   knobs. The trouble with trusting this magic beans approach isthat down this path leads wasted time, system instability, uncertainty, and insanity. Your fix that worked on another system might  work this time, or a setting you find in a “Best Practice” document might  work. But would it not be better to know  that itwould?I wanted to write this series of posts as a way of getting onto paper how I think analysing and improving performance inOBIEE should be done and why. It is intended to address the very basic question of how do we improve the performance of OBIEE . Lots of people work with OBIEE, and many of them will have lots of ideas about performance, but not all have a clear picture of how to empirically test and improve performance. Why does performance matter? Search the blogRecent Posts  Analytics with Kibana andElasticsearch through Hadoop –part 3 – Visualising the data inKibana Analytics with Kibana andElasticsearch through Hadoop –part 2 – Getting data intoElasticsearch Analytics with Kibana andElasticsearch through Hadoop –part 1 – IntroductionUKOUG Partner of the Year  AwardsOracle BI Cloud Service for SaaS Application Reporting Part 1:Integrating BICS using REST APIs  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API  ( image src )Why does performance matter? Why are some people (me) so obsessed with testing and timing and tuning things? Can’twe just put the system live and see how it goes, since it seems fast enough in Dev?… Why performance matters to a project’s success Slow systems upset users. No-one likes to be kept waiting. If you’re withdrawing cash from an ATM, you’re going to bequite cross if it takes five minutes. In fact, a pause of five seconds will probably get you fidgeting.Once users dislike a system, regaining their favour is an uphill battle. “Trust is hard to win and easily lost”. One of thethings about performance is  perception  of speed, and if a user has decided a system is slow you will have to work twiceas hard to get them to simply recognise a small improvement. You not only have to fix the performance problem, you alsohave to win round the user again and prove that it is genuinely faster.From a cost point of view, poorly performing systems are inefficient:They waste hardware resource , increasing the machine capacity required, decreasing the time between hardwareupgradesThey cost more to support,  particularly as performance bottlenecks can cause unpredictable stability issuesThey cost more to maintain , in two ways. Firstly, each quick-win used in an attempt to resolve the problem willprobably add to the complexity or maintenance overhead of the system. Secondly, a proper resolution of the problemmay involve a redesign on such a scale that it can become a rewrite of the entire system in all but name.They cost more to use . User waiting = user distracted = less efficient at his job. Eventually, User waiting = Top Posts OBIEE 11g Security Week :Managing Application Roles andPolicies, and Managing SecurityMigrations and DeploymentsUpgrading OBIEE to 11gR1 : Architecture andUse of WebLogic Server OBIEE 11g Security Week :Connecting to Active Directory,and Obtaining Group Membershipfrom Database Tables Analytics with Kibana andElasticsearch through Hadoop -part 1 - Introduction Random Posts New OTN Article: Installing andConfiguring Oracle BI Apps11. and DataWarehousesUsing Oracle R Enterprise to Analyze Large In-DatabaseDatasetsConnecting OBIEE toCloudera ImpalaRittman Mead at BIWA Summit2014, San Francisco Tags 11g   Big Data Appliance BIP   BI Publisher    dw  em12c Endeca   exalytics extremebi   git goldengate hadoop   Hive   init.d  install   pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API disgruntled user = poor system usage and support from the business. Why performance matters to the techie Performance is not a fire-and-forget task, and box on a checklist. It has many facets and places in a project’s life cycle.Done properly, you will have confidence in the performance of your system, knowledge of thelimits of its capacity, a better understanding of the workings of it, and a repeatable processfor validating any issues that arise or prospective configuration changes.Done badly, or not at all, you might hit lucky and not haveany performance problems for a while. But when they dohappen, you’ll be starting from a position of ignorance, trying to learn at speed and under pressure how to diagnose and resolve the problems. Silver bullets appear enticing andget fired at the problem in the vain hope that one will work. Time will be wasted chasingred herrings. You have no real handle on how much capacity your server has for anincreasing user base. Version upgrades fill you with fear of the unknown. You don’t darechange your system for fear of upsetting the performance goblin lest he wreak havoc.Building a good system is not just about one which cranks out the correct numbers. Agood system is one which not only cranks out the good numbers, but performs well whenit does so. Performance is a key component of any system design. OBIEE and Performance Gone are the days of paper reports, when a user couldn’t judge theperformance of a computer system except by whether the paper reports wereon their desk by 0800 on Monday morning. Now, users are more and moretechnologically aware. They are more aware of the concept and power of data.Most will have smartphones and be used to having their email, music andpersonal life at the finger-swipe of a screen. They know how fast computers can work.One of the many strengths of OBIEE is that it enables “self-service” BI. Thechallenge that this gives us is that users will typically expect their dashboardsand analyses to run as fast as all their other interactions with technology. A nux   MDS XML   monorngnew features   nqcmd   OBIA obiee   odi   odi12c opatch   Oracle   Oracle BI Applications   oracle dataintegrator    OracleEndeca   Oracle EndecaInformation Discovery  owb performance   Real TimeDecisions   replication ReportService RTD  runReport sampleapp   screen   scripting security  startup testing training   XML  pdfcrowd.comopen in browserPRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API slow system risks being an unsuccessful system, as users will be impatient,frustrated, even angry with it.Below I propose an approach, a method, which will support the testing andtuning of the performance of OBIEE during all phases of a project. Every methodmust have a silly TLA or catchy name, and this one is no different…. Fancy a brew? Introducing T.E.A., the OBIEE Performance Method In working with performance one of the most important things  is to retain a structured and logical approach to it. Here is mine:1. Test creation  A predefined, repeatable, workload2. Execute and Measure Run the test and collect data3.  Analyse  Analyse the test results, and if necessary apply a change to the system which is then validated through a repeat of the cycle
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