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  1   Contents P.30 - Professor PontificatesP.35 - Modular Structures Credits P.02 - In with the newP.03 - Unleashed PowerP.06 - Genie in the BottleP.45 - Mako’s Rubbish P.54 - The Gallery Creative Director Justin Gibbs Layout and Editor David Hanold Graphic Artist Redd Cohen Contributing Writers Josh ChristensenJustin Gibbs David HanoldDavid HerbertMatthew RitterMark RogersAdrian ScottGraeme Stevenson Contributing Artists Alex AlexandroveMatthew BradburyHardy FowlerChristophe MadaruPablo QuiligottiMelvin de Voor P.18 - Words by MoonlightP.25 - Showdown: MalifauxP.27 - Showdown Tactics  By David HanoldA look at what’s to come   In with the New Welcome Back!It has been an exciting new year so ar or the Wyrd community. And it has only just begun. A new website is up or one thing and it has a place to upload your own gallery o art and painted miniatures, a place to link directly to your blogs and even a chat. I am in the chat quite requently so eel ree to drop on in. More exciting news, plastics crews or most o the Wave 1 crews are out, with gremlins and a ew others due or a release that is just around the corner! Best yet, Wave 2 files are also available to download here.In this volume o the Wyrd Chronicles we begin with a short story about Sonnia’s battle with Rasputina and Cherue by Graeme Stevenson. Ripped straight rom Justin’s Drawing Dead blog we delve into the process that went into the redesigning o the Avatars or  Malifaux 2nd Edition . Justin also drops inormation on the Showdown design process and makes an exciting announcement or the system. Letters rom the Breach have arrived, but is there more to them than what appears on paper?Adrian returns to provide an in-depth look at orced movement effects and how to get the most use out o them against your opponent. Josh Christensen breaks down the Jack o Diamonds’ Deck or Showdown: Icons . Mark Rogers explains, in detail, how he imitates artificial lighting and shadows using his Seamus. David Herbert shows off his process or building even more modular terrain pieces, this time it is buildings with walls, windows and doors. As always, i you would like to see one o your pieces in the Wyrd Chronicles you can email me at As a reminder you can always click on the page number to bring you back to the table o contents. From the Contents page you can click on the article’s name to bring you to the article.Enjoy! 2  3 By Justin GibbsDesigning the Avatar Mechanics   Unleashed Power Originally posted on Justin Drawing Dead here.oday I wanted to talk a bit about the design o the Avatar maniest mechanic. Tis was a particularly difficult mechanic to design, largely because o design decisions rom 1.5 which we needed to keep in the game. Essentially, Avatars needed to “pop” into play, but balancing this in the current edition was very difficult.Here is part o a post I made in the closed beta when we were designing the maniest mechanic:“Sometimes, when designing a game, it helps to look at the design process as a game. Here are the rules or avatar design: 1) Every Master needs an avatar 2) Manifesting rules need to be in the core book out in  August 3) Masters need to “turn into” their avatar during the  game4) Avatars need to be purchased at the start of the game with soulstones5) Avatars can’t screw up the game (obvious, but it’s one of the rules, listing them helps) Here is my current issue:  Avatars are supposed to be big, flashy models. Additionally, by their very definition, bringing them into play removes  your most powerful model (the master). And, on top of all of this, they only are in play for a very limited number of turns. o make up for all of these drawbacks, they need to have an inflated significance on the game.Unfortunately, this generally puts avatars into two camps: useless because they simply couldn’t achieve enough considering their limited time on the board and removal of the master, or totally game warping. Te line where they can be balanced is incredibly thin, and although I’m sure we can hit it with a handful, I’m not convinced it’s  possible for every master in the game. In other words, rules 3 and 5 (above) aren’t playing well together.”  Tat post was the basic core rom which we started the maniest design. Te issue was that Avatars, by their very nature, were an “all or nothing” mechanic. Meaning, they either ailed horribly or dominated the game. An all or nothing mechanic can be balanced in the sense that it succeeds as ofen as it ails, but it requently leaves players with a bad taste in their mouths. Close games are generally more un, and a mechanic that will either sink or swim is  just generally less un.
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