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Summary of Xerox and their main company philosophy (education)
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  XEROX BUSINESS MODEL   more printing means more money for Xerox   worldwide trend is to do LESS printing   does Xerox die or do they change and diversify?   CHANGE   they previously sold as much equipment as possible   shift to reducing the number of machines in workplaces   offer management/maintenance/servicing programs for those machines   reduce the amount of equipment in workplace   fewer centralised multifunction machines that replace many scattered printers, copiers, faxes   Benefits less energy used to run fewer machines   less energy and water used for production of equipment   more streamlined maintenance, paper and ink upkeep   businesses can concentrate on business   Example   One large company eliminated 9000 single purpose machines   60% reduction in energy use for printing   DIVERSIFY   improve transportation   automation of public transport ticketing   streamlined for public   provides usage trends to managers   fleet management of buses, trains etc   real time updates on arrivals   GREEN INNOVATIONS   introduced energy saving modes in printers 10 years before it was a requirement in US   first office printer to do double sided printing   first to offer recycled office paper   first to acknowledge and reduce toxic components in toner   all Xerox facilities in UK operate on 100% green power   REDUCE WASTE   take back program for business   Xerox takes back old printing equipment for re-use or recycling   components have a common design to increase re-use   2012 - re-use and recycling saved 42000 tonnes of equipment going to landfill   have run a recycling program for printing expendables for 20 years   2012 - 4.3 million cartridges returned   parts are designed to last to minimise repairs      REDUCE PACKAGING   minimal packaging needed   machines are designed to be tough   transporting machines   no pallets, rubber 'bumpers' on all corners   bumper are sent back for re-use   ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY   components that cannot be re-used are recycled   printer inks pass the 'de-inkability' test for paper recycling   only certified recycling facilities are used   certified means:   worker health and safety   environmental protection   documentation and accountability   Xerox have joined the certification agency to encourage other manufactures to pursue safe recycling   active in promoting good practices in forest management   in 2003 set a target of 10% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2012   exceeded this, actual reduction 42%   energy use down by 31%   water use reduction from 2011 to 2012 of 17%   all waste water from manufacturing processes is treated before going into sewage system   $13.5 million to more than 2500 schools, universities and non profit organisations in 2012  
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