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1. XP-GAMESTEFANO LELI @sleli 15 October 2011 2. About Me—  Lean Software Developer—  Agile Coach—  Fondatore Extreme Programming…
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  • 1. XP-GAMESTEFANO LELI @sleli 15 October 2011
  • 2. About Me—  Lean Software Developer—  Agile Coach—  Fondatore Extreme Programming UG Marche—  @sleli
  • 3. The Goal—  We will simulate the XP Planning Game ¡  Estimate user stories ¡  Plan Iterations ¡  Perform implementation ¡  Feedback—  We will measure and use Velocity—  Everyone gets to play Customer and Developer—  Dont worry... implementation is not too difficult J
  • 4. The Goal
  • 5. Waterfall
  • 6. Sprints
  • 7. Iterations—  Customer writes stories—  Developers estimate stories—  Customer plans iteration—  For each story in the iteration ¡  Developers implement story ¡  Customer performs acceptance tests—  Debriefing and retrospective
  • 8. The Game—  Play in teams ¡  Four to six players per team ¡  Developers & Customers & Managers—  Earn Business Value by implementing stories ¡  Every Story is worth some Business Value…but only if Story is implemented fully ¡  Team with highest Business Value wins—  Time is limited!
  • 9. Story Card
  • 10. Terminology—  Story: a short description of a feature that, when implemented, will provide some value to the company.—  Story points: measures how difficult it is to implement a story.—  Business Value: the “value” of the completion of a story to the customer.—  Acceptance Test: a test performed by the customer, to verify if the story has been implemented correctly.
  • 11. Developers Estimate Stories—  Order all the Stories: how much time for implementation? ¡  Assign Story estimation units: ¡  Simplest Story = 1 effort unit ¡  Hardest Story = 6 effort unit ¡  ... Or impossible ¡  Estimate other Stories relative to previous Stories ¡  (easy) 1..2..3..4..5..6 (hard)—  Ask questions about the stories—  Dont spend too much time!!!!!
  • 12. Customer Plans Iteration—  How many stories per iteration (180 sec)?—  Choose stories for the plan—  Prioritize Stories... ¡  ... to maximize potential Business Value
  • 13. Developers Implement Stories—  Choose a time guardian for this iteration—  Take the first story from the iteration plan ¡  Time guardian starts timer ¡  Team implements Story ¡  Time guardian stops timer ¡  Coach verifies implementation—  Until out of time (180 sec)—  Review progress in mid-iteration—  If a story goes badly, you may abandon it... ¡  ... if your Customer agrees
  • 14. Now you can play—  There will be 2 iterations—  For each iteration ¡  Estimation : 5 min (team act as DEVELOPERS) ¡  Planning : 2 min (team act as CUSTOMERS) ¡  Implementation : 3 min (team act as DEVELOPERS) ¡  Acceptance : 3 min (team act as CUSTOMERS) ¡  Retrospective meeting : 5 min ALL THE BEST ...
  • 15. What did we learn?—  Estimates vs Actuals ¡  Fixed Iteration length (180 sec) ¡  Estimated we could do Y effort points ¡  Actually, we implemented N effort points VELOCITY = effort points per iteration—  For your next iteration ¡  Choose stories up to VELOCITY points ¡  To be ready within the fixed Iteration Length
  • 16. Second Iteration—  Planning Game and execution again ¡  But now we know our velocity—  Customers choose stories for a total of VELOCITY effort points—  Estimate consistently ¡  Lay out the stories ordered by effort ¡  Assign points by comparing with implemented stories—  Stories can be re-estimated—  Make a good plan!!! ¡  Finish unplanned story: only ½ business value counts ¡  Planned story not finished: penalty ½ of business value!!!
  • 17. Goodbye, we’ll miss you
  • 18. Questions and Open Space
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