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  CONFIGURATION MANUAL Version 11.01 - November 2012  Copyright EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A.–Copyright © 2010-2012. All rights reserved. Disclaimer Theinformationinthis manual is furnishedforinformational useonly andsubject tochangewithout notice. Whileevery effort has beenmadetoensurethat theinformationcontainedinthis usermanual is accurate, up-to-dateandreliable, EVS BroadcastEquipment cannot beheldresponsibleforinaccuracies orerrors that may appearinthispublication. ImprovementRequests Yourcomments will helpus improvethequality of theuserdocumentation. Donothesitatetosendimprovement requests, orreport any errororinaccuracy onthis user manual by e-mail RegionalContacts Theaddress andphonenumberof theEVS headquarters areusually mentionedintheHelp> About menuintheuserinterface.Youwill findthefull list of addresses andphonenumbers of local offices eitherat theendof this usermanual (formanuals onhardwareproducts)orat thefollowingpageontheEVS website: UserManualsonEVSWebsite Thelatest versionof theusermanual, if any, andotherusermanuals onEVS productscanbefoundontheEVS downloadcenter, onthefollowingwebpage: . XT2+Server - Version11.01 - ConfigurationManualI  EVSBroadcastEquipmentS.A. - November 2012II
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