MARINE DIESEL ENGINES se i resSe i0 ar Saildrive r e2 SD SSD20 02 DeSv ier d liiradSl iarS vSeries amr anm aYn aY Yanmar Saildrive SD25 Series Inner Seal
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     E   N_   D   S   S   D   2   0_   1   2   1   4    Yanmar Saildrive Type SD25 Reduction gear system Constant mesh gear with dog clutchReduction ratio [fwd/asn] 2.64/2.64Direction of rotation [propeller shaft - fwd] Counterclockwise viewed from flywheel sideDry weight Saildrive 30 kg [66 lbs] Yanmar Saildrive SD25 Series MARINE DIESEL ENGINES      A  q  u  a   S  e  n  s  o  r  I  n  n  e  r   S  e  a l    O  u t  e  r   S  e  a l   Inner SealOuter Seal Aqua Sensor   ã Corrosion Protectionã Reliableã Simple & Efficientã Whisper Quiet & Low Vibrationã Easy Maintenanceã User Friendlyã Extra Protection BrochureSD25.indd 106-01-15 14:45     E   N_   D   S   S   D   2   0_   1   2   1   4 NOTE: All data subject to change without notice. Text and illustrations are not binding. 1GM10C2YM15C3YM20C3YM30AEC   ,  376 mm (14.8 in)188 mm (7.4 in)188 mm (7.4 in)    3   1   0  m  m    (   1   2 .   2   i  n   )   5   5   7  m  m    (   2   1 .   9   i  n   ) MAX DIA. OF PROP356 mm (14 in)For folding type propeller    1   9   5  m  m    (   7 .   7   i  n   ) 715 mm (28.15 in)  BrochureSD25.indd 406-01-15 14:45
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