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  Year 4: English Lesson Plan   Subject: English Language   Class: 4 K Date: 22.05.2014   Time: 08.45 am  –   09.45am   Enrolment: 44 (20 Boys, 24 Girls)   Theme: Malaysia My Country   Topic: Unit 13 let ’ s read   Focal Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing   Integrated Skills: 2.7.0 Perform a variety of functions in a social context such as exchanging greeting, making introductions, inviting people and etc   3.3.3 Read and understand simple dialogues   3.8.4 Read and understand simple text by answering comprehension question in relation to: main ideas, details. 4.4.2 Complete simple sentences with missing word(s).   Previous Skills: Pupils know places of interest in Malaysia.   Keywords: Sarawak, Southeast of Peninsular Malaysia, Bako National Park, Sarawak Cultural Village, Sunday Market, Gawai Festival and Laksa Sarawak..   Learning Outcome: By ends of the lesson pupils should be able to:   1. Choose the best answer to fit the situation shown in the picture.   2. Choose the best word to complete the question.   3. Read the text and choose the best phrase for each of picture given.   Multiple Intelligence (MI): Verbal-Linguistic, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal.   Thinking Skills: Inference, Make Deduction, Concluding and to Identify details.   Value and Citizenship (VC): Unity, Living in Harmony and Pride.   Teaching Aids (TA): Flash Cards, Manila Card, Majong Paper, worksheet, Sarawak flag LCD and Laptop Steps   Skills KnowleTeaching and Learning activities   Notes / Remarks    dge   Set Induction   (3 Minutes)   Listening   Speaking   1. Teacher asks the pupils to arrange words. ( SARAWAK )   2. Teacher shows the pupils picture of interesting places in Sarawak.   3. Teacher asks the pupils to name other interesting places in Sarawak.   4. Teacher highlights the moral value of pride. We as Malaysian should be proud because of we have many interesting places and tourist from all over the world like to visit our country.   Focus:   Multiple Intelligence:   Verbal-Linguistic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal.   Moral Value: Pride   Teaching  Aids (TA): Flash Cards, Picture of interesting places in Sarawak   Presentation   (15 Minutes)   Speaking   1. Teacher shows new word from the passage.   2. Teacher asks the pupils to give their meaning from their own word.   a). Southeast   b). Scenery   c). Habitats   d). Wildlife   e). Cultural Heritage   f). Traditional Costumes   g). Variety   h). Handicrafts   i). Blowpipe    j). Cock Fighting   k). Rainforest   Focus:   Multiple Intelligence (MI)   Verbal Spatial   Verbal Linguistic   Interpersonal   Intrapersonal   Teaching Skills:    l). Indigenous   m). Dishes   4. Teacher explains the real meaning of the new word shown to the pupils.   5. Teacher insists the pupils to use English when giving the meaning of the new words.   Teaching  Aids: Flash Cards   Practice and Development   (22 Minutes)   Reading   1. Teacher reads the conversation passage with correct intonation and pronunciation.   2. Teacher asks the pupils to read and follow after the teachers.   3. Teacher asks the pupils to reads in pairs.   4. Teacher asks the pupils to share their idea regarding to the conversation they read.   5. Teacher gives the pupils worksheet and ask them to discuss it with their partner. (Appendix 1.0)   6. Teacher gives the correct answer to the pupils.   Focus:   CCTS: Identify, inferences, deductions and conclude   Multiple Intelligence: Verbal Linguistic   Moral Value: Cooperative   Teaching  Aids: Conversation passage and worksheet.   Teaching Skills: Communicating Production   (10 Writing   1. Teacher asks the pupils to be in their group.   2. Teacher gives word puzzle and asks the pupils to discuss with their partner.   Focus:   Multiple Intelligenc  Minutes)   3. Teacher discusses the answer and display the answer at the black board. e:   Teaching Skills: Communicating   Teaching  Aids: Black board and majong paper.   Enrichments   (5 Minutes)    Assessment   1. Teacher gives home work to the pupils. Page textbook.   2. Teacher insists the pupils to do their homework in E1.   Focus:   Multiple Intelligence: Verbal-linguistic   Teaching  Aids: Textbook Page   CCTS: Comunicating   Closure   (5 Minutes)   Listening   Speaking   1. Teacher sums up the lesson by asking the pupils.   a). What you have learnt today?   b). What are the interesting places in Sarawak?   2. Implementation of the Moral Value of Pride, Unity and Harmony.   Teaching Skills: Communicating   MI: Verbal-Linguistic Interpersonal   Moral Value: Pride, Unity and Living In Harmony  
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