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  INDEX NUMBER: ________________  UNIVERSITI SAINS MALAYSIAFirst Semester Examination Academic Session 2007/2008cto!er/No em!er 2007 Bachelor of Management (Honours) AT! # $ Bus%ness Research Metho& #$ration % & 'o$rs()ease ens$re t'at t'is exam *a*er consists 'EENTEEN *rinted *a+es !e,ore-o$ !e+in t'e examination.  Anser A  $estions. Section A ansers m$st !e mar1ed in t'e MR $sin+ a2 *enci). Ens$re a)) re)e ant *artic$)ars re$ired in t'e MR are *ro*er)- ,i))ed$*.  *+U ARE N+T A+,ED T+ TA-E THE .UE'TI+N AER +UT +/ THEEXAMINATI+N HA0 MA-E 'URE *+U ,RITE D+,N *+UR INDEXNUMBER +N THE .UE'TI+N AER0 …2/-  Question 11.In a non-symmetrical relationship, the relationship can be classified into: [a]stimulus response.[b]property-disposition.[c]disposition-behaiour.[d]property-behaiour.[e]all of the aboe.2.! mana ement problem displays the follo#in situations:[a]there is more than one alternatie #hich has the same chance of affectin the same ob$ectie. [b]there is an uncertainty in alternatie selection. [c]an ob$ectie that e%ists in the mind of the decision-ma&er.[d]all of the aboe[e]not een one of the aboe '.(hich of the characteristics belo# can be used to e%plain the scientific method) [a]!nalytical and critical. [b]*o ical and ob$ectie. [c]+onceptual and theoretical. [d]mpirical and systematic. [e]!ll of the aboe..In the process of theory deelopment,  is a process #hich startsfrom obseration and leads to a conclusion #hile  is a process#hereby conceptualiation is challen ed scientifically.[a]deduction, induction [b]induction, reduction [c]induction, deduction [d]function, deduction [e]deduction, eneraliability0.econdary data: [a]ata that is collected for a specific purpose from the ori inal source. [b]Inoles obseration of elements in a study.[c]+ross-e%aminin respondents.[d]+ollected by someone else for other purposes [e]3ot een one of the aboe.…'/- [ATP201] - 2 -  4.!part from research, #hat other sources are there to obtain information)[a]5hrou h 6od7s ift.[b]5hrou h e%periment.[c]5hrou h intuition.[d]5hrou h scientific research.[e]5hrou h boo&s.8.5heory is: [a]constructed completely from concept and construct. [b]ery formal and is used to represent theoretical net#or&. [c]the basis in the prediction and e%planation of phenomenon. [d]all of the aboe.[e]not een one of the aboe. 9.odel can be considered as: [a]a formal representation of theory.[b]ery useful in the testin of the hypotheses formed. [c]a short phenomenon that is to be inesti ated. [d]ans#ers [a] and [c].[e]all of the aboe. ;.5he #hole business research process includes: [a]#hat is the concept to be inesti ated) [b]ho# #ill the concept be measured) [c]ho# #ill the data be collected) [d]ho# #ill it be used) [e]ans#ers [a], [b] and [c] only.1<.(hat &ind of e%periment is done in natural surroundin s and the researcher interferes by controllin the independent ariable as much as he can) [a]%periment.[b]urey.[c]=ield study.[d]=ield e%periment.[e]*ab e%periment. 11.(hich of the follo#in is NOT  part of the hierarchical process of research>uestion) [a]Inesti atie >uestion.[b]ana ement >uestion. [c]easurement >uestion.[d]%ploratory >uestion. [e]?esearch >uestion. …/- [ATP201] - ' -  12.! researcher #ants to inesti ate ho# married people decide on buyin ane# car. (hat is the unit of analysis for this study) [a]+ar.[b]Indiidual.[c]+ouple.[d]6ender.[e]iode.1'.(hich of the follo#in has more of the characteristics of a basic research) [a]uration of sleep #hich affects $ob effectieness. [b](hether the ability to thin& is impaired by emotional stress.[c]?elationship bet#een leadership characteristics and corporate success. [d]ffect of coupon campai n on product sales. [e]?elationship bet#een $ob satisfaction and lecturer7s commitment. 1.(hich of the follo#in factors is not a main consideration for decidin #hen business research is needed) [a]!ailability of internal research e%perts. [b]5ime constraint. [c]@alue of research information compared to cost.[d]!ailability of data.[e]!ll of the aboe factors are main considerations.10.5he method of citin an author7s name in literature reie#.AIf ien: 3ame of author: uhamad !li, year of publication is 2<<1B.[a]Auhamad !li, 2<<1B.[b]A!li, ., 2<<1B.[c]A!li, 2<<1B.[d]A!li, uhamad., 2<<1B.[e]!ns#ers [b] and [c] only. 14.(hich of the follo#in is NOT  a >ualitatie techni>ue) [a]@ideo interie#[b]+ase study.[c]treet ethno raphy.[d]easurin an electrical bulb7s >uality in terms of its life span. 18.(hich of the list of scales belo# is accordin to hierar&i) [a]3ominal, interal, ordinal, ratio.[b]Crdinal, nominal, ratio, interal.[c]3ominal, ordinal, interal, ratio. [d]3ominal, ordinal, ratio, interal....0/- [ATP201] -  -
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