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OBITUARY INDEX 1965 You can search by clicking on the binoculars on the adobe toolbar or by Pressing Shift-Control-F Request Form LAST NAME FIRST NAME DATE PAGE # Marie Eunice, Sister 12/1/1965 p.14 Mary
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OBITUARY INDEX 1965 You can search by clicking on the binoculars on the adobe toolbar or by Pressing Shift-Control-F Request Form LAST NAME FIRST NAME DATE PAGE # Marie Eunice, Sister 12/1/1965 p.14 Mary Thadea, Sister 5/25/1965 p.11 Aaron Verna N. 3/3/1965 p.12 Abakan Aniela 9/13/1965 p.42 Abakan Aniela 9/16/1965 p.26 Abate Felicia 10/12/1965 p.26 Abate Felicia 10/15/1965 p.7 Abbott Harvey Leon 11/1/1965 p.31 Abbott Harvey Leon 11/4/1965 p.28 Abel Edith 2/16/1965 p.17 Abel Elmer 2/15/1965 p.20 Abel Elmer 2/17/1965 p.18 Abel Kenneth 12/13/1965 p.26 Abel Kenneth 12/14/1965 p.18 Abel Minnie E. 10/14/1965 p.28 Abel Minnie E. 10/16/1965 p.26 Able Mollie A. 10/18/1965 p.26 Abrom Ruth 12/24/1965 p.30 Ace Victor 11/9/1965 p.19 Ache Irvin W. 7/14/1965 p.34 Achenbach Charles C. 8/26/1965 p.43 Achenbach Charles C. Slappy 8/23/1965 p.28 Achenbach Emily J. 2/5/1965 p.16 Achenbach Emily J. 2/8/1965 p.20 Achterman Joseph Louis 6/25/1965 p.28 Achterman Joseph Louis 6/29/1965 p.24 Ackerman Clara Neeman 1/19/1965 p.20 Ackerman Clara Neeman 1/22/1965 p.23 Ackerman Edwin A. 4/21/1965 p.7 Ackerman Edwin A. 4/24/1965 p.24 Ackerman Harry E. 12/6/1965 p.28 Ackerman Harry E. 12/8/1965 p.34 Ackerman Oscar W. 1/11/1965 p.20 Ackerman Oscar W. 1/13/1965 p.34 Acton Alexander A., Rev. 12/20/1965 p.1 Adam Marie-Louise 1/22/1965 p.23 Adam Marie-Louise 1/23/1965 p.16 Adams Charles P. 3/4/1965 p.34 Adams Charles P. 3/8/1965 p.26 Adams Earl T. 11/16/1965 p.12 Adams Frederick W. 2/9/1965 p.19 Adams Howard R., Sr. 5/18/1965 p.22 Adams Howard R., Sr. 5/20/1965 p.46 Adams Minnie G. 1/18/1965 p.27 Ader Floyd 4/20/1965 p.19 Aernecke Gustave F. 4/2/1965 p.22 Afflerbach Claude 4/13/1965 p.19 Ahart John 7/10/1965 p.12 Ahart John 7/12/1965 p.22 Ahart John 7/14/1965 p.34 Aicher Mary L. 6/22/1965 p.26 Aicher Mary L. 6/25/1965 p.28 Aicher Walter A. 2/8/1965 p.20 Aicher Walter A. 2/10/1965 p.33 Aiello Adam 6/14/1965 p.12 Aiello Adam 6/17/1965 p.28 Ajhar Malkia 9/30/1965 p.39 Ajhar Malkia 10/2/1965 p.22 Akar Lebica E. 1/22/1965 p.23 Albanese Anthony 2/20/1965 p.24 Albanese Anthony 2/24/1965 p.14 Albers Anton 10/26/1965 p.26 Albert Alfred 2/27/1965 p.7 Albert Alfred 3/3/1965 p.12 Albert Arthur Trix 11/2/1965 p.26 Albert Arthur Trix 11/6/1965 p.24 Albert Charles W. 2/12/1965 p.14 Albert Charles W. 2/16/1965 p.17 Albert Edna E. 6/21/1965 p.28 Albert Edna E. 6/24/1965 p.24 Albert John W. 2/17/1965 p.18 Albert John W. 2/20/1965 p.24 Albert Paul 8/4/1965 p.4 Albert Stewart G. 3/26/1965 p.19 Albert Thelma White 6/24/1965 p.24 Albert Wilmer 7/15/1965 p.28 Albert Wilmer 7/20/1965 p.21 Alberts Margaret E. 3/23/1965 p.25 Alberts Margaret E. 3/25/1965 p.24 Albo Michael 11/27/1965 p.18 Albo Michael 11/30/1965 p.24 Albus Margaret I. 9/23/1965 p.24 Albus Margaret I. 9/25/1965 p.16 Alcorn Agnes 4/6/1965 p.21 Alleger G. Wesley 10/15/1965 p.7 Allen Bernard Bucky 2/9/1965 p.19 Allen Cora Shook 4/3/1965 p.24 Allen Cora Shook 4/8/1965 p.28 Allen Emma M. 5/15/1965 p.28 Allen Emma M. 5/19/1965 p.16 Allen Mary H. Haley 8/12/1965 p.30 Allen Mary Jane Shafer 10/26/1965 p.26 Allen Mary Jane Shafer 10/29/1965 p.12 Allen Nelson J. 7/15/1965 p.28 Allen Nelson J. 7/20/1965 p.21 Allen Raymond E., Sr., Rev. 3/4/1965 p.34 Allen Raymond E., Sr., Rev. 3/8/1965 p.26 Allen Raymond E., Sr., Rev. 3/9/1965 p.15 Allen Walter L. 3/18/1965 p.24 Allen Walter L. 3/20/1965 p.12 Allen William T., Jr. 5/28/1965 p.23 Allen William T., Jr. 6/2/1965 p.35 Alles Addie M. 3/24/1965 p.21 Alles Clarence M. 10/16/1965 p.26 Allshouse Frank 10/15/1965 p.7 Alpaugh Archie 5/15/1965 p.28 Alpaugh Infant Daughter 3/2/1965 p.7 Alpaugh Leonard D. 3/5/1965 p.24 Altemos Mabel B. 5/12/1965 p.43 Altemose Albert Bert 6/14/1965 p.12 Altemose Albert Bert 6/16/1965 p.4 Altemose Russell 3/11/1965 p.38 Altemose Russell 3/12/1965 p.11 Altemose Ulysses C., Sr. 4/21/1965 p.7 Altemus Catherine 3/22/1965 p.14 Altemus Laura E. 7/13/1965 p.12 Altemus Roy H. 9/3/1965 p.24 Altenbach Frank J., Jr. 1/11/1965 p.20 Altmann Joseph F. 2/9/1965 p.19 Altmann Joseph F. 2/11/1965 p.43 Amato Rosaria 4/5/1965 p.30 Amato Rosaria 4/7/1965 p.7 Ambrus Julia 10/23/1965 p.24 Ames Erasmus 5/29/1965 p.12 Amey Donald 11/8/1965 p.18 Amey Donald 11/10/1965 p.16 Amey Tillie 8/16/1965 p.10 Amey Tillie 8/19/1965 p.28 Amico Joseph 12/18/1965 p.1 Amico Joseph 12/23/1965 p.19 Ampietro Anthony 9/27/1965 p.17 Anastasi Antonio 10/23/1965 p.24 Anastasi Antonio 10/26/1965 p.26 Andersen Elizabeth S. 4/27/1965 p.26 Anderson August H. 4/14/1965 p.16 Anderson George Washington 4/2/1965 p.22 Anderson Harold V., Dr. 12/20/1965 p.54 Anderson John 2/23/1965 p.23 Anderson John 2/25/1965 p.22 Anderson Kate Moore 5/3/1965 p.24 Anderson Kate Moore 5/6/1965 p.28 Anderson Matilda H. 2/18/1965 p.24 Anderson May M. 9/1/1965 p.11 Anderson May M. 9/4/1965 p.22 Andrejcio John 2/23/1965 p.23 Andrejcio John 2/25/1965 p.22 Andreotti Luigi 5/22/1965 p.20 Andreotti Luigi 5/25/1965 p.11 Andreson Kenneth 7/12/1965 p.1 Andreson Mary 7/12/1965 p.1 Andrew Deborah 12/29/1965 p.14 Andrews Abraham, Sr. 10/28/1965 p.42 Andrews Abraham, Sr. 10/30/1965 p.11 Andrews Amy I. 9/3/1965 p.24 Anewalt Kenneth M. 1/4/1965 p.20 Angell Charles A. 7/26/1965 p.28 Angell Rose Z. 3/1/1965 p.4 Angle Elisha C. 11/22/1965 p.14 Angle Philip F. 11/3/1965 p.16 Anicola Anthony 4/23/1965 p.20 Ansbach Walter F. 9/8/1965 p.7 Ansbach Walter F. 9/11/1965 p.22 Anthony Bertha 1/4/1965 p.20 Anthony Clyde W. 2/3/1965 p.28 Anthony Clyde W. 2/6/1965 p.7 Anthony Mary J. 11/26/1965 p.26 Anthony Norman Harold 5/21/1965 p.22 Anthony Norman Harold 5/24/1965 p.18 Apgar Blanche M. 5/10/1965 p.26 Apgar Blanche M. 5/12/1965 p.43 Apgar Carl L. 12/13/1965 p.26 Apgar Casper H. 10/26/1965 p.26 Apgar Charles 3/4/1965 p.34 Apgar Frank 3/19/1965 p.4 Apgar Harley 11/23/1965 p.11 Apgar William B. 2/9/1965 p.19 Aplin Alice Couch 12/28/1965 p.14 Aplin Alice Couch 12/31/1965 p.17 Apple Flora E. 5/24/1965 p.18 Apple Miles E. 3/22/1965 p.14 Applegate Howard C. 6/2/1965 p.35 Applegate Howard C. 6/5/1965 p.24 April Vincent John, Jr. 12/13/1965 p.26 Arcury Carl 1/14/1965 p.35 Ardinger H. A. 11/1/1965 p.31 Argyris Archie Peter 4/3/1965 p.24 Armbruster Russell S. 5/26/1965 p.14 Armbruster Russell S. 5/28/1965 p.23 Armour Marjorie 7/12/1965 p.1 Armour Nathan 7/12/1965 p.1 Armstrong Carrie L. 4/10/1965 p.22 Armstrong Dudley 10/19/1965 p.19 Armstrong Dudley 10/23/1965 p.24 Armstrong Stewart 11/1/1965 p.31 Armstrong Stewart 11/4/1965 p.28 Arndt Joseph D. 11/13/1965 p.28 Arndt Joseph D. 11/16/1965 p.12 Arndt William O. 4/27/1965 p.26 Arner Wallace E. 9/29/1965 p.7 Arnhoffer Frank J. 12/4/1965 p.20 Arnold Claire C. 6/28/1965 p.26 Arnold Claire C. 7/1/1965 p.35 Arnold Helen 9/22/1965 p.16 Arnold Helen 9/24/1965 p.11 Arnold Laura Rute 1/7/1965 p.28 Ashenfelter Gladys I. Betty 4/5/1965 p.30 Ashenfelter Gladys I. Betty 4/8/1965 p.28 Ashford Nancy Boyd 1/19/1965 p.20 Ashton John 11/10/1965 p.16 Assise Joseph 1/21/1965 p.24 Assise Joseph 1/23/1965 p.16 Astrauckas Anthony 4/1/1965 p.26 Atherholt Gertrude M. Werkheiser 11/24/1965 p.1 Atherholt Gertrude M. Werkheiser 11/26/1965 p.26 Atherholt Gertrude M. Werkheiser 11/30/1965 p.24 Attinello Thomas C. Doc 7/1/1965 p.35 Attinello Thomas C. Doc 7/6/1965 p.14 Au William A., Jr. 7/17/1965 p.22 Au William A., Jr. 7/21/1965 p.15 Auble Floyd L. 3/1/1965 p.4 Auble Floyd L. 3/2/1965 p.7 Auer Clarence E. 8/9/1965 p.28 Auerbach R. John David 11/29/1965 p.28 Auerbach R. John David 11/30/1965 p.24 Auge James A. 11/20/1965 p.12 Augusta Mary A. 6/21/1965 p.28 Aust John R. 3/17/1965 p.38 Avalon Peter M. 11/13/1965 p.28 Avianantos John, Sr. 3/22/1965 p.14 Avianantos John, Sr. 3/23/1965 p.25 Avila Martha J. 8/5/1965 p.24 Avvisato Louise 9/30/1965 p.39 Ayers Anna H. 11/2/1965 p.26 Ayers Anna H. 11/3/1965 p.16 Aylward John 4/15/1965 p.12 Aylward John 4/16/1965 p.11 Aylward John 4/17/1965 p.7 Ayres Grace Emma 5/15/1965 p.28 Ayres Grace Emma 5/17/1965 p.24 Ayres Grace Emma 5/18/1965 p.22 Azzalina Rosaria 10/14/1965 p.28 Azzalina Rosaria 10/16/1965 p.26 Babcock Sumner H. 3/29/1965 p.28 Baboski Mary Papovisz 3/11/1965 p.38 Baboski Mary Papovisz 3/16/1965 p.12 Babp Alvin 12/24/1965 p.30 Babp Alvin 12/27/1965 p.34 Bach Bessie L. Strauss 2/5/1965 p.16 Bach Bessie L. Strauss 2/6/1965 p.7 Bach Bessie L. Strauss 2/8/1965 p.20 Bachman Arthur 12/20/1965 p.54 Bachman Elmer P. 2/1/1965 p.25 Bachman Mary Emily Sharer 2/23/1965 p.23 Bachman Minnie L. Purdy 12/31/1965 p.17 Bachman William H. 6/22/1965 p.26 Backenstoe Miers S. 1/30/1965 p.7 Bader Arthur C. 8/5/1965 p.24 Badman Arthur Jack 12/6/1965 p.28 Badman Arthur Jack 12/9/1965 p.50 Bahr Joseph E., Sr. 9/22/1965 p.16 Bahr Joseph E., Sr. 9/25/1965 p.16 Baier George J. 1/25/1965 p.26 Bainbridge William 5/14/1965 p.1 Baker Annie E. 5/3/1965 p.24 Baker William A. 3/26/1965 p.19 Bakley Mabel 1/28/1965 p.26 Bakley Mabel 2/1/1965 p.25 Balas Julia B. 8/23/1965 p.28 Balas Julia B. 8/25/1965 p.4 Balbirnie Arthur A. 9/6/1965 p.23 Balbirnie Arthur A. 9/8/1965 p.7 Balek Joseph 10/4/1965 p.33 Baleshta Mary Schmil 12/28/1965 p.14 Baleshta Mary Schmil 12/30/1965 p.7 Ballato Joseph N. 3/25/1965 p.24 Ballato Joseph N. 3/29/1965 p.28 Balliet Monroe A. 7/26/1965 p.28 Balliet Willis J., Sr. 2/23/1965 p.23 Balshai Ethel Frickert 1/6/1965 p.13 Baltz Elmer 7/16/1965 p.11 Bambu Joseph 2/26/1965 p.19 Bambu Joseph 2/27/1965 p.7 Bambu Joseph 3/1/1965 p.4 Bandel Antoinette M. 12/13/1965 p.26 Banghart Jacob H. 7/12/1965 p.22 Bankhard Henry A. 6/23/1965 p.7 Banks Carrie M. 3/26/1965 p.19 Baranyay Imre 12/1/1965 p.14 Barilari Mario 10/23/1965 p.24 Barilla Joseph, Jr. 1/12/1965 p.17 Baris John H. 9/1/1965 p.11 Barlow Margaret 5/25/1965 p.11 Barnasevich Catherine 3/1/1965 p.4 Barnes Joseph 5/6/1965 p.1 Barnes Mary E. 9/23/1965 p.24 Barnes Mary E. 9/24/1965 p.11 Barnet Daisy H. 10/12/1965 p.26 Barrett Anna V. 1/26/1965 p.17 Barrett Leonore K. 6/25/1965 p.28 Barrett Leonore K. 6/26/1965 p.24 Barthol John S. 1/18/1965 p.27 Barthold Arlene Neith 8/24/1965 p.13 Barthold Clarence H. F., Sr. 5/4/1965 p.26 Barthold Gertrude 5/17/1965 p.24 Barthold Gertrude 5/20/1965 p.46 Bartholomew Edna J. 8/24/1965 p.13 Bartholomew Flora L. 6/4/1965 p.25 Bartholomew Flora L. 6/7/1965 p.26 Bartholomew Minnie S. Laubach 6/28/1965 p.26 Bartleson Howard I. 3/20/1965 p.12 Barton Helen C. 6/17/1965 p.28 Barton Helen C. 6/19/1965 p.4 Bartow Amanda H. 3/22/1965 p.14 Bartow Amanda H. 3/24/1965 p.21 Bartron Sherman 1/9/1965 p.20 Bartron William L. 9/20/1965 p.14 Basak Pearl Billie 12/7/1965 p.24 Basak Pearl Billie 12/8/1965 p.34 Basak Pearl Billie 12/10/1965 p.24 Basel Elizabeth 9/3/1965 p.24 Bassett Glenn, Sr. 7/22/1965 p.24 Bassett Glenn, Sr. 7/23/1965 p.13 Basso Joseph, Sr. 5/4/1965 p.26 Basso Joseph, Sr. 5/7/1965 p.22 Bassoline Antoinette 10/21/1965 p.28 Bassoline Antoinette 10/25/1965 p.22 Basta Lawrence E. Mack 1/13/1965 p.1 Basta Lawrence E. Mack 1/15/1965 p.24 Batcheler George W. 12/27/1965 p.34 Batchelor Thomas 10/4/1965 p.33 Batdorf William R. 9/20/1965 p.14 Bates Hazel 6/30/1965 p.42 Batt Edna A. 4/7/1965 p.7 Batt Edna A. 4/12/1965 p.32 Bauman Edith 10/25/1965 p.22 Baxter Julia Augusta 9/27/1965 p.17 Baxter Julia Augusta 9/29/1965 p.7 Bayley Rose 11/16/1965 p.12 Beal Edith Lamey 2/8/1965 p.20 Beal Edith Lamey 2/11/1965 p.43 Bealer Emma L. 5/28/1965 p.23 Bealer Katie B. 10/25/1965 p.22 Beam Bessie M. 8/16/1965 p.10 Beam Bessie M. 8/19/1965 p.28 Beam Elma M. 12/6/1965 p.28 Beam Harry 2/1/1965 p.25 Beam Olive Irene 9/21/1965 p.7 Beam Olive Irene 9/24/1965 p.11 Beam Ralph, Jr. 9/8/1965 p.1 Beam Selden S. 12/31/1965 p.17 Bean Adelaide L. M. 6/4/1965 p.25 Beatty Elva 1/16/1965 p.7 Beatty Matilda 7/13/1965 p.12 Bechtold Gustavus H., Rev. 12/8/1965 p.34 Beck Foster A., Dr. 9/28/1965 p.19 Beck Henry Charlton, Rev. 1/18/1965 p.27 Beck Mary Jane Brands 1/28/1965 p.26 Beck Mary Jane Brands 2/1/1965 p.25 Beck Walter R., Sr. 10/18/1965 p.26 Becker Frank C. 1/30/1965 p.7 Becker Harry W. 6/23/1965 p.7 Bednarcik Paul 8/5/1965 p.24 Bedo Anna 6/4/1965 p.25 Bedo Anna 6/5/1965 p.24 Bedo Anna 6/7/1965 p.26 Bedocs Zolton 9/4/1965 p.22 Beegle Lydia 12/6/1965 p.28 Beegle Lydia 12/10/1965 p.24 Beers Annie E. 11/19/1965 p.28 Beers Charlotte Ann 3/10/1965 p.15 Beers Charlotte Ann 3/16/1965 p.12 Beers Dorothy M. Youngkin 8/18/1965 p.18 Beers Florence E. 5/4/1965 p.26 Beers Lena 9/9/1965 p.41 Beers Lewis Sitgreaves 1/4/1965 p.1 Beers Lewis Sitgreaves 1/7/1965 p.28 Beers Matilda A. 7/26/1965 p.28 Beers Paul E. 3/24/1965 p.21 Beers Paul E. 3/29/1965 p.28 Beers Walter E. 2/8/1965 p.20 Beers Walter E. 2/9/1965 p.19 Behr Charles Lewis 3/2/1965 p.7 Beidelman May 5/31/1965 p.14 Beidelman May 6/2/1965 p.35 Beil Carl F., Sr. 8/30/1965 p.7 Beil Carl F., Sr. 9/1/1965 p.11 Beil John J. 5/19/1965 p.16 Beisel Jennie O. 12/21/1965 p.32 Beisel John G. W. 10/11/1965 p.24 Beisel John G. W. 10/14/1965 p.28 Bell Charles 10/11/1965 p.24 Bell Charles 10/16/1965 p.26 Bell Louise 8/28/1965 p.23 Bell William S. 8/2/1965 p.27 Bellack Peter 4/21/1965 p.7 Bellis Stephan S. 12/30/1965 p.7 Bellis Stephen S. 12/27/1965 p.1 Belovich Anthony G., Sr. 9/27/1965 p.17 Bender Anna M. 2/3/1965 p.28 Bender Eva E. 4/27/1965 p.26 Bender Eva E. 4/29/1965 p.24 Bender William 12/18/1965 p.15 Benkosky Vincent J. 12/7/1965 p.24 Benner Irene C. 5/12/1965 p.43 Benner Nettie L. 8/3/1965 p.4 Benner William 7/26/1965 p.28 Bennett Ida A. 3/4/1965 p.34 Bennett Laura 8/25/1965 p.4 Bennett Laura 8/27/1965 p.4 Benning Harvey A. 8/20/1965 p.7 Bennis E. George A. 12/21/1965 p.32 Bent Deborah 5/15/1965 p.28 Benz Edward R. 3/5/1965 p.24 Benz Edward R. 3/8/1965 p.26 Benzoni Clotilde Viale 12/8/1965 p.34 Benzoni Clotilde Viale 12/10/1965 p.24 Bercovitch Jack 4/27/1965 p.26 Bercovitch Jack 4/28/1965 p.42 Bergenbach Marie E. Claes 5/21/1965 p.22 Berger Daisy Gano 9/30/1965 p.39 Berger Deborah Emily 10/28/1965 p.42 Berger Edwin 5/14/1965 p.13 Berger Mae Ruth 10/4/1965 p.33 Berger Mary Judge 4/15/1965 p.12 Berger Pearl 3/25/1965 p.24 Berger Peter 1/15/1965 p.24 Berger Peter 1/19/1965 p.20 Berger William S. 6/30/1965 p.42 Berger William S. 7/3/1965 p.23 Bergethon Petra Rudd Olsen 3/15/1965 p.30 Bergman Paul K., Rev. 12/4/1965 p.20 Bergstresser William E. 9/28/1965 p.19 Bergstrom Richard J., Rev. 6/24/1965 p.24 Berk Morris H. 12/16/1965 p.32 Berk Morris H. 12/21/1965 p.32 Berka Barbara 1/23/1965 p.16 Berka Barbara 1/26/1965 p.17 Berkowitz Helen 1/25/1965 p.26 Bernard Harry 2/20/1965 p.24 Bernat Katie Lascik 7/30/1965 p.24 Bernat Katie Lascik 8/5/1965 p.24 Bernath Stephen 8/24/1965 p.13 Bernhard Shirley Anne 10/19/1965 p.19 Bernhard Shirley Anne 10/22/1965 p.22 Bernota Elizabeth 5/1/1965 p.22 Bernstein Estella J. Trone 1/2/1965 p.22 Berry Anna Y. 2/15/1965 p.20 Berry Edward 7/20/1965 p.21 Berry Edward 7/22/1965 p.24 Berry F. Wellman 12/9/1965 p.50 Berry F. Wellman 12/11/1965 p.12 Berryman Grace 2/4/1965 p.23 Berryman Lillian C. 2/16/1965 p.17 Bertholf Mamie Burch 9/13/1965 p.42 Bertolet Virginia 1/16/1965 p.7 Bertorelli Joseph 7/14/1965 p.34 Besecker Dora E. 9/17/1965 p.26 Besecker James H., Jr. 7/30/1965 p.24 Besecker Mahlon S. 6/18/1965 p.22 Besse Anna 10/29/1965 p.12 Bethel Charles G. 9/25/1965 p.16 Betters Mary 9/9/1965 p.41 Betz Anthony J. 1/30/1965 p.7 Betz Anthony J. 2/2/1965 p.19 Beyer Frank H. 12/6/1965 p.28 Bianca John 6/7/1965 p.26 Bibleheimer Elizabeth Edwards 7/13/1965 p.12 Bibleheimer Elizabeth Edwards 7/16/1965 p.11 Bickert Edward J. 2/16/1965 p.17 Bickert Edward J. 2/19/1965 p.19 Bickert Ellenora 11/15/1965 p.32 Bidmead Grace 10/29/1965 p.12 Bidwell Louise K. 2/12/1965 p.14 Bidwell Louise K. 2/15/1965 p.20 Bieber Edwin 12/13/1965 p.26 Biechy LeRoy W. 7/16/1965 p.11 Biechy LeRoy W. 7/19/1965 p.24 Biechy Ralph W. 1/18/1965 p.27 Biechy Ralph W. 1/21/1965 p.24 Biehn Gertrude B. 7/27/1965 p.14 Biehn Minnie M. Shumacher 12/27/1965 p.34 Bieler Frank D. 8/16/1965 p.1 Bieler Frank D. 8/19/1965 p.28 Bierei Helena 12/29/1965 p.14 Biers Joan C. 3/27/1965 p.20 Biery Anna L. 10/27/1965 p.32 Biery M. Genevieve Emmert 3/12/1965 p.11 Biery Oliver J. 12/21/1965 p.32 Bigg William M. 5/11/1965 p.16 Bigg William M. 5/12/1965 p.43 Billek Todd Ray 1/13/1965 p.34 Billger Charles Kline 10/22/1965 p.22 Billger Charles Kline 10/25/1965 p.22 Billheimer Cora A. 4/21/1965 p.7 Billheimer Cora A. 4/26/1965 p.28 Bird Mary Jones Mamie 5/25/1965 p.11 Birkett Martha Mattie 5/25/1965 p.11 Birkett Martha Mattie 5/28/1965 p.23 Biro Zoltan 12/6/1965 p.28 Bischoff Nicholas B. 1/12/1965 p.17 Bishop Betty Rose 6/26/1965 p.24 Bittner Edward 2/19/1965 p.19 Bixler Harry C. 7/2/1965 p.1 Black Marvin 11/15/1965 p.32 Blackmar Walter H., Jr. 7/22/1965 p.1 Blackwell Wilson 4/16/1965 p.11 Bladies Anthony 5/5/1965 p.14 Bladies Anthony 5/7/1965 p.22 Blake Anna L. 8/20/1965 p.7 Blake Anna L. 8/23/1965 p.28 Blaschke Ernest George 11/15/1965 p.32 Blaschke Ernest George 11/17/1965 p.42 Blaschke Eva Lee 6/21/1965 p.28 Blaschke Eva Lee 6/24/1965 p.24 Blayle Robert Richard 5/6/1965 p.28 Blayle Robert Richard 5/8/1965 p.26 Blazier Flossie M. 10/14/1965 p.28 Blazier Flossie M. 10/16/1965 p.26 Bleam Nelson S. 11/1/1965 p.31 Bleier Gustav A. 4/19/1965 p.24 Bleier Gustav A. 4/22/1965 p.24 Blemmer Ernest B. 10/11/1965 p.24 Block Ernest 12/9/1965 p.50 Block Ernest 12/13/1965 p.26 Bloom Ruth 2/22/1965 p.26 Bloom Ruth 2/25/1965 p.22 Blose Erwin S. 2/20/1965 p.24 Bloss Charles F. 3/1/1965 p.4 Blotter Stella Gedwell 3/2/1965 p.7 Blum Harry J., Sr. 4/17/1965 p.7 Blum Harry J., Sr. 4/21/1965 p.7 Boadwee Isabelle Mutchler 5/4/1965 p.26 Bobyak Ella Kovac 9/30/1965 p.39 Bochniak Mary 11/27/1965 p.18 Bodder Howard 2/2/1965 p.19 Bodman Peter J. 2/1/1965 p.25 Bogart Lena Shaffer 1/11/1965 p.20 Bogart Lena Shaffer 1/13/1965 p.34 Boggis George 1/23/1965 p.16 Boggis George 1/27/1965 p.14 Bogh Fred A. 3/4/1965 p.34 Bohdan Bishop, Rev. 11/8/1965 p.18 Bolcar George J., Sr. 7/28/1965 p.34 Bolcar George J., Sr. 7/30/1965 p.24 Bollerman Jessie E. 6/22/1965 p.26 Bollerman Jessie E. 6/24/1965 p.24 Bolmer Harry A. 12/9/1965 p.50 Bona Marie, Sister 1/21/1965 p.24 Bonamonte M. Doris 2/11/1965 p.43 Bonamonte William E. 12/30/1965 p.7 Bonanni Anthony S. 5/13/1965 p.28 Bonanni Anthony S. 5/17/1965 p.24 Bonano Sadie 9/17/1965 p.26 Bonano Sadie 9/20/1965 p.14 Bonaventura Albert 12/14/1965 p.18 Bonaventura Albert 12/16/1965 p.32 Bond Albert W. 6/14/1965 p.12 Bond Albert W. 6/16/1965 p.4 Bond Clarence S. 1/18/1965 p.27 Bond Ferd 5/15/1965 p.28 Bond Oscar 5/26/1965 p.14 Bonney Mary Batt 6/11/1965 p.26 Bonney Mary Batt 6/14/1965 p.12 Bonser Jennie M. 10/21/1965 p.28 Bonser Walter S. 7/1/1965 p.35 Bonstein Grover C. 4/13/1965 p.19 Booth Helen S. 4/14/1965 p.16 Booth Sarah L. 9/8/1965 p.7 Borbely Anton 4/6/1965 p.21 Border Anna 2/16/1965 p.17 Border Anna 2/18/1965 p.24 Border Frances Purcell 11/26/1965 p.26 Border Frances Purcell 11/29/1965 p.28 Borger Calvin Franklin 2/2/1965 p.19 Borger Emma C. 7/16/1965 p.11 Borger Luella A. 1/20/1965 p.10 Borger Mary A. 9/28/1965 p.19 Borger Mary A. 10/1/1965 p.20 Borger Ruth H. 2/24/1965 p.14 Borgeson Edward B. 6/14/1965 p.12 Borgeson Edward B. 6/16/1965 p.4 Borkowski Hedwig 12/21/1965 p.32 Born H. Harry 10/27/1965 p.32 Borst Catherine 6/30/1965 p.42 Bortz Robert F. 5/26/1965 p.14 Bortz Robert F. 5/28/1965 p.23 Borushko Nicholai 8/2/1965 p.27 Bosenbary Charles I. 1/6/1965 p.13 Bosenbary Charles I. 1/9/1965 p.20 Bosold Irvin Joseph 3/25/1965 p.24 Bosold Joseph I. 3/26/1965 p.19 Bossert Infant Son 4/3/1965 p.24 Boucher L. James 1/5/1965 p.17 Bouden Katharine E. Miller 10/14/1965 p.28 Bouden Katharine E. Miller 10/16/1965 p.26 Bouditch William T. 5/22/1965 p.20 Boudreau Emma E. 1/20/1965 p.10 Boudreau Emma E. 1/22/1965 p.23 Bougher William A. 5/18/1965 p.22 Bougher William A. 5/20/1965 p.46 Bougher William A. 5/22/1965 p.20 Bourger Martha M. 5/14/1965 p.13 Bourger Martha M. 5/17/1965 p.24 Bowers Mark 6/11/1965 p.26 Bowkley Raymond E., Sen. 4/21/1965 p.1 Bowkley Raymond E., Sen. 4/26/1965 p.28 Bowlby Herbert Warren 6/21/1965 p.28 Bowler Harold T. 7/24/1965 p.10 Bowman Howard P. 4/19/1965 p.24 Bowman Virginia P. 10/18/1965 p.26 Bowman Willis C. 11/10/1965 p.16 Bowman Willis C. 11/11/196
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