Your Social Life and School Which is More ImportantLife and School Which is More Important

Your Social Life and School Which is More Important
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  Your Social Life and School Which Is More Important ?!Welcome to he #enaissance $harter Schools & .#.$.S' pu(lic Wiki.We are a pu(lic charter school located at )*) ,-st Street ackson 0ei1hts 2Y --345urin1 this time of our li6es we (e1in to 7u11le a lot of thin1s that we ha6e to do8 like chores homework etc. 9ut the one thin1 that we 7u11le the most is our academics  our social li6es. 0ere is a place where we can talk a(out which is more important to us.asm;n: I think that (alancin1 social life and school is a 6er; hard task. Ithink that no matter what ;ou can not 1et the scale to (alance. With me in particular I want to (e a(le to (alance to two (ut I cant. M; social life alwa;s comes out to wei1h more. I lo6e m; friends and I hate school (ut I want an education. I want to (ecome somethin1 in life and;ou need an education to help ;ou (ecome successful. he thin1 is that school isnt alwa;s more important. 9ein1 social and ha6in1 that (e a part of ;our life is e<tremel; important. Sometimes it is not a(out what ;ou know (ut a(out who ;ou know. =nowin1 people is an important aspect of life and what would life (e if ;ou didnt know an;one. he point is I feel that (oth ;our social life and school will ha6e their different times to wei1h out eachother.Shante: I think that m; academics  social life are (oth important. In a wa; the; (oth (alance each other8 theres alwa;s a time for work  pla; (ut ;ou cant out do one more than the other. Its important to 1et 1ood 1rades  esta(lish a relationship with ;our teachers (ut its also 6er; important that we keep in touch  han1 out with our friends  famil;. he one thin1 that we all need to do is focus on one thin1 that were doin1  not 1et distracted on other thin1s.Whitne;: Wow thats a tou1h >uestion. he;re (oth reall; important (ut I en7o; m; social life more than m; school life. School teaches ;ou the (asic stuff that ;ou need to know for life while ;our social life teaches ;ou how to li6e it. I can honestl; sa; m; sociallife teaches more life lessons than school. School is 6er; important thou1h. Its the main thin1 we need in order to (e accepted into the ideal life. School is like a must to the media. In order to (e smart ;ou must 1o to school. 9ut I think that sometimes ;ou can learn more without school. 9ut school is still 6er; important (ecause ;ou ha6e (oth academic  ;our social life in there (ecause ;ou meet new people. So theres no reall; Which is more important cause it actuall; depends on the person. School is for learnin1 (ut sometimes we can e6en learn stuff in our own (ack;ard.Malcolm: I reall; want to sa; that m; academics are more important (ecause i know that it the ri1ht thin1 to sa; (ut i reall; dont. i understand that education is what matters in the lon1 run (ut at this point with it finall; (ein1 sprin1 and all im all a(out en7o;in1 the moment. heres also the fact that when m; 1rades slip m; mother won let me ha6e a social life so i 1uess the; (oth 1o hand in hand... i 1uess.2;rik: his is 6er; hard for man; people to determine. !or me i can see ri1ht throu1h it. I would LI=@ to ha6e (oth in a close (alance (ut i dont. o me in this point in life i think  social life is more important. I li6e in a nei1h(orhood were the smallest ar1ument can lead to m; death. So doin1 work all da; and then ABCWA i die ill feel like i6e missed out. Im not tr;in1 to sa; that work isnt important (ut it is important for me to ha6e fun while it last. ust 1o with the flow.#oman: his is eas; for me...SC$IDL LI!@A Work is 1reat and I dont ne1lect it to sa; theleast (ut I 6alue m; social life a tad (it more. o make thin1s easier I usuall; tr; to mi< the two for instance as part of work I make m; own 6ideo 1ames. Bart of m; social life is(ein1 a 1amer and 1oin1 to different e6ents and competin1 with people. I also en7o;in1 1oin1 out to the mo6ies and han1in1 with friends o6erall I choose fun o6er hard work. Who doesnt D25 5C2 LI@ EFYSAMoe: !un (efore work. !un is what I li6e for. M; social life which in6ol6es pla;in1 6ideo 1ames han1in1 out with friends (u;in1 clothes shoes hats etc. will alwa;s (e ahead of m; work. Dt some points I do ne1lect m; work unlike the person a(o6e me (ut e6entuall; I will 1et it done. You ha6e on life to li6e and ;ou 1otta en7o; it. You cant stress ;ourself out (ecause of school and (ecause ha6in1 an education is crucial to ;our future. Sure 1et ;ourself a hi1h school diploma and learn a few thin1s on the wa; that actuall; concern ;ou (ut when it all comes down to it there is nothin1 like ha6in1 one hell of a social life. 5;in1 happ; is (etter than d;in1 smart and lonel;.
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