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Checklist for students to assess their own or peers' written work.
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   You’re the teacher!   Work with a partner and pretend you are the teacher. Read the practice writing exam from one of your students. Use the checklist to help you decide how well the student has done. Give the student a mark for each area below. 1. Has the student answered the question? (Text level) Marks a)   Yes, they wrote about all the points. They wrote the right amount of words. 3 b)   They wrote about some / most of the points. They wrote too many or not enough words. 2 c)   They wrote about one of the poin ts and didn’t write enough words. 1 d)   They haven’t answered the question.  0 2. Look at the words and spelling. (Word level) Marks a)   Words are always/usually spelt correctly. The student uses interesting words that are right for the topic/question. 3 b)   Words are usually spelt correctly, and I can understand the sentence. The student uses some interesting words, but they aren’t always right for the topic/question. 2 c)   Lots of words are spelt wrong and it’s difficult to understand the sentence. The student uses words that are not right for the topic/question. 1    3. Look at the grammar and punctuation. (Sentence level) Marks a)   There are capital letters and full stops in the right places. The words are always/usually in the right order and the sentences make sense. 3 b)   There are some capital letters and full stops missing. Some words are in the wrong order. Some words don’t look right and the sentences are sometimes hard to understand. 2 c)   Lots of capital letters and full stops are missing. Many words are in the wrong order or the student uses the wrong word. It’s difficult to understand the sentences. 1 Think about what the student has done well and what they have not done well. Can you write some feedback for the student to help him/her to get a better mark next time?  Teacher’s comments   Read the teacher’s comments about some practice writing papers from her class. Match them to the correct piece of writing. Comments Which piece of writing? 1.   You have used some good words but your spelling is not good. 2.   You have answered the question well. Think about when to use capital letters and always put full stops at the end of  your sentences. Your spelling is OK, but sometimes it is difficult to understand  your sentences. 3.   You haven’t an swered the question. Some of your sentences are difficult to understand because your spelling isn’t very good. Remember to use punctuation! 4.   Well done! You have answered the question very well. Your spelling is good and you have used interesting words. you have used capital letters and full stops for  your sentences. 5.   You have not answered the question because you need to write a ... You have not used words that are right for the topic. You have used capital letters and full stops in the right places.  Text   Does the note answer the exam question?   Is the note clear?    Does it say who the note is to and who it’s from?   Is it organised in paragraphs? Sentence   Is the grammar correct?   Are there some linking words? (e.g. and, but, because, so, then)   Do the sentences have capital letters, full stops and question marks in the right places? Word   Is the vocabulary right for this note?   Is the spelling correct?   Is the handwriting clear? ©  
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