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  Youth Group India “Committed to Serve”   Inreach Communication January Circular no 01/2014 Each of us can be a Spiritual hero. We can devote our life to Meditation and Spiritual living. While others may spend their lives maintaining the youth of their body, we can devote our life by achieving real YOUTH - by identifying with our always youthful soul. The choice is ours to make. “ Be Spiritually Serene in 2 14”   -    Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Our beloved Master His Holiness Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj says the best soil for the soul is one filled with love, humility, truthfulness, purity, and selflessness and is cultivated with the practice of meditation on the inner Light. Maharaj Ji’ s new year message highlighted that the most lasting gift that we can give ourselves and our loved ones is learning how to meditate on the inner Light and Sound. Adhering to Master’s message, Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission’s Youth Group’s  New Year 2014 celebrations at Kirpal Bagh on December 29, 2013 (Sunday) started with the remembrance of our beloved Master, by listening to His satsang and by sitting on meditation. Followed by this, YG volunteers presented a shabad from Gurbani “Je tu  beliyan tan man de naal sewa kar da  jayaga…” The beautiful shabad filled everybody’s heart with gratitude towards Maharaj  Ji. The celebration fiesta gained momentum and Youth was now set for the following fun frolic games with a spiritual message: -   Peeling the Onions: Just as one peels the onion, layer by layer, one must remember one’s purpose in life is to remove the layers on the soul and be one with God. -   Lighting Candles- Like one lights candle on the outside, one must go within to see the inner light. While youth had fun participating in the activities, they took home a spiritual message too! The souls drenched in Master’s love  became thirstier after Mr. Mahendar Singh ji’s talk on “New Year’s Message” during which he shared his experiences at the lotus feet of the Masters and encouraged Youth Group to continue to work with utmost dedication. Dr. Indu Arneja also joined Mr. Mahender Singh ji, wishing YG a Happy New Year and encouraging them to do sewa and be groomed as per Maharaj Ji’s instructions. People were now set to watch a play titled “A letter to God”. The play beautifully presented our lives. How we, during everyday affairs, forget God and God keeps waiting for us! The play brought tears to audiences’ eyes as it came as a reminder to follow the path shown by the Masters.  The play was followed by words of inspiration by YG Admin Controller - Mr. Ashwani Sachdeva. Mr. Sachdeva also wished YG a H appy New Year and felicitated the YG Facilitators’ and Facilitators’ support team by presenting them the certificate of appointment for the Year  –  2014. Facilitators’ team 2014 is as follows: Department Facilitator Facilitator’s Support   HR Kanika Maggo Swati Batra Inreach Sweta Sachdeva Harish Chhabra Medical Usha Ahuja Latika Guleria Traffic Atul Ahuja Aman Garg Reception Ritu Jawa Neha Aggarwal Admin Madhu Karir Gaurav and Sakshi Pandal Purushotam Sharma Deepti Dawar and Kapil Sehgal The felicitation ceremony was followed by sharing Maharaj Ji’s New Year’s message with everyone. YG’s New Year’s celebrations and convocation ended with joy and merriment as well as a promise to oneself to give maximum time in meditation. Below are some pictures of the event: “ Catch them while they are young!” To accomplish substantial in life the foundation must be carefully laid in childhood.” Following this objective, a n Outreach Spiritual talk was organised by Zone 2, Punjab YG Team for the students at T.R Public school near Garhi Kanegoan Center on December 7, 2013. Mr. Manjit Kumar delivered the talk on the topic. A total 170 students participated in the talk. Following are some pictures of the event:   In Zone 2 Punjab, an Outreach satsang was held at Bagichi Bagh Mandir on December 18, 2013 near Raikot center. The satsang was attended by both satsangis and non-satsangis with total gathering of around 150. Convocation of YG volunteers was held at Ludhiana centre on December 21, 2013. All Sector Coordinators, Zone Facilitators and Center Coordinators participated in the Convocation and extended their support for the event by encouraging and motivating the volunteers to take the responsibility for the roles assigned and zealously make their contribution towards the sewa areas of the mission. In Zone 3 Haryana, Satsang Shivir of one week (from December 8, 2013 to December 12, 2013) was organized at Sai Baba Chowk, Panipat. On the occasion of Christmas, a program of “Ruhani Ghazalen” was organised at Kirpal Ashram, Rohtak, which was witnessed by Sangat of around 950 and participation by 38 YG volunteers.   Youth Group is thankful to Master for His unconditional support and everlasting love showered upon us. We pray in His lotus feet to provide us the right direction and strength to accomplish our spiritual goals and provide us beautiful opportunities to serve the mission. We also wish that as reiterated by Maharaj Ji in His New Year message for the year 2014, we will work to improve our spiritual development by placing meditation on the inner Light and Sound at the top of our gift wish list to enable the union of our Soul with God.  Our Life is an Open Book to God Maha raj Ji’s article in Speaking Tree Many people pass through life unaware that God is always with us. If we think about our interactions with others during the day, we may find that we behave differently when we think someone is observing us. We may act better when we think our employer, superiors, or others whom we are trying to impress are watching. What if we knew that God was watching? Would we then act according to higher ethical virtues? It is human nature to be on our best behaviour when others are watching. When we are at work or with our neighbours and friends, do we find that we act in ways in which everyone will think we are good people? If we have any bad qualities, do we try to hide them from others? If people realized that what we hide from others is an open book to God, we might be more conscious of trying to exhibit good qualities all the time. People wonder, Where is God? Masters and saints teach us that God is within us. Wherever we are and whatever we do, God sees us. God is the power that enlivens us. This power is what gives us life. Our body, made of earthly elements of matter, is not our true self. The power that moves the body is the power of God. The portion of that power allocated to inhabit our body is our soul. Our soul is a drop of the infinite power of God. It is a part of God. As our soul is a part of God, whenever we do anything, that information is known to God. We can think of it as a computer network. The master computer is linked up with all the individual computers in a network. The operator of the master computer can know what is going on with the individual computers simultaneously. Individual operators may or may not be aware that the operator of the master computer can know all about what they are doing on their computers. If they knew someone had access to their emails or text messages, they would be more careful. Those who are not aware of this may end up writing things they would not want anyone to know about. In the same way, God is the master operator of the network of creation and our souls are the individual computers. Everything we think, say, and do is known to God. If we realized God is
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