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    Information Digest Volume 1   (Reprint Edition March 2001) Website :   Pushp Vihar, Shastri Nagar, Vasai Road (W), Dist. Thane 401 202 Maharashtra, India. Tel : 91-250-342777 Copyrights  © 2000-2010 Kashmir News Network (KNN)    All Rights Reserved.  Project ZAAN - Information Digest Vol. 1  Page 2 Copyrights © 2000-2010 Kashmir News Network (KNN) ( )  All Rights Reserved.    Project ZAAN - Information Digest Vol. 1  Page 3 Copyrights © 2000-2010 Kashmir News Network (KNN) ( )  All Rights Reserved.   IIInnntttrrroooddduuuccctttiiiooonnn   T his is the consolidated volume of the Information Digest  issued by the Trust. It includes,  besides additional items, the information contained in the three earlier issues with suitable revisions and additions. The consolidated volume shall not only be of interest to those who missed the earlier issues, but also help youngsters who are desirous of participating in the forthcoming ZAAN  Quiz. The purpose of the Digest is to familiarize our young and not so young members of the community who are not already exposed to various facets of the place of our srcin - Kashmir , its history, geography, culture etc. In short, all that a Kashmiri stands for. It is hoped that it will  be a pointer to the whole arena of Kashmir and thus create an urge among the readers to study the topics in greater detail, for which a plethora of literature is available. If it initiates people into further study, the purpose of the Digest is served. The Trust envisages issue of more volumes of the Digest in future, in order to enlarge the span of topics covered and also enhance the content under the topics already included. The compilers do not claim infallibility and would therefore invite comments for any change and improvement. This is a community project, therefore, assistance and suggestions from every member of the community are welcome. The Digest tries to focus on matters which make us, as a community, unique. The understanding of the uniqueness fosters sense of identity. And reinforcing the identity is our need. ------------------------------------------------ Compilers:   J. N. Kachroo, J. L. Manwati P. N. Wali, M.K.Raina & Neelam Trakru ------------------------------------------------  Project ZAAN - Information Digest Vol. 1  Page 4 Copyrights © 2000-2010 Kashmir News Network (KNN) ( )  All Rights Reserved.   TTThhheee LLLaaannnddd & & &  ttthhheee PPPeeeooopppllleee  Birth of Kasmira (Kashmir)   -  Legend    A ccording to the Nilamata Purana , the land of Kasmira  was occupied for 6 Manvantaras since the beginning of the Kalpa, by a vast lake, six yojanas long and three yojanas wide, called Satisara . In the 7th Manvantara, the water of the lake was drained off through an outlet made with plough by Ananta at the order of Vishnu, who along with other gods and goddesses had come there to kill the demon  Jalodbhava  - invincible in waters. The geological observations made in recent times corroborate the assertion made in the Nilamata. M.B.Pithawala in his “Kashmir, Its Geology & Geography”  and G.E.L.Carter in his  “Stone Age in Kashmir”  have supported this theory of the prehistoric great lake in Kasmira. The name Kasmira (Kashmir)   The Nilamata Purana gives ‘Kasmira’ as the name of the valley, which is still known as Kashmir  throughout the world and is called by the Kashmiris in their own language, as ‘Kashir’. Location   Jammu & Kashmir, the Northern-most State of India is situated between 73 0 -26’ E & 80 0 -30 ’ E Longitudes and 32 0 - 17’ N & 36 0 -58 ’  N Latitudes.  Area   Total area of Jammu & Kashmir State is 2,22,236 Sq. Kms . out of which 78114 Sq. Kms. are under illegal occupation of Pakistan, 5180 Sq. Kms. are illegally handed over by Pakistan to China and 37555 Sq. Kms. are under illegal occupation of China. Other information  Divisions ( Post 1947 )   1.  Jammu. 2.  Kashmir. 3.  Ladakh. Capitals   Summer  - Srinagar. Winter  - Jammu Districts Anantnaag, Badgam, Baramulla, Doda, Jammu, Kargil, Kathua, Kupwara, Leh, Pulwama, Poonch, Rajauri, Srinagar, Udhampur. Prominent Mountains   Himalayan Range  - Peer Panjal, Karakoram, Hindu Kush. Main Rivers   Sindh (Indus)  - Ladakh. Jhelum (Vitasta)  - Kashmir valley.
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