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ZIMPL Phd Thesis

thesis for scip, zimpl
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  Takustraße7D-14195Berlin-DahlemGermany Konrad-Zuse-Zentrumf¨urInformationstechnikBerlin T HORSTEN  K OCH Rapid Mathematical Programming ZIB-Report04-58(Dec2004)  Rapid MathematicalProgramming T   K   This is a corrected version of the approved dissertation presented toFakultät II – Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften der Technischen Universität Berlinin December   .Corrections to the srcinal versionPage Change   XPress column corrected   -v    ..   instead of    ..   subsets(   instead of   subset(    unnecessary numbering (  .  ) removed   unnecessary numbering (  .  ) removed   name  instead of   number    standard   instead of   - tandard  Copyright ©    by Thorsten Koch  All rights reserved. This book was typeset with TEX using L A TEX and many further formatting packages.The pictures were prepared using   ,   ,    and   .All numerals in this text are recycled.
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