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  21 The College Board What is the ReadiStep™ assessment? It is a middle school assessment that you take in class. It consists of three multiple-choice tests in the areas of Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing Skills. What are the benefits of taking the ReadiStep assessment? It helps middle school students prepare for high school and college and will provide you with important insight into your academic progress. It also provides feedback on those skills where you excel and areas that may need improvement, as well as advice on how to develop those skills. When will I take the ReadiStep assessment? It will be administered during class time on the following date: ___________________. How should I prepare? You do not need to prepare. Just answer all of the questions to the best of your ability. It will also help if you get plenty of sleep the night before test day. What should I bring on test day? Bring a piece of paper with your school ID number and home address written on it, soft-lead No. 2 pencils, a watch to pace yourself and a calculator for the Mathematics test. How long will the assessment take and how many questions are there? The assessment will consist of three timed tests (Critical Reading, Writing Skills and Mathematics). You will be given 40 minutes to complete each test. The Critical Reading test has 45 questions, Writing Skills has 50 questions and Mathematics has 36 questions. What do I do if I don’t know an answer? You may encounter some difficult questions that you do not know how to answer. If this happens, do not get discouraged. If you leave a question blank, it will be counted as incorrect, so be sure to answer every question to the best of your ability. How will my results be used? Your teacher will review your results with you. This information will help you get a head start on improving academic skills and selecting courses that will prepare you for high school and college planning. ReadiStep ™  Assessment — Information for Students and Parents © The College Board.  22 Official Educator Guide to the ReadiStep Assessment  The ReadiStep ™  assessment will help your child prepare for the future. Through the ReadiStep assessment, you and your child will learn which skills he or she needs to work on and what types of classes to take in high school. In addition, the ReadiStep assessment will identify areas where your child excels and may want to consider taking higher-level courses, as well as areas he or she should focus on to improve academically. ReadiStep Results A Student Report will be provided with the following information that can be used to help students improve their academic skills and plan for the future: NumberDescription ❶ Student Scores ❷ Score Ranges ❸ Score Percentiles ❹ Student Answers ❺ Key Critical Reading Writing Skills Mathematics Student:  SAMPLE STUDENT Date of Birth:  01/01/1997 Student ID:  0123456789 Optional Code:  SAMPLE CODE Fall 2013School:  SAMPLE MIDDLE SCHOOL District:  SAMPLE DISTRICT © College Board 2013 mmddyy-Z0000001-999999-0000000 2.7to 3.4 1.7 to 2.3 6.6 to 7.01.0 7.0 You scored higher than 55%of test-takers nationally You scored higher than 23%of test-takers nationally You scored higher than 87%of test-takers nationally Go to to learn more about results and learn how you canstrengthen your academic skills. SAMPLE STUDENT 3.0 2.0 1.0 7.0 7.0 1.0 7.0    Q   u  e  s   t    i  o   n   C  o   r   r  e  c   t A   n  s   w  e   r    Y  o   u   r A   n  s   w  e   r    D    i   f   f    i  c   u    l   t   y    Q   u  e  s   t    i  o   n   C  o   r   r  e  c   t A   n  s   w  e   r    Y  o   u   r A   n  s   w  e   r    D    i   f   f    i  c   u    l   t   y    Q   u  e  s   t    i  o   n   C  o   r   r  e  c   t A   n  s   w  e   r    Y  o   u   r A   n  s   w  e   r    D    i   f   f    i  c   u    l   t   y    Q   u  e  s   t    i  o   n   C  o   r   r  e  c   t A   n  s   w  e   r    Y  o   u   r A   n  s   w  e   r    D    i   f   f    i  c   u    l   t   y    Q   u  e  s   t    i  o   n   C  o   r   r  e  c   t A   n  s   w  e   r    Y  o   u   r A   n  s   w  e   r    D    i   f   f    i  c   u    l   t   y    Q   u  e  s   t    i  o   n   C  o   r   r  e  c   t A   n  s   w  e   r    Y  o   u   r A   n  s   w  e   r    D    i   f   f    i  c   u    l   t   y  1    B    e 24 B    m 1 C    e 26 D    m  (calculator use permitted) (calculator  not  permitted) 2 C    e 25 A    m 2 D    e 27 B    e 1 C V e 19 B V e3 C B e 26 D    m 3 B    e 28 C    e 2 D V e 20 C V m4 D A e 27 C    m 4 B    e 29 C    e 3 D V e 21 C V m5 B D m 28 B    m 5 B    e 30 D    m 4 B V m 22 C V m6 D    e 29 A    m 6 C    m 31 C    m 5 B V m 23 B V m7 B    m 30 B C m 7 A    m 32 D    e 6 C V m 24 B V m8 B O m 31 C B m 8 D    m 33 B    h 7 A V m 25 B V m9 C    m 32 D    h 9 C    m 34 B    m 8 D V m 26 C V m10 C    m 33 D A m 10 C    m 35 B    m 9 B V h 27 D V h11 A    m 34 D    h 11 B    h 36 C    m 10 C V m 28 D V m12 C m 35 C    m 12 B    m 37 D    h 11 A V m 29 C V m13 B    m 36 A A m 13 A    m 38 D    m 12 B V m 30 C V m14 B A m 37 C    m 14 B    h 39 C    m 13 C V m 31 B V m15 D    h 38 B m 15 C    m 40 C    h 14 B V h 32 B V h16 D    m 39 B m 16 C    h 41 B    m 15 D V m 33 A V m17 A    h 40 A m 17 B    m 42 B    m 16 D V m 34 B V m18 C    m 41 D    m 18 C    m 43 A    m 17 C V m 35 A V m19 C    m 42 A D m 19 B    h 44 B    m 18 C V m 36 C V h20 D A m 43 C    m 20 C    h 45 A    m21 B    m 44 B    m 21 B    m 46 B    m22 A B m 45 C O m 22 A    h 47 C    h  Key 23 C    m 23 C    m 48 D    e    Correct  e  Easy24 A    e 49 B    m  O  Omitted  m  Medium25 B    h 50 C    m  V  Voided  h  Hard     Planning for High School, College and Careers In addition to receiving feedback on academic skills, students who take the ReadiStep assessment will receive free access to MyRoad ™ , an online tool that helps middle school students plan for high school and start exploring college and career opportunities. Additional Resources For more information about the ReadiStep assessment, please visit You will find free publications to help teachers, students and their families understand the ReadiStep assessment as well as advice for reviewing and using ReadiStep results. A Message for Parents © The College Board.


Jul 23, 2017
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