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  =================================================================PC-Telephone 6.0 Selectra LtdREADME Notes October 20, 2007=================================================================This document covers information that will help you install anduse PC-Telephone (R). Please, read this entire document.-----------------------------------------------------------------INTRODUCTION-----------------------------------------------------------------PC-Telephone is a powerful communications software applicationthat enables you to exploit the full communications potential ofthe Internet (IP) and the public telephone networks (ISDN/PSTN).PC-Telephone makes it possible to use your computer as a regulartelephone, Internet telephone, fax machine, voicemail client,answer phone and much more...PC-Telephone is freely distributable shareware software. Theregistration information is available at REQUIREMENTS-----------------------------------------------------------------Pentium 133 MHz or faster CPU, 16 MB RAM, Internet or ISDNSound Card (full duplex) with speakers/microphone or USB phoneWindows 95/98/98ME/2000/NT4/XP/VISTAProtocols TCP/IP or CAPI 2.0-----------------------------------------------------------------INSTALL-----------------------------------------------------------------PC-Telephone is distributed as a self-extracting compressed file.Before installing the new version, make sure that the old one isnot running and uninstall it. To install PC-Telephone on yourcomputer run the PC-Telephone.exe installation file and followthe instructions.-----------------------------------------------------------------UNINSTALL-----------------------------------------------------------------To uninstall PC-Telephone run the Uninstaller from Add/RemovePrograms in the Windows Control Panel.-----------------------------------------------------------------LIST OF FILES-----------------------------------------------------------------PCTel.exe - PC-Telephone executablePCTel.hlp - Help filePCTel.cnt - Help contentsFaxView.exe - Fax ViewerFaxPrint.inf - Fax Printer infoFaxPrint.ini - Fax Printer iniFaxPrint.drv - Fax Printer driverFaxPrint.gpd - Fax Printer dataFaxPrint.dll - Fax Printer pluginFaxPrintUI.dll - Fax Printer UI pluginPrintSff.dll - Fax Printer SFF processorIPCom.dll - IP communications DLLISDNCom.dll - ISDN communications DLL  Greeting.wav - call answer announcementRing.wav - incoming ringPlay.txt - PC speaker melodyTestFax.sff - fax examplePCTin.exe - component installerPCTun.exe - component uninstalleruninstall.exe - PC-Telephone uninstallerLicense.txt - End-User License AgreementReadMe.txt - this filePCTAPI - PC-Telephone API-----------------------------------------------------------------RELEASE NOTES-----------------------------------------------------------------Release 6.0 (10/20/2007)- PC-Telephone Fax Printer supports Windows Vista.- PC-Telephone supports new USB phone devices: Genius VoIP Mouse Navigator 380, TigerJet ATA SD-01 and PC-10P phone adapters, BeyondTel Mouse-Phone VM-01L, SX-08L, HA5255, HA5251, HA5261, Astelar Qpe-V601 (wireless), EasyTalk (wireless), VR-Speakerphone ECB-03, PC-U7B, Futiro Luna, Terra and Solo.- PC-Telephone API: call cancellation option included.- URL schemes callto: , tel: and fax: supported.- PC-Telephone improvements: shows Phonebar even if it is outside the screen; clears units when calling card deleted; finds CLIP by caller ID when ISDN call transfer list is used.Release 5.9 (10/10/2006)- PC-Telephone supports new USB phone devices: Astelar Qpe-U401, Neloco PC-U6, PC-U8, BeyondTel SX-06L, Yealink P5D, P8D, P6S, Calcomp VP-200, VoIPVoice Cyberspeaker, V-Traveller, U-Connect, Nippon-USB and wireless models of Yealink W1D, Neloco WR-V14, RTX Dualphone and Vtech.- PC-Telephone improvements: the Dial button on the USB phone works also as a Hold/Mute button on active connections.Release 5.8 (12/21/2005)- PC-Telephone supports new USB phone devices: Yealink P4K, Calcomp VP-160.- PC-Telephone improvements.Release 5.7 (04/06/2005)- PC-Telephone supports new USB phone devices: Yealink P1K, BeyondTel EX-03.- PC-Telephone works with all USB phones available.- USB phone device is automatically activated.- Personal sound notifications on the PC speaker or USB phone. - PC-Telephone FaxView supports SFF and TIFF files.- Bug fixes.Release 5.6 (11/17/2004)- PC-Telephone supports TCP/UDP NAT traversal.- PC-Telephone works with Windows XP/SP2 Firewall.- PC-Telephone FaxView - Save Page As bitmap included.- Network protocol and port number included in the Network ID.Release 5.5 (07/16/2004)- PC-Telephone supports wireless DSL/ADSL routers without configuration.  Release 5.4 (07/10/2004)- PC-Telephone works with all Firewalls, NAT and LAN routers on Windows 2000/XP and above - nothing to configure.- Smart dialing in the Phonebar - # is inserted automatically if no ISDN network available.- Bug fixes.Release 5.2 (06/02/2004)- PC-Telephone API included in registered version. Examples available in Visual C++, Visual Basic and Delphi.- USB phone ring selection in Call Notification setup.- Bug fixes.Release 5.1 (05/15/2004)- USB phones support: TigerJet, Dontronics RU-100, BeyondTel EX-B, VoIPVoice V-550, V-connect and Cyberphone-K.- USB phone device is selected in Setup-Audio.- Windows XP audio device index bug fixed.- FaxView print bug fixed.Release 5.0 (02/10/2004)- PC-Telephone Fax Printer included to make a fax file.- Import/Export Phonebook from/to a text file.- Network ID information available in the Journal.- USB keypad support activated after registration.- FaxView with page orientation and best fit options.- Call Accounting Calculator available in the status bar.- Automatically deletion of expired Missed Calls.- Automatically closes connection on line drop.- Auto Cancellation for Call Forwarding/Transfer.- Multiple Subscribers Numbers (MSN) support for ISDN.- The service voice/data/fax is included in the Call Transfer List for ISDN.- PC-Telephone is included in the Add/Remove Programs.- User interface improvements.- Bug fixes.Release 4.5 (10/01/2002)- Audio device selection in the PC-Telephone Setup - Audio.- PC-Telephone makes automatically file when installing for the first time.- PC speaker Call Notification.- IP Options - Gateways property page is added. If you enter a default gateway you do not have to type in the address of the gateway every time you dial.- ISDN Options - Use call transfer list is added. You can specify where to transfer the incoming calls according to the called (MSN) number.- Bug fixes.Release 4.1 (11/01/2001)- Unlimited FREE PC-to-PC calls available.- Conference calls through Bug fixes.Release 4.0 (09/01/2001)- Prepaid PC-to-Phone calling available.- User interface improvements.- Folders file backup.  - Bug fixes.Release 3.5 (03/24/2001)- Call Transfer support, make your PC-Telephone gateway.- AdWare support.- User interface improvements.Release 3.2 (10/10/2000)- FaxView included.- User interface improvements.- Folders file updates, the previous version folders file is not supported any more.- Total phone calls duration indicator added on the status bar.- Bug fixes.Release 3.0 (07/11/2000)- ISDNCom.dll included.- Call forwarding from IP to ISDN/PSTN and vice versa.Release 2.1 (06/22/2000)- Current IP address combo box.- Bug fixes.Release 2.0 (06/02/2000)- Initial release.=================================================================If you have any troubles with the installation or use ofPC-Telephone, please e-mail us at
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