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1. The Rozette INFORMING STUDENTS What’s inside... * “Jiving with Madiba” At the Jewish Museum * A day at Red Cross hospital. * Beauty tips, from the expects on 6th…
  • 1. The Rozette INFORMING STUDENTS What’s inside... * “Jiving with Madiba” At the Jewish Museum * A day at Red Cross hospital. * Beauty tips, from the expects on 6th floor. * Lifestyle, Tai Chi awards its graduates with good looks. * International coastal cleaning day, student council gets involved * Market day, inside info * Summer drinks, mixing ideas. * Sports, nations unite thought gaming. Graphic Students Added Color Editorial Team Chief Editor: Neo E Sithole News Editor: Basheerah Allie Sports Editor: Samora Magwa Photography: Angeline Gqoboka Layout: Anda Maqubela Reporters: DJ1 & DJ2 25-31 Oct 2011 Graphic designers painted canteen tables for their practicals. A Nation United Through Sports By: DJ 1 & 2 It is said that the most powerful thing that can unite a nation is war, Well known soccer star Pele once said “The most universal language that mankind under- stands and the language that can bring unity is sport”. Since South Africa became a democratic country, in 1994, sport has played a fundamental role in uniting every South African. Things took a turn for the better when Bafana Bafana hosted and lifted their African Cup of Nations trophy in 1996 and springboks won the world cup the following year. These achievements can arguably be called South Africa’s biggest step in the right direction, when sport and national pride is concerned. Some people all over the world believe winning the bid to host the 2010 FIFA world put South Africa on the map. Although our national team did not qualify for the quarter finals of the world cup they still proved to the world that they can host such a prestigious tournament, and Africa really played good host to the world. Passionate sport enthusiasts created a campaign called “football Friday”, a great idea that made sure people really behind South Africa and they showed their sup- port by wearing Bafana bafana jerseys every Friday. This initiative was recently adopted by Springbok supporters, when the man in green and gold try to defend their title in the IRB world cup that took place in New Zealand a couple of months ago. 2010 and 2011 have not been the best years when it comes to sport achievement for South Africa, but Af- rica can be pride themselves over the fact that Africa shone in 2010 and hopefully the continent will shine for some time to come. It is really heart warming to look at the soccer world cup was in South Africa and everywhere you went, you where bound to find people wearing a Bafana jersey regardless of their race culture or gender. The Springboks may not have successfully defended their title as being number one in the world, in the IRB world cup, in 2011, but I’m sure they did their best, and that should be reason enough for people to be proudly South African.Bafana jer- South African rugby logo 2nd Edition As we enter into the last exam cycle for the year, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our campus achievements. Rosebank College Cape Town students have maintained an excel- lent pass rate throughout the year, WIL presentations have exceeded expectations and Market day too, was a huge success. The soccer team has celebrated many vic- tories especially this semester and RC stu- dents have shown that they care for their communities by getting involved in com- munity projects off campus (including the red cross children’s hospital and Robin Island initiatives). One of the successes that I am very proud of is the work that has gone into the graduate recruitment programme that we have implemented for the first time this year. RC Cape Town has been directly responsible for the place- ment of 19 alumni. In addition, we have arranged over 73 interviews and built relationships with 35 companies on this project. We have also facilitated career readiness workshops in part- nership with the NYDAfor over 200 students. With the current unemploy- ment rate in SA, this is a huge achieve- ment and speaks to the marketability of our graduates.As you turn your focus to the year ahead, I would like to invite you to take an opportunity to reflect on your own personal accomplishments for the year as well as to set your goals for 2012. Good luck with your exams and I look forward to seeing you on campus next year and if it is your time to graduate, I look forward to shak- ing your hand at the 2012 Graduation Ceremony! By Tamlyn Porter, Principal Message From The Principal
  • 2. A DAY AT RED CROSS WAR MEMORIAL CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL By: Lauren Daniels Little bodies storming through the grounds of the place of health. They are filled with so much excite- ment, unaware of how serious their condition is, just screaming at the top of their voices; being their usual playful selves. Innocence is written all over the faces of the boys and girls at Red Cross Hospital. They do everything with such gentleness, trying their utmost not to hurt any- one in the process of having fun. At a closer look you can see tear trails that were burnt , from the inner corner of the eye right down to the chin, from endless nights of crying in hope the doctor would discharge them and their parents would take them back open arms. The students of Rosebank College, excited minutes before arrival, were shocked; scared and saddened by the image of the minors being so happy and playful yet unaware of their circumstances. Hearts were captured, happy emotions let out, and together with the students they sang nursery rhymes, played games, tickled each other; at this point in time even the students forgot about the circumstances these beautiful children were going through. Students grew so attached to the patients that they did not want to leave. I remember one boy in specific – unable to mention his name – he is 9-years-old and already attracted to all that wears a skirt. He ran through the passages of the liver and kidney transplant unit, unaware of the fact that he is waiting for doctors to provide him with a compatible kidney. He was so handsome, seeing him in the road would never lead you to the conclusion that he is ill in some or other way. Then there was “queen”, the beauty, aware of her in- ner and outer beauty and ensuring that everyone else sees it too, clearly noting that she is the Queen of Red Cross and that she should be handled as royalty. Also embedded was the beautiful 21-year-old Natasha, waiting for her kidney to arrive. Pale, weak and quea- sy in the high bed; not able to move much she still has a great personality and is as humorous as can be. A true reflection of the day would be that despite the unwanted tears trying to reveal themselves, the students of Rosebank College were able to make the unwell feel loved and important for one day, yet the memories would last forever, which was the aim of the day. “Jiving with Madiba” At The Jewish Museum By: Denise Bosman An exhibition is being held at the South African Jewish museum in Cape Town which is dedicated to South Africa’s greatest hero, Nelson Mandela, by one of the country’s most renowned and cheeky cartoon- ist, Jonathan Shapiro, whom we know best as simply Zapiro. The display is called Jiving with Madiba, (the clan name of Nelson Mandela) and consists of a collection of over 130 cartoons from Zapiro, a life-sized pup- pet of Madiba and humorous videos. The cartoons are a storyboard of Mandela’s political journey from his early days as a youth full of dreams and visions for his country to the monumental election of 1994, and even a few current cartoons for today’s political climate. Zapiro is best known for his critical, tongue-in-cheek caricatures of political leaders and world events. The idea for the exhibition sparked when the director of the museum, Andrew Goldman, read Zapiro’s book, The Mandela Files. Goldman said, “At first Zapiro was a bit hesitant to do the exhibition but I thought it would be a good idea because I felt that it helps to explain South Africa’s history in a different and entertaining way”. Goldman also added that the exhibition included some of Zapiro’s sketchbooks, a replica of the car- toonist’s sketching desk complete with his own deco- rations and figurines as well as some video drawing classes for people to watch and draw along to. Zapiro first met Mandela in 1994, just after Mandela had been inaugurated as president. Zapiro’s photogra- pher wife had been invited to take pictures of Man- dela and Zapiro decided to tag along. Needless to say, it was a very special and influential moment for the cartoonist. Jiving with Madiba shows at the South African Jew- ish Museum until the November, 18, 2011. Vivien, a lecturer, at the Jewish museum
  • 3. Beauty Within By: Basheerah Allie We all have that little world, which we are accustomed to crawling into when feelings of sadness and misery overwhelm our souls. This space allows you as individuals to find peace with the issues/problems which you are dealing with daily and should not only be utilised when in misery or doubt of oneself Many turn to beauty products to enhance what they think are flaws. Its nothing to feel ashamed of since this innovative tool keeps most women and men on the top their games. So, when I look at people who hide beneath the layers and layers of make- up they throw onto their skin this to me is a sign of insecurity. Yes, as a woman you want to look good, it’s natural, because everyone yearns for that sense of belonging and knowing that you’re looking your absolute best. Recently at Rosebank College the Beauty Therapy fac- ulty gave students a treat, treating them to free facials, waxes, manicures, pedicures and full body massages. “Kurt Moses had the girls do a face wax for him he said, which is rather odd to me, as it seems the guys cringe more at the film wax than us girls. Another journalism student Neo Sithole loved having his done he said, I’d do it again loved having all the girls around me”. Waxing is the new, ‘old trend’ for summer. It allows the hair to grow back much slower and usually takes two – four weeks to grow back. I can assure you its a bit painful, leaving a tingling feeling behind, especially on the sensitive parts of your body but, well worth it at the end. Waxing works on all body areas, from the legs, to the bikini to the face. Your skin will feel softer, revitalised and rejuvenated and getting that tan is totally up to you. Exercise is important; to shed the winter fat and getting slim is a challenge all on its own. Look after your skin as this will still be around well into your old age, and what you do to beautify yourself is necessarily not the right thing for your skin. As young adults we need to know that our skin protects us from the harsh rays of the sun and the cold winter days, so returning the favour is only fair as you are the one parading under that skin year in and year out. Cut down on the caffeine and wine it’s hard to believe me but worth every drop you’re missing. The most beautiful thing that no make- up can ever enhance comes from within, so what you ultimately take in will show on the outside. The only person that can love you is you. Now, get out that bikini, wax those legs, exfoliate that skin but always know that beauty is skin deep and can never be taken from you. “That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful” by Ninon de L’Enclos. Home tips for looking stunning! Never, leave home without applying sunscreen even in winter times; you’ll reap the benefits when you’re older and lineless. Make sure to keep your nails clean and the same length. As dirt could surface underneath them allow- ing germs to breed. *Be sure to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily, this bears repeating over and over again. *Try using fewer chemicals on your skin and opt for a “Homemade” remedy instead. *A quick remedy to try at home 2 Parts Salt or Sugar + 1 Part Beauty jojoba/olive Oil + Essential Oil = Basic Body Scrub Get summer ready with this fantastic salt scrub, which is easy and convenient and would gradually cost you nothing!!!! • ¾ Cups coarse pickling or kosher salt. • ¼ Cups avocado, untoasted sesame oil or jojoba oil • ¼ Cup apricot or peach kernel oil • ¼ Cup unsweetened cocoa or ¼ Cup freeze dried coffee crystals • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract • honey for smoothing the texture By: Denise Bosman, DJ1 On 19 September, students from Rosebank College attended an exciting and interactive Tai chi workshop hosted by lec- turer, Annie Allens.The workshop consisted of a brief expla- nation and history of Tai chi followed by a series of Tai chi moves. Insaaf Manuel, a journalism student attended the class to “try something new” and was pleasantly surprised. She says, “I thought it was really fun and I definitely wouldn’t mind taking it up as a hobby because it was interesting”. Some may think that you have to be as quick and ripped as Bruce Lee to do Tai chi but they couldn’t be more wrong. Tai chi has a variety of slow and fast movements which makes it convenient for nearly anybody to do. Insaaf says,”I thought it was going to be fast and crazy but it was really easy to fol- low “. Tai chi training incorporates five main elements: nei gung, tui shou (response drills), sanshou (self-defence techniques), weapons and hand gestures which are called forms. Martial arts are categorized under specific groups; Tai chi falls under the Wudong group which refers to martial arts applied with internal power.It has even been given thumbs up by medical researchers, who agree that Tai chi is an effective exercise and a form of martial arts therapy. The physical techniques and movements of Tai chi use the- leverage of the body’s joints by coordinating and relaxing muscles, rather than tense muscles, to block or attack. The leverage is created through slow, repetitive moves which gently gain momentum and opens up the body’s internal circulation.Besides enhancing the body’s internal circula- tion, Tai chi also helps to alleviate stress, improves calm- ness and focus, improving fitness and is also a method of self –defence. Tai chi can be practised by Tai chi training incorporates five main elements: nei gung, tui shou (response drills), sanshou (self-defence techniques), weapons and hand ges- tures which are called forms. Martial arts are categorized under specific groups; Tai chi falls under the Wudong group which refers to martial arts applied with internal power.It has even been given thumbs up by medical researchers, who agree that Tai chi is an effective exercise and a form of martial arts therapy. anyone and I would recommend you try it out. The RC students who attended definitely agree. Get Into Shape With Tai Chi Lifestyle
  • 4. Community engagement & Market Day International Coastal Clean Up Day On the third Saturday of September each year, volun- teers around the world take part in the world’s big- gest coastal cleanup, known as International Coastal Cleanup Day. The event has been held internationally each year for over 20 years, when people head to the beaches and begin removing debris and rubbish from shorelines, waterways and oceans. On September 17th six students accompanied by lec- turer Liezel Son had the opportunity to participate in this event, and clean one of our countries most histori- cal heritage sights Robben Island. Surprisingly it was the first time for most of us to ever visit the Island. It was a day filled with fun and laughter, as fellow students we got to know each other and bond as we all excited. The guys sure entertained the other volunteers on the boat with their singing on our way to the island. They sang the national anthem like it’s ever been sang before, I’m sure it was to calm the nerves a little. On arrival you could see our faces lit up finally after a long chilly boat trip. From the looks of things one would ask “what’s there to clean” but after a while we took of the gloves and we ended up with lots of bags filled with rubbish, from straws to big truck tires thrown next to the shoreline. We’ve read and heard so much about Robben Island but being there made us see and appreciate it more for what it known for. By Siphosethu Makubalo The Business Management group1 hosted a market day on the 23rd of September2011. Were they not only showcased their talent but their creativity aswell,the canteen area was no longer as we saw it, it was filled with colour and buzzing with excitement. from, bal- loons to ribbons and even some interesting outfits.the different groups had prepared well well for this fun event,they had beautifully backed and decorated foods and beverages .the cupcakes came in many differ- ent colours and sizes,pinks,blues,hearts and stars .for people like who do not have a sweet tooth there were boere worse rolls,samoesas nd mini pies .At every stall I was welcomed with a smile and could feel the sense of excitement they had,it was not only about making a profit or doing it to get marks but pure enjoyment for these pupils,one could see the happy mood they were in from being outside the classroom and actually practicing what they had learned .At the end of the day most students walked away with happy stomachs and the hosts walked away with profits .The market day was indeed a success! Rosebank students, Thomas & Zukisa Summer Drinks By Angeline Gqoboka, DJ2 Wine and beer are still popular beverages, but there has been a tremendous resurgence in the popularity of mixed drinks, the classic Cosmopolitan, has become one of the favourite cocktails. People like cocktails for a variety of different reasons. It’s nice a conversation starter, it let you bring down your guard a little bit and have a great night or after- noon with some friends. Nick Newalani a 29 year old from Durban, says that cocktails aren’t just for ladies and enjoys mixing his own drinks and coming up with new cocktails. If you think about it you would rather have something palatable then something that is going to make you grimace every time you drink it. Newalani said “if anything a good cocktail should be a nice combination of flavours from the fruits combined with the natural flavours of the alcohol”. If you look at Malibu it has a nice coconut flavour to it, and if you drop in Malibu with red strawberries maybe add bits of citrus like a piece of lime or orange. There is always something interesting to do with cocktails and the more creative you are with mix drinks the more flair comes through, and people ap- preciate the levels and layers that go into the drink. One is more likely to order something that has more skill put into it rather then something like a ‘brandy and coke’. Mackson Akapelwa has been a bartender and a local DJ in his country Zambia.”It’s always bet- ter to use clear glasses to show off the crazy colours of this summer drink”. There is much more you can do to affect the flavour, aroma, or appearance of a Cocktail, some drinks require you to pour a small dash of Grenadine, (syrup made from pomegranate). The Blue-and-pink Ocean Sunset “Cocktails” are bright blue on top with a pink glow at the bottom. The red cherry looks like a setting sun Your cocktails look and taste should complement each other, another way of affecting the overall taste of a cocktail is to use a glass which has had its rim covered in the likes of say lemon juice. For Margaritas you use salt on the rim, for The Great Southern Trend kill you can use Cocoa Powder on the rim. Play around with your favourite fruits an alcohol and see what you end up with. It think that cocktails really just bring people together Drinking cocktails is a very social activity, and it also loosens people up a little bit. Add some flair to your drinks with a flirt of alcohol ... Photo by: Angeline Gqoboka
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